Our Founder & CEO

Johnny Fukumoto

Something I love about Fukumoto Fitness is that I feel genuine when I say the people here are my family!

Favourite exercise

Turkish Get Up

Progress not perfection

I had a great year of racing where I was very consistent in training and did very well in my performance! I struggle with emotional eating in the evenings but I am learning to be more ok with myself, flaws and all.

My top 3 reasons for training right now:

  1. Mental health management
  2. Be a better example for my wife and kids
  3. Compete well in obstacle course racing!

My Goals

  • Qualify for the Obstacle Course Race (OCR) World Championships 2016
  • Be able to do the splits for our Staff Christmas photo!

What’s Your Movement Story?

I love moving well. Always have. But injury stopped me dead in my tracks in my teenage years and continues to be a challenge to this day. How do you live the active lifestyle and pursue your dreams when breaks, herniations, and concussions are your reality? That is the journey I have been living. I’ve found out now what I can do and what I need to do and have even won 3 hockey scoring championships, won Ice Donkey and Dirty Donkey 2013, and have seen improvements in lower back and knee injuries that have plagued me for years! The future is exciting.

My aim is to help people see the potential they have in life and live to the fullest amidst many challenges, physical and beyond.

A Love for Community.

15 Years of competitive team sports in Toronto, 8 years of programming and directing at Muskoka Woods Sports Resort, 2 years as Site Leader for CMU’s Outtatown adventure program to South Africa, 2 years as a Wellness Consultant at the Wellness Institute, 3 trips helping lead people to Romania for mission work, I know one thing: the value of a fine team and supportive community is immeasurable. As ours grows in a positive way, results both inside and out are limitless. Deep relationship is the key to unlocking many barriers.

Diverse Experience.

Kids, the elderly, everyone in between. 1-on-1, groups, sports, general fitness. Now rooted in metabolic training, I love people who take action, are positive, and add their gifts to the group. Is that you?


Smiles. Laughter. Fun. Funny last names (like mine, say it 5 times fast now!). They are truly medicine. We need to find ways to enjoy the process of working out! I do! Please join me for an interpretive dance, rap video, or wear a costume at an upcoming session.

Moving Forward.

I’m hungry to learn (and often plain hungry!), to raise the bar, to set new goals. I believe that you are either moving forward or backward and even small steps in the right direction should be celebrated. Since graduating with high distinction from Kinesiology at Wilfrid Laurier University, my appetite for getting better at what I do has been insatiable and I feel a sense of commitment to our fitness community to keep that ‘fire’ stoked.

This past year, I raced in 5 obstacle races and placed in top 4 in each (in races between 400-2200 people), including victories at Ice Donkey 2013, Dirty Donkey Kick-Ass 2013, and Dirty Donkey 5km 2013.  I taught myself to swim after a lifetime of having difficulty in water and also worked my way into the splits after 2 months of mobility intensive drills.  Next year…what is possible? We’re just getting started!

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