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What do you love about Fukumoto Fitness?

The people: everyone is welcome and treated like family!

Progress Not Perfection

There is a vicious cycle that I easily fall into. I have and continue to struggle with thinking negatively about myself on a physical level and constantly comparing myself to others on a physical level. For me, these thoughts can lead to depression, which I can end up coping with by emotional eating (non-nutritious foods), followed by guilt for making poor choices and ending up in the cycle to begin with. This cycle can just keep repeating itself if I let it. I don’t think this is something that will ever go away, but I have started recognizing these thoughts/behaviours, then trying to change my way of thinking/behaving.

My top 10 reasons for training right now:

  1. Consistent goodness for my physical, emotional, mental well-being over last 5 years!
  2. Improvements in self-confidence
  3. Push-up gains! (including 1-armed, spiderman, narrow grip, and tempo variations)
  4. Recovering from a broken elbow
  5. Partner costumes with sister for annual pumpkin charity workouts!
  6. Improved body composition (gained muscle, lost fat/inches i.e. 15+ inches, 20lbs)
  7. More energy- don't get as tired/sleepy in the afternoons at work
  8. Feeling amazing on my wedding day!
  9. Trying new things as a result-home workouts, tackle football, jiu jitsu, Warrior Fit, FF KB Course
  10. Successfully developed and executed a plan that reached a goal!

My Goals

  • Increase Turkish getup weight (currently using 8kg).
  • Pull-ups (starting off band assisted, eventually moving to unassisted).