The Success Story of

Keith H.

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Client Since

April 2015

What do you love about Fukumoto Fitness?

The energetic team environment with people that are constantly encouraging and motivating me to work towards improvement day in and day out.

Progress Not Perfection

I found my nutrition fell apart, I had been at my lowest weight since I was 25 years old prior to Christmas, and then put 6-7 pounds back on through December /January. I am now working on getting back to and even surpass my previous losses. I am often very hard on my appearance, specifically the excess weight I carry in my core area. I know there are more changes I need to make in order to continue making a difference as I have seemed to somewhat plateau. Late evening snacking and inconsistency have been my biggest struggles. I tend to be either 100% in, or out.

My top 12 reasons for training right now:

  1. I can do 1-arm pushups
  2. I have lost 30+lbs, had to get new clothes!
  3. Having 1 collapsed lung, I have still managed to improved my cardio greatly
  4. Increased flexibility (deep squat and side lunge attained)
  5. From a lot of Coke to just 1-2 every few month
  6. Increased veggies 5X, choosing healthier carbs
  7. I am consistent
  8. Went from 2-arm KB Swing 28kg to 2 x 24KBs at same time!
  9. Increased carrying strength by double
  10. Role model for my children, having more energy to be active with them
  11. Great time to spend with my wife working on mental health
  12. Influencing others at my workplace to live healthier lives!

My Goals

  • Turkish Get Up 28kg
  • Turkish Get Up 32kg