Summary of FF’s June 30 Day Fitness & Fat Loss Challenge!

Summertime is a great time. The weather is beautiful in Manitoba and there are many things we can look forward to for great adventures and social gatherings. Along with the good times often comes an attitude of relaxation and when it comes to health and fitness … ‘checking out’, people going ‘off the deep end’ in terms of nutrition, and many people wavering in their commitment to strength training and other forms of fitness.

We put out a call through an accountability challenge with very unique guidelines regarding:

  1. Training at Fukumoto FItness: getting to your sessions
  2. Bonus Reps Post-Session: improving fitness while already at the facility
  3. Nutrition: utilizing a “Junk Score” where people determined their own level of indulgences for the week.

Weight and BF% was taken pre and post challenge, guidelines were given, a tracking scorecard required to bring to gym was given, and an accountability group was set up on Facebook.

We are very excited to share some of the results with you through an in-depth survey we took after the challenge!

Total FF Members who signed up for challenge: 65

# of Members who did pre and post measures = 59/65 (91%) *this is an important # to us as we really emphasized that no matter if it went well or not-so-well, we felt it important for people to honour their word and finish the challenge in this way.  We’re proud of how many of you did!

# of Members who did measures & filled our post-challenge survey report = 50/59 (85%) *another important # to us as we gained a lot of great information on how people went through the challenge from a physical, mental, emotional standpoint.

The Top Reasons people said they joined was a combination of either: Accountability, Weight/Fat Loss

Out of 3 elements of challenge, the toughest was reported to be: NUTRITION

Top 3 Nutrition Challenges: portion sizes, being well prepared, emotional eating

Other Challenges: figuring out ‘junk score’, comparing to others, emotions during measures

Toughest Times in Challenge: Week 2 (the first full week), and Week 5 (finishing up)

People really struggled with expectations on what SHOULD be happening based on … well, when it comes down to it personal thoughts and emotions. Living in the land of ‘shoulds’ is not a fun place!

Another challenge was ‘all or nothing’ thinking and ‘writing off’ days, weeks, the whole challenge or placing responsibility on ‘others’, ‘social events’, and verbiage of ‘having no choice’.

Not one person reported the nutrition portion as being ‘not challenging’.

70% of participants got between 180-210 points for training sessions/extra reps *this translates to 12-14 (out of possible 14) sessions & extra reps!

Out of 59 measured, we had a net loss of 186.2lbs (avg of 3.12lbs/person and included in this # are those who gained weight as well). The range was anywhere between -13lbs to +5lbs and from -5.3% BF to +1.8% BF. (These are phenomenal results. And what’s even better as they are realistic and reasonable based on better habits and behaviour, not the pursuit of perfection).

90% of members reported positive physical changes (50/59 people) as seen via weight loss, fat loss, how clothes fit differently.

3 other top benefits reported: felt encouraged by others, felt more on the right track now, proud of themselves

Common “proud of myself” theme: Continuing, finishing, picking up after a bad instance/day/week, not quitting.

98% (49/50) reported they would be interested in trying this again (and many did start a second round for July!

Highlighting Some Top Results:
Men Winner: Jason A
Women WInner: Nancy S
*receive free entry into July, Biosteel HPSD Jar, North Face bag, (Box Gorp for Jason for overall winner)

2nd Place: Mike M (men) & Debbie B (women) *Shaker, 3 pink drink packets, 3 GORP bars

3rd Place: Jeff S (men) & Felicity E (women) *2 pink drink packets, 2 GORP bars, North Face bag

2 Random Draws for all participants who did pre/post measures as well as survey: Melodie Schellenberg and Aimee Amante (1 pink drink, 1 North Face Buff, North Face bag)

Thank you for your effort and for your honesty in your surveys everyone.

This challenge gave YOU the power to decide for yourselves what was reasonable and to be honest to the process. Although uncomfortable, many of you embraced this. The point is not the 30 days, the points, the Junk Score, the weight loss … it is becoming aware of your behaviour, being honest, being kinder to yourself, and deciding what you’re willing to do (if anything) to take steps forward to be better. This is a long-term play folks … if you realized this congratulation! 
Look BIG PICTURE.  Look 1 year out. Perhaps now that you have had a little bit of progress you continue on with that. Maybe you have 6 months where you execute similar behaviours (assuming you made some progress) and you have 2 months that are really dialed in and 2 months not so great. Maybe you have 1 amazing month and 1 horrible one. In a year, you still come out a different person for the better … and that’s just 1 year of decent consistency. Then take that picture 5 years out….and beyond….see what we’re doing here?
Of note, if you are not kind to yourself, have expectations not based in truth or sustainable behaviour … you may still have some physical progress but be unhappy and unsatisfied so that is perhaps the complicated root of the whole shebang. Don’t fret as we can even overcome these things..we are seeing this every day here! 1% better is all you need for now!
Thank you also for those who actively contributed to the Facebook group which was reported to be a very good source of encouragement and motivation.
We’re proud of you no matter what happened, you hung in there! And its not over …

We are a caring community of genuine people who want to meet you where you are so that we can live better together!

At Fukumoto Fitness, we strive to create a place where you experience dynamic coaching, efficient training, effective accountability, and feel safe yet challenged.

We are DIVERSE yet we are one FAMILY.

We are about RESULTS but are MORE than ‘just fitness’.

We CELEBRATE your story. We are about long-term PROGRESS, not perfection.

We are excited about your STRENGTH. We EMBRACE flaws.

It’s about what you CAN do today.

We are committed to being a HIGHLIGHT of your day.

We are committed to being a part of CHANGING YOUR LIFE.

We are better together!

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