The Success Story of

Vickey C.

Born In


Client Since

December 2014

What do you love about Fukumoto Fitness?

My most favorite think about Fukumoto Fitness is the family atmosphere, people genuinely care about each other.

Progress Not Perfection

Since having a heart attack in 2013, I struggle with anxiety. It arises at various times or situations and it has made me struggle with some personal relationships as I have been judged for it coming across as selfish. I am in general a happy positive person and when I am having a "moment“ I get quiet and am not very responsive. It is me trying to work through the anxiety. I have to remember that not everyone will or can understand what it feels like and that I have to be okay with their reactions.

My top 10 reasons for training right now:

  1. Completed my first obstacle course race
  2. I can squat a 40lb sandbag
  3. Came off blood thinner meds last April
  4. My return to FF following a heart attack and cardiac rehab
  5. My better half Chris has joined as well!
  6. Consistent meal prep habit
  7. More energy even though I train at 6am
  8. I eat smaller portions and better foods
  9. Increased confidence
  10. Can swing 16kg KB

My Goals

  • Drop 20lbs more
  • Swing 20kg KB
  • Pushups with less assistance