Our Coach

Jethro Bartelings

Something I love about Fukumoto Fitness is that I always feel challenged, in all the right ways, by my Fit Fam.

Favourite exercise

Bulgarian Split Squat

Progress not perfection

Its been challenging to find balance in my nutrition and training, as a stay at home dad. Although there are good days and not as good days, I feel as though I'm finally gaining ground.

My top 3 reasons for training right now:

  1. Mental Well-Being: it just feels so good to be challenged!
  2. Continue feeling great and moving freely as I get older
  3. Be an example for my family and friends

My Goals

  • Successfully complete the SFG kettlebell certification (did it!)
  • Improving my performance at upcoming OCR events

Uncomfortable in my own skin…at first.

If you were the kid who didn’t make the team, or was uncomfortable with their body, then we’ve got something in common. It took me a while, but through discovering my passion for the martial arts and the exhilaration of pushing my body to another level, I found a new confidence and new calling.

Who you’re dealing with.

A multi-style martial artist of 15 years. 2 National Sport Karate Titles, and represented Canada at the 2005 World Championships. Head Taekwondo instructor at the University of Manitoba for 5 years, teaching ages 4-60+. Martial Arts led me to pursue a Bachelor’s of Physical Education at the University of Manitoba which propelled me into the world of Health & Wellness. I continued on to complete my Bachelor’s of Education, which I put into practice as a teacher in Winnipeg School Division. On the side, I spent 3 years in a performing arts group where I had to breakdance and learn the tango. I’m up for anything!

“Be formless, shapeless, like water…”

As a young martial artist, Bruce Lee’s philosophy had a huge impact on me. The idea of putting yourself out there to “absorb what is useful” continues to inform my study of fitness and my pursuit of exciting and effective new ways to train. Lee encourages you to “[Use] no way as way,” and “[Have] no limitation as limitation.” These thoughts inspire me to always push myself and never underestimate my, or anybody else’s, potential.

Let’s go!

Recently, I did a seminar with Dan Inosanto- Bruce Lee’s protege. At 76, he not only continues to teach, but trains and studies as well.  After travelling to Asia with my wife for 5 weeks this summer (and a week before wrist surgery), I managed to finish 11th out of 208 in the Kick Ass Dirty Donkey heat! My hope is that I can inspire others to a lifelong pursuit of health and excellence the way people like him have inspired me.

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