Our Jump Start Coordinator

Jenn Neufeld

I love how the coaches and members are one great big family!

Favourite exercise

Rope slams (well its a love/hate). I hate doing them at the time but I love how they make me feel after, they also help get the anger out!

Progress not perfection

I love to workout and the results i get from it but I also love to snack. Its not the good healthy foods like fruit and veggies but chips and dip and baked goods. So I'm working on picking the healthier foods that will help me reach my goals instead of the junk.

My top 3 reasons for training right now:

  1. To be proud of my body and the work I put into it
  2. To keep up with my husband
  3. To keep up with my 2 boys

My Goals

  • Feel comfortable in my body again, not focusing on the scale but how my clothes fit
  • To do Dirty Donkey on my own with no help!

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