FF Welcomes Andreina Holliday to the Coaching Development Program!

We are very excited to announce Andreina joining the Coaching Development Program at Fukumoto Fitness. Our goal is to work with her over the remainder of 2017 to prepare her to be one of the best coaches in Winnipeg. She has given you a very clear look into her her journey below and we thank her for her willingness to share part of her personal story.

Some Background


I was born in Venezuela, and raised in the city of Maracaibo, a city of 2 million people, where I enjoyed summer weather all-year-round for the first 22 years of my life.   When I was 11 years old my Mom signed me up for Rhythmic Gymnastics to let me burn off some energy.  A few months later my Phys-Ed Teacher encouraged me to enter in my school’s 1st ever Aerobics Marathon, which I did.  For 90 minutes; as I watched other participants slowly drop out due to exhaustion or getting eliminated, I discovered a brand new side of me that I never knew existed.  I was competitive and I did not want to quit.  In this competition, participants got a strike each time they were caught doing the moves too slow or not having the proper form…3 strikes and you were out! To my surprise, I was only one strike away from being eliminated when all of a sudden I realized I was the last one standing amongst approximately 400 students.  I went on to represent my school at 2 other events taking 2nd place in the city, and then 3rd in my age category respectively.  Rhythmic Gymnastics was going really well too, even taking 1st place at my first competition. I loved each one of those experiences but sports were not considered a priority in my country. By the time I was 14 I had quit all sports and was concentrating in school only.

At 22, I chose to come to Winnipeg, Canada, not because of its winters….really, nothing could have prepared me for -30 degrees in Winnipeg or the harsh -55 degrees I would experience a few years later in Thompson….but because of its beauty, diversity and welcoming culture. I had many ups and downs along the way and during that period I made a few attempts to start being active, but I lacked guidance, consistency, motivation and knowledge to set realistic goals.  I was struggling with the aftermath of being in a relationship for several years where I heard that I wasn’t good enough and as a result, became my own worst critic. On top of that, being perceived as “too skinny” for as long as I can remember, but knowing how much I loved food was very frustrating.  Trying to put weight on for me has never been as simple as “eating a sandwich”.  To my disappointment, weight increases show mostly in my belly area.  Looking in the mirror was never fun.  I was very self conscious and unhappy with my body image.  Some health issues eventually led to a hysterectomy at the age of 33.  I felt my body had failed me on so many levels.

My Transformation


When I joined Fukumoto Fitness in 2015, along with my husband, I couldn’t have possibly imagined all the good that was to come.  From the beginning, I loved working out surrounded by such amazing people in a positive environment, literally without mirrors, I was starting to get stronger and find that competitive side of me that I hadn’t seen since I was young.  In spite of that, I was still struggling with not having the exact body shape that I thought I wanted.  It wasn’t until I signed up for FF’s 12-month habit-based nutrition coaching program (via Precision Nutrition), when I finally let all my walls come down and I got to the bottom of my emotional struggles.  I was answering a questionnaire about how I “viewed myself and why”.  It became clear to me, that my attempts to fit into a mould since I was young had done nothing but create more insecurities and dissatisfaction.  Trying to have the curves that I wasn’t born with, was only one of the ways I was trying to fit in for so many years.  I was too hard on myself because I never felt I was good enough when comparing myself to others.  At that point, I decided to get extra help and take control of my mental and emotional wellbeing.  That’s when my real transformation started.


dsc_0667_720I am now living life more to the fullest than I ever have! I am no longer looking in the mirror to pick myself apart, I am eating to feel healthy, to have the energy I need for my workouts and to train for Spartan Races.  I have become more accepting of who I am, and I continue to replace old mental “tapes” with new ones that remind me how far I’ve come.  You may have seen me training at 6am MWF, OCR training, Flexible Steel, Warrior Fit, KB Club…really any of the activities FF has to offer! The confidence I have gained from those experiences has allowed me to move forward and look at life through a more positive lens.  I also realized that taking care of my physical, emotional and mental health is what allows me to function well and be a better person for those around me, both at home and at my full time job in the financial industry.

My Family

You may know my husband as Coach Keith at the gym, but to me, he has been my number one cheerleader, friend and life partner for the past 9 years.  I also have two beautiful step-children, Danika and Nicolas, and they have given me the incredibly rewarding experience of being in their lives and seeing them grow into young adults.  We have two dogs, Tango and Rocky, that also keep us busy.


My goals with Coaching

My hope is to inspire my FF clients to celebrate and enjoy the gifts they have by exploring, embracing and maximizing their full potential through good nutrition and physical activity in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

I’m confident I will combine my current life and professional experience with the FF development program to become another coach you trust and am very excited for this opportunity.

I cannot wait to help others experience the joy of finding the best version of themselves in the philosophy of “Progress Not Perfection”.

For more info on Andreina, check out her write-up on our website HERE under our Success Stories

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