Our Director of Operations, Coach

Barbara Gasser Bohm

I love the diversity of our community and the genuine relationships with our clients!

Favourite exercise

USB Rotational Lunges

Progress not perfection

I have changed my nutrition drastically over the last 5 years, yet am still struggling occasionally with people's expectations of what I should look like. I have faith in the process of making good choices often and love meal prep days!

My top 3 reasons for training right now:

  1. I love being strong and with extra capacity to deal with whatever comes my way
  2. I want to live what I teach to my kids (and my clients)
  3. I genuinely love working out

My Goals

  • Developing a Masters and Flexible Steel Program
  • Enable my kids to be active in races and sports programs
  • Compete in a triathlon

Most Great Goals are Scored with an Assist!

This realization has changed a lot in my life. I get strength and peace from my faith and metabolic training.

I was always the chubby kid, the one that gym teachers would say “you don’t have to try this, it will be too hard.” So sports wasn’t really something I grew up with. That changed when I started kayaking at 14. Some dedicated trainers managed to inspire a love of fitness in me. Soon my whole family was involved, and I started branching out into triathlon and cross-country skiing. (I admit I did aerobics in my lunch break as a Kindergarten teacher).

I moved to Canada from Switzerland 15 years ago, and my healthy lifestyle began to fall to the wayside. I had three kids and was packing on the pounds that everybody in Europe so jokingly associates with America. A photo of myself was a wakeup call, besides feeling unhappy, unhealthy and drained.

Getting Accountable. Moving Forward.

Getting back into running and swimming was frustrating and never became a priority. Then I started playing soccer and found a love of being active again. My soccer coach helped me find a personal trainer and that was the assist I needed to get my life back on track. 25lbs dropped and my nutrition was overhauled with whole foods that left me energized throughout the day. Johnny held me accountable and showed me that I had the power to change within me. A new passion took over and has transformed my life.

But I wanted more. I wanted to share this with you!

It was back to school, getting the knowledge and experience I needed to assist you in getting better! Like every coach at Fukumoto Fitness, I take high quality continuing education very seriously.

I am better than ever before and now motivate people like you to go beyond what you thought was possible.

Stronger Today.

I started my adventure racing career and won the first place female solo title in 2012 and 2013 in the Pita (a mt.bike/kayaking race).

My kayak portion at the Eco-Challenge 2012 beat all men and women as well!

In summer 2013, I placed top 3 at Dirty Donkey female out of over 1000 women of all ages.

I run circles around the competition in my soccer league.

I won a burpee challenge this year and can do 50 pushups on my toes.

I take my kids wakeboarding, ropes climbing and show them that parents don’t need to sit on the bench at the playground.

My passion is shown through my smile but make no mistake, excuses have a low survival rate around me, and I’m not afraid to help you push yourself!

I’ve been inspired by many people on the way. Each person has unique challenges and overcoming these is extremely empowering. Will you join me and become the next inspiration?

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