The Success Story of

Lorraine S.

Born In


Client Since

April 2012

What do you love about Fukumoto Fitness?

The people!

Progress Not Perfection

I feel sometimes guilty for food choices — slowly changing that frame of mind to say that having treats are okay! Also, I haven’t been able to have a perfect attendance for training but I’m learning I have to listen to my body and it’s okay to miss a workout

My top 11 reasons for training right now:

  1. Inches lost (12 all over, 2 jean sizes)
  2. Improved body (more muscle)
  3. Improved mobility (squat deeper, easier)
  4. Stronger (carrying groceries and pushups from ground)
  5. Weekly meal prep
  6. Inspiring others (Burpees for Romania at work!)
  7. New friends at 430pm and 530pm sessions
  8. Completed both KB Courses
  9. Helped inspire stepson to get healthy
  10. Did Dirty Donkey 2015
  11. Painting party at new facility (community)

My Goal

  • Balance home, work, workouts in my life!