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What do you love about Fukumoto Fitness?

I have many things I love about Fukumoto Fitness. Here they are... -Welcoming and Inviting atmosphere -Come as you are -Accountability...what I want and NEED! Encouraged to be consistent, show up, and give it your best. -Goal setting opportunities, Growth, and Celebration

Progress Not Perfection

Even though I have become strong and had a beneficial gain in healthy weight and muscle, it has taken some adjustment. I’ve been 100lbs most of my life. Only in pregnancy did I ever gain weight. Always had super high metabolism etc. So an overall size increase in 2+ years has taken some time to get used to. At times struggle with feelings of frustration over poor choices, and/or emotional eating. In those time I try to reflect more on how I feel physically after I make those poor decisions, I found this most helpful when presented with the same choices down the road. As well, obviously even more helpful to not have those “options” in my house too. After getting over a cold or flu I can find being motivated to get back up and going a challenge. Discouragement seems to settle in, making those first few trainings back feel extra hard; especially when having to choose different variations than you’ve worked up to.

My top 8 reasons for training right now:

  1. NO more lower back pain at all. Hips, pelvis, and back all in good shape according to my chiropractor! 2015 first time I ever heard her say this.
  2. Gained 20lbs of muscle; which was much needed.
  3. Big help in area of mental health and wellness for anxiety and depression
  4. Noticeable strength increase in my rec sport(s)
  5. My Success Session in 2015- Received encouragement and invitation to learn more about goal setting, set a goal, and see it through over 3 month period.
  6. Overall mobility and strength increase in everyday activities (groceries, being active and keeping up with my boys etc)
  7. Notable difference in my strength and endurance while physically supporting moms and their families through labor & birth.
  8. Longest 'fitness membership' I've ever had.

My Goals

  • Walk or bike when and where I can
  • 1 coffee/day
  • Consistent snack and meal prep planning
  • Increase water intake-especially for warmer months

Able to do multiple pushup variations and more!

Prior to joining FF before gaining strength, muscle, other benefits!

Prior to joining FF before gaining strength, muscle, other benefits!