FF Welcomes Shawna Morawski to the Coaching Development Program!

We would like to warmly welcome Shawna Morawski to the FF Coaching Development Program! Shawna is a long-time FF member who we have been pursuing for awhile now in regards to this role. We are excited to have her start and are thankful for sharing a bit of her story below!


Love of Sport

Sport has always been part of my life. I was an athletic kid and loved exploring outside. At the age of 10 I became hooked on gymnastics. I loved everything about the sport – the energy, the tricks, and the travel. Most of my teen years were spent in the gym training or traveling to provincial competitions. I was fortunate to participate in the BC Winter Games several times. As a kid living in a remote area it was a great way to be exposed to people and places all over the province. My first paid job was coaching gymnastics. I progressed from working with kinder kids to helping develop well rounded gymnasts for the provincial level competitive program. It seemed a lot more like fun than work. It is incredibly satisfying to help someone through the process of building skills and watching them achieve what they first thought impossible. With enough patience and practice it’s amazing what anyone can do.

Growing up in the 1970’s we always had a ton of fruit and veggies in the house. But our diet was strongly supplemented with packaged convenience foods – bologna and mustard sandwich anyone? I’m astonished at what we ate as kids….I’m even more astonished that it seems to have gotten worse. I tried to eat the right things but old habits are hard to break and sometimes even knowing what the right thing is seems confusing.

My love of the outdoors continued throughout my childhood. I left the gymnastics world behind when I moved to UBC to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. I found ways to stay active but never really found a consistent replacement for all those hours I used to spend in the gym!

My 20’s and 30’s were full of amazing experiences. I studied, travelled and worked seasonally for years. In 2002 I came to Manitoba for a summer job, met my husband (Hi Mike!) and never looked back. We got married, and started a family and now have 2 beautiful and very sassy boys.
I had so many great things happening in life. But I was struggling with fatigue, my weight, and just trying to feel good. I tried several diets and many forms of exercise but nothing stuck for more than a month or two. I was very frustrated. A few months shy of my 40th birthday I had enough.
I was tired of being tired and overweight. I was so far removed from that long held view of myself as an athlete and was disconnected from who I was and who I wanted to be. I wanted to have the energy to keep up with my kids! Being a positive role model for my boys was always a top priority but I needed to make some changes to make myself a priority.

Then I found Fukumoto Fitness. I convinced my husband to give it a try with me (no small feat!). From the very first orientation session we knew we found something special.
The atmosphere and dynamic movement very much reminded me of my gymnastics days. I jumped in with both feet. I looked forward to my workouts and embraced the nutrition challenges. It didn’t take long for changes to happen and as they happened it became easier to change my nutrition and lifestyle goals. I was finally on the road to the better me I knew existed.


Over the last few years I’ve changed dramatically. Physically I am strong and mentally I am more resilient. I’ve reached a place where I feel my outside matches my inside and it feels amazing.
Going through this process with my husband has also taught me that everyone needs to find it within themselves to change….and this doesn’t happen at the same time for everyone. I started out as the motivator but have since found myself inspired on a daily basis by the changes he has embraced and his commitment to live a healthier lifestyle for our family. 19883936_10155259505400907_7287099971685645796_n

The positive changes have rubbed off on our kids. I spent the last year taking Taekwondo with them twice a week and they completed their first Spartan Junior race last year. This is the summer of ‘road trip’ and so far they’ve joined us on a 5km Yoho Park trail run to stretch the legs and they completed the Grouse Grind in Vancouver in not much more than an hour! Last stop is Red Deer Family Spartan! These are all things we might not have done 3 years ago.
I am now passionate about fueling my body with nutrient dense plant based foods and have started to enjoy cooking more than ever. Fitness makes me feel energized and ready to take on new challenges.

I am excited for the opportunity to be part of this outstanding coaching team. I genuinely look forward to my workouts and that has been because of all of you. Fukumoto Fitness has taught me is goals are more powerful when they’re declared – surrounding yourself with the right support is the most important factor to success. I look forward to helping you move better and achieve your health goals no matter what they may be.DSC_0670

For a bit more on Shawna, please check out her “Progress Not Perfection” profile HERE on our website!

We are a caring community of genuine people who want to meet you where you are so that we can live better together!

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