Our Coach

Shawna Morawski

Being a part of a healthy community! The accountability and support has helped me turn small changes into lasting lifestyle changes. And of course the workouts are amazing.

Favourite exercise

Single Leg Deadlift

Progress not perfection

I am my own work in progress. It seems that I always find something new to work on and I'm trying to enjoy the process instead of getting so caught up worried about the outcome. This goes for fitness and life. Recognizing that small consistent changes have gotten me this far helps give me the confidence that more is possible.

My top 3 reasons for training right now:

  1. For my physical and mental health
  2. Make activities of daily life easier
  3. To be a good role model for my kids

My Goals

  • Increase hip mobility and general flexibility
  • Increase shoulder stability so I can get back to working on my pull-ups!
  • Handstand hold (and maybe a few more gymnastics classes!)
  • More sleep and daily meditation

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