Our Founder & CEO

Johnny Fukumoto

Something I love about Fukumoto Fitness is that I feel genuine when I say the people here are my family!

Favourite exercise

Turkish Get Up

Progress not perfection

I had the most consistent year of training in my life and achieved new results as a bi-product. Being ok if this doesn't occur every year will be an ongoing challenge yet one I'm willing to work on. And as usual, the emotional eating pattern is something I struggle with but will not let define me.

My top 3 reasons for training right now:

  1. Mental health management
  2. Be a better example for my wife and kids
  3. Compete well in obstacle course racing!

My Goals

  • Successful re-cert of SFG Kettlebell skills
  • Improve mindfulness through intentional practice
  • Top 10 age group at OCR World Championships 2018

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