Our Client Care Coordinator

Meghan Bargen

Something I love about Fukumoto Fitness is the positive energy of the members and how I always leave a training session feeling better than when I walked in!

Favourite exercise


Progress not perfection

At 30 I am stronger than I have ever been and I love seeing what my body is capable of. I'm still learning to look at my own journey as my own and not to compare it with anyone else.

My top 3 reasons for training right now:

  1. The impact it has on my mental health and in clearing my head
  2. Increased energy - some days I surprise myself with how productive I can be
  3. As a busy wife and mom, this is my "me time"

My Goals

  • Improve my running (I've signed up for the MEC Race Series - 5 running races spanning 6 months)
  • Complete a half marathon in 2016

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