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Megan Kamei

Something I love about Fukumoto Fitness is that this isn't just a place for me to workout; it is my community. It is a place where I can connect with like-minded people.

Favourite exercise


Progress not perfection

I have been conquering my fear of water and improving my swimming skills. This past year I was able to compete in a few triathlons and was very happy with my improvement in the open water swim. I struggle to eat enough vegetables and drink enough water every day. When challenging myself to improve, this is an area of my life that always gets attention.

My top 3 reasons for training right now:

  1. Emotional and mental well-being
  2. To be healthy for my husband, son and baby on the way
  3. To set an example for my children

My Goal

  • To do the Pinawa triathlon this summer (2 months after baby is born)

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