Smart Group Training

Main Program

Smart Group Training (SGT) is a dynamic strength and conditioning program that provides multiple exercise progressions and modifications, determined by your current level of fitness, quality of movement, injury and health history, among other factors.

SGT is based on making smart choices, improving movement, and supporting the team around you, which leads to tangible physical, mental, emotional and other results!

A Functional Movement Screen is conducted every 3 months.

Here’s a video showing a bit of our SGT program:

How many times a week do I train?

People are recommended to train 3x/week in this program but can also train 2x/week.  Training sessions will be up to 20 like-minded yet diverse people, who have made a promise to be positive, do their best, and strive for ongoing excellent communication with their coach.

What’s a general training overview of a year?

Currently, the program has 10 periodized phases per year that focuses on building strong foundational movements (quality over quantity) with each phase having a different training emphasis (i.e. strength, conditioning, hybrid, unilateral etc) to give you the most complete results possible for the time you’re with us.

The first 4 weeks of a training program are progressive while the 5th week focuses more on proper technique, recovery, re-assessment, and nutrition.

What’s the investment?

Prices range from $109-$199/month depending on how many times a week you train (2 or 3) and for how long of a commitment you make (3, 6, 12 months).

How do I begin? How do I know/you know if its right for me?

Before entrance into any program at Fukumoto Fitness, one must attend a free orientation session (these occur 1-2x every 5 weeks), which is highlighted by a Functional Movement Screen. This will give the FF team a better picture for which program may be best for you to start. If we feel the SGT program is likely a good plae to start, we will be pleased to offer you a 2-Week free “try-out” period to confirm if this will be great fit for you and like-wise, a great fit for us!

Please register for our next Free Orientation and contact us by phone or email for any other questions you may have!

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Smart Group Training Includes

Smart Group Training Sessions
3 or 2 a week
Program Orientation
Functional Movement Screen
every 3 months
Nutrition Workshop
at Grocery Store
Consistent Training Time, Consistent Coaches
Weekly Newsletters
Tips, Stories, Accountability
Technique/Skill Development Sessions
Once a month
Nutrition Challenges
i.e. Sugar Reduction, Meal Prep, Fruit/Veggie Servings
Home Workout Options
Client Only Recipes Site
FF Workout T-Shirt
Access to Special Community Events / Workshops
Access to CSA Veggie Boxes / Free-Range Chickens!
Referral Program
your choice of GORP Clean Energy Bars or Donation to one of our Charities!
Accountability to the Member Code of Conduct!
which guarantees the positivity, safety (physically, emotionally etc), and overall experience of all members.