Our Coach

Craig McFarlane

Favourite exercise

KB Single Arm Clean & Press

Progress not perfection

Something I love about Fukumoto Fitness is every day being able to connect to wonderful groups of people who are there for a common purpose!

My top 3 reasons for training right now:

  1. Build and maintain strength as I grow older
  2. Be a faster, stronger and more resilient ultimate frisbee player
  3. Be more awesome!

My Goals

  • Deadlift 405lbs
  • Be able to do the splits for Christmas photo!
  • Meet SFG2 standards, single arm press with 40kg kettlebell

Making your own choices

Growing up I was a very active kid, playing lots of sports and staying active with friends.  I loved being outdoors and I have kept that my whole life.  Unfortunately as I started being able to make my own food choices as a teenager,  they were not the best.  I started playing football at 13 and I weighed 124 lbs, by the following fall I was up to 160 and had to lose weight to play :o. After that year my weight continued to creep up and I hit 190 lbs before I was finally fed up and started making better choices with what I was consuming.  I lost so much weight over the course of the next year my rugby coach had to move me to a completely different position because I wasn’t big enough to be a prop any more!


I maintained my weight for my first few years of university but slowly slipped back into a poor lifestyle.  Frequently eating out and having snack foods pushed my weight above 200 lbs.  Working in a restaurant and being surrounded by food did not help matters either!

I stayed at this high weight for about three years and the combination of getting fed up with the size I was and ending an unhealthy (in many ways) relationship caused me to finally decide to do something about it so I went out in the spring and bought a road bike.  The next year was followed by riding almost constantly and major changes in my diet (junk food turned out to be very poor fuel for bike riding) caused me to lose 60 pounds in less than a year.  This happened while I was still working in the restaurant business and I have maintained approximately the same weight for close to 7 years.

Sports! Healthy! Winnipeg!

In 2007 I moved to Winnipeg from Hamilton and started playing tons of ultimate Frisbee (I started playing in 2000)!  I was playing and moving better than I had in my whole life and loving it, this reinforced my commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Shortly after moving here I began weightlifting and using kettlebells in the ultimate frisbee off season.  Becoming stronger has made me even healthier and better moving as well as playing a big role in injury prevention.  My fitness improved to the point that in 2012 I played on an ultimate team that went to the Canadian National Championships (we lost every game but it was still a blast!). In November of 2012 I joined Fukumoto fitness to add more off-season training and was hooked on metabolic workouts. 

One of the physical highlights of this year was completing Tough Mudder (Minneapolis) , a 10-12 mile grueling challenge with many hills and obstacles such as hurdling walls, climbing through sewage pipes, carrying logs, and even running through some electric shock! 


My background is in fish biology and I am currently writing my thesis for my M.Sc. in  genetics. I have always had a passion for reading and learning and for the past five years have done all I can to teach myself about strength training, working out and sports training.  One of the best things about my internship was finding out that so much of what I learned aligns with the principles at Fukumoto Fitness.  I am very excited to pass on and share all my knowledge to have everyone meet their own goals! My own experiences and struggles to meet my own goals will help me coach you better.

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