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David Z.

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November 2014

What do you love about Fukumoto Fitness?

The coaches! I really listen to their feedback and guidance as they encourage me to improve my form or to change and challenge myself physically. They’ve really all been there every step of the way but what’s more is that I take their feedback to heart and ask questions while following through on what’s being coached on. I’m an active participate in my health and fitness goals and not a passive one.

Progress Not Perfection

I have an unhealthy view of what my body *should* look like. You can read and admire fitness magazines but don’t let it dictate how you should looke. So in saying that, I have to remind myself of the journey in losing 300lbs and the progress I’ve had. It’s not about perfection—I am the healthiest I've ever been and for THAT I’m truly grateful!

My top 9 reasons for training right now:

  1. Joint stability (first day I could not do a split squat and now I can do everything)
  2. Confidence in my strength and stamina (swimming, running, cycling, etc)
  3. Improved nutrition (decreased night snacking and getting on board with nutrition challenges)
  4. Completed first half marathon (never ran at all in past!)
  5. Increased overall fitness and down 50lbs at FF
  6. Completed FF L1 KB Course
  7. New outlook on life (related to friends, family, work, fitness)
  8. Most healthy I have been in my entire life!
  9. Have influenced 4 people so far to join and improve their lives as well!

My Goals

  • Do a triathlon (after improving swimming)
  • Elite Spartan Race 2017

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