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What do you love about Fukumoto Fitness?

So many reasons but I'd have to sum it up to TRUST. I've always felt 100% confident that FF was and will continue to do their homework on everything they offer. From workouts, to charities, to chickens and veggie boxes! I also trust that FF will keep evolving w the latest fitness equipment, techniques, motivation/nutrition challenges and performance drinks, shakes and bars.

Progress Not Perfection

In order to have balance in my life, I've had to let go of the idea that I have to be 100% perfect in everything I do and replace it with doing the best I can for the day. Finding my new balance in being a mother, daughter, friend, sister has been a challenge since entering motherhood. In the past, I equated success by being validated in my career. Being a mom requires a different mindset of what success represents to me. I'm enjoying being a mom and developing our new family life. Self care, embracing the journey of parenthood and being proud of my current accomplishments is my goal for today.

My top 10 reasons for training right now:

  1. Successfully able to create numerous workout routines when travelling for work/vacation worldwide
  2. I had a very healthy, fit, fun and safe pregnancy
  3. Completed both KB courses in order to master skills I didn't love in the past
  4. Influenced 12+ people to join and live healthier lives!
  5. Have been very engaged in Burpees for Romania and even appeared on Breakfast TV to promote it!
  6. Felt amazing and fit for my wedding in 2013
  7. Saw amazing improvement in work mood/stress management
  8. I can do pistol squats and spiderman pushups
  9. Lost my pre-pregnancy weight in 3 months and am down 7lbs beyond that 6 months post-partum
  10. More energy, less cravings, less joint inflammation/pain, better sleep, less headaches...list goes on!

My Goals

  • Continue to follow a way of eating that works for me (in this case something along the lines of paleo or keto). 80/20 of course.
  • Successfully complete 5-10 pullups
  • Regain my spiderman pushup power!
  • Maintain my healthy weight and keep
  • Try and live more in the NOW with less worry about future.