The Success Story of

Shawna P.

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Client Since

January 2015

What do you love about Fukumoto Fitness?

The coaching and workouts are amazing! I love that I can just show up, bring my best effort and get stronger every phase. The positive energy and encouragement give me the extra motivation to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Progress Not Perfection

Weight loss is one of the main reasons I joined FF but it’s no longer my end goal. I’m working on developing a healthier relationship with food (and alcohol) so that I can feel my best and enjoy treats in moderation without all the feelings of guilt. Finding the balance especially in social situations hasn’t been easy.

My top 8 reasons for training right now:

  1. Exercise is fun again! I genuinely look forward to training, I never get bored or skip a class.
  2. Kettlebell training - going from 20kg swing to 28kg swing
  3. Positive influence on my kids, they watch it all! (8 year old doing Spartan race this summer)
  4. Body composition changes - down 38lbs and 6 inches off waist, hips, chest each!
  5. Improved self-confidence in how I look and feel (I love my muscles!)
  6. Meal prep routine is relieving stress during the week
  7. Progressing to unassisted pushups
  8. Being on this journey with my husband Mike has been the best part of all!

My Goals

  • Train for and complete my first OCRs this summer (Dirty Donkey/Spartan Race)
  • Incorporate running into my routine
  • Get more sleep