The Success Story of

Heather G.

Born In


Client Since

October 2011

What do you love about Fukumoto Fitness?

The ever-changing programs which are quick and efficient!

Progress Not Perfection

I like how I feel and move but am working on having a healthier relationship with my nutrition and not feeling guilty if I’m not on track or want to enjoy a treat. I have sweet cravings at night but no matter what, am trying to start fresh the next day.

My top 12 reasons for training right now:

  1. FMS Movement Screens
  2. Learn new things all the time (like Turkish Get Ups)
  3. FF level of care
  4. Core strength increase
  5. I always feel like going!
  6. Muscle definition increase
  7. Weight loss (20lbs & fluctuate)
  8. My friend Twila joined!
  9. 2nd place Winter Games for bar hang
  10. Consistency over 5 years
  11. Completed Ice Donkey, triathlons
  12. Created mini FF gym in basement for home workouts!

My Goals

  • 7-8 Hours of sleep per night
  • Less shoulder pain