The Success Story of

Melodie S.

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Client Since

March 2013

What do you love about Fukumoto Fitness?

I love training with people who encourage and challenge those around them

Progress Not Perfection

I struggle with nutrition and am learning to have grace for myself for this. I have been working on decreasing my evening eating and portion sizes. For a long time I was “strict" with myself and found I was feeling guilty even when I ate well. I then swung to caring less about how strict I was and found my old eating habits started to creep back. In 2014 I strarted to experience vertigo and was diagnosed with vestibular neuritis caused by a virus. I found I was constantly getting dizzy. It took a toll on my confidence and and I was anxious a lot more. During this time I was even more grateful for my FF workout community. I now have some treatment that makes things better and I’m more and more ok with my journey and have grace for where I’m at.

My top 6 reasons for training right now:

  1. Increased mood!
  2. Always feel better physically/mentally after (no matter how I felt coming in)
  3. New found love for KBs (took both courses)
  4. Increase in strength in gym and life (I think "I am strong!")
  5. Confidence to try new events (Pain in Assiniboine, Ice Donkey, Spartan Race)
  6. Continual positive mindset shift

My Goal

  • Train for and complete Spartan Race