FF Updates

On August 28th (Monday eve), we had our 4th or 5th (can’t remember at the moment) …. Member Appreciation Night to celebrate our awesome members, get together to connect, and get excited about the future and also remember the great stuff from the recent past.

We had over 100 people come out and everyone had a coloured bracelet on so we could recognize people who have been here for a few days (Jump Starters) all the way up to members who’ve been around for 4-6+ years! (WOW).

The evening was broken up into several sections:

Flexible Steel Training (with strength exercises paired up with flexibility)


Smart Group Training (a higher tempo partner training session)

Walk & Talk (where the goal was to connect with fellow members as we went for a walk down Gateway while doing random bodyweight exercises every few minutes….and trying to get some cars honking at us)

Refreshments (where we had samples from Gorp, Freshii, smoothies and just continued to chit chat). We also hung out back at the OCR course and cheered on a few members who demonstrated some of their sweet moves!

21078830_10156614577164535_7725732528724312186_n 21105908_10156614577734535_2507862779693462578_n 21105608_10156614574544535_2507510285838871879_nWe came inside for a big FF family group shot and then went through some highlights from the year indicating progress in each of the Fukumoto Fitness Core Values. Below are just some of the talking points from the evening:


  • last year we said we would focus on improving quality vs expanding our clientele which we did (we currently have the same number of clients as the beginning of the year)
  • we stayed firm with our intake process, never trying to convince anyone to join if we felt/they felt it wasn’t a good fit
  • we stayed true to our hiring process, even increasing the already standards of our interviewing process! (we included video submission this year!)


  • we let you in on a secret…our “No Client Left Behind” system where our team follows up systematically with members if people miss and make sure you guys have more accountability
  • we finished both of pre/post natal and coaching development manuals
  • we introduced a new challenge in summer with increased accountability21078780_10156614573444535_287328932380383920_n


  • highlighting many ways to document striving/progress NOT JUST WEIGHT LOSS…like attendance, increasing resistance, increasing variations, doing a home/vacation workout, improving nutrition in some way, asking for modifications, diligently working on injury recovery, getting others to be active, training when you ‘didn’t feel like it’…and many more
  • heard from Brent (long-time member), Amanda (short-time member), Diana (member who recently overcoming injury), and Dorothy (long-time member who overcome a lot of challenges this year and is completing her 12-month nutrition program with FF)


  • Keith conquered coaching program and became new coach!
  • Andreina and Shawna entered into program and doing great!
  • Jenn moved from cleaning team to Jump Start Coordinator
  • Bobby joined the cleaning team
  • Jen & Johnny working on role changes to create a working environment that is sustainable long-term for the staff team and their own family
  • Barbara officially moving into Director of Operation role (don’t worry she is still coaching too!)
  • said goodbye to Craig as SGT coach, Megan K as Jump Start Coordinator (not to be confused with Meghan B, our Client Care Coordinator), and a reduced coaching role for Jethro
  • as a community, we got together for a bunch of special events like the winter potluck, 3 charity campaigns, Mud Hero locally, Red Deer Spartan race road trip, had a fall and winter games, and a bunch of you got together on your own time too!
  • the level of daily encouragement, high 5’s, smiles, connecting and welcoming from you guys towards each others was top notch once again!21150137_10156614573669535_8737971085107046850_n


  • you guys raised $35,000 for Romanian orphans, raised $2000+ for A.D.A.M. (Anxiety Disorders Association of MB), as well as a very successful Christmas food drive for the Community of Hope (PB, jam, cereal)

we passed the $100,000 raised for Burpees 4 Romania (you guys are amazing!)

Future Focus

We highlighted 3 areas of focus in the coming time (not exhaustive of course!)…

  • continuing to strengthen and build our staff family so we can take care of each other and you guys better (the stronger we are, the more you will benefit)
  • finding better and more ways of ‘sharing stories’ and celebration so that you can be more inspired, understand and live a fuller description of progress, and inspire others
  • figuring out ways to connect/engage with long-term members who are truly pioneers in that…there is no model out there for what is ‘normal’ in terms of your goals, thoughts/feelings, as you have been committed for so long!


Recognized in the Community & Beyond

Sometimes its hard to know how awesome you guys are really doing and what you’re helping create here as really…its all we know when we’re here day in and day out but here are a few fun ‘bonuses’ that you guys can be proud of (that are not just about fitness):

  • FF was asked to received a community award to be given by the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba in September 2017 for our contribution to mental health awareness!
  • FF received the top charity fundraising award for the year among participating gyms
  • In regards to a lot of FF work with charity and community, Johnny received nomination for OCR Humanitarian International Award (Oct 2016)
  • FF was nominated for Fitness Business of the Year 2017 (winner revealed next week!)
  • Johnny is humbled to be speaking in Chicago on September 16 in front of a few hundred gym owners on “Building a Game-Changing Staff Family Culture”. We don’t have it perfect by any means but really are passionate to continue to be better at this and pass the down to our awesome clients (you guys!)

These awards/nominations are to be shared with you all as you all contribute to the community and spirit in which we’re able to operate. Even if we win nothing…and no one knows…we commit to still being about more than fitness, more than calorie-burning and we thank you for your efforts and heart! We hope you continue to take pride in our community, your community!

Thank you to all who attended and we were sad to miss those who could not! Thank you also to the FF staff who put all the work into a great night!


A special thank-you to the FF Business Family: Two Rivers Chiropractic Centre (Kimberly & Myron), Unruh Real Estate (David, Chris, Susan), and Stephen Schmidt (Restall & Restall) for providing awesome prizes for the event!



Summertime is a great time. The weather is beautiful in Manitoba and there are many things we can look forward to for great adventures and social gatherings. Along with the good times often comes an attitude of relaxation and when it comes to health and fitness … ‘checking out’, people going ‘off the deep end’ in terms of nutrition, and many people wavering in their commitment to strength training and other forms of fitness.

We put out a call through an accountability challenge with very unique guidelines regarding:

  1. Training at Fukumoto FItness: getting to your sessions
  2. Bonus Reps Post-Session: improving fitness while already at the facility
  3. Nutrition: utilizing a “Junk Score” where people determined their own level of indulgences for the week.

Weight and BF% was taken pre and post challenge, guidelines were given, a tracking scorecard required to bring to gym was given, and an accountability group was set up on Facebook.

We are very excited to share some of the results with you through an in-depth survey we took after the challenge!

Total FF Members who signed up for challenge: 65

# of Members who did pre and post measures = 59/65 (91%) *this is an important # to us as we really emphasized that no matter if it went well or not-so-well, we felt it important for people to honour their word and finish the challenge in this way.  We’re proud of how many of you did!

# of Members who did measures & filled our post-challenge survey report = 50/59 (85%) *another important # to us as we gained a lot of great information on how people went through the challenge from a physical, mental, emotional standpoint.

The Top Reasons people said they joined was a combination of either: Accountability, Weight/Fat Loss

Out of 3 elements of challenge, the toughest was reported to be: NUTRITION

Top 3 Nutrition Challenges: portion sizes, being well prepared, emotional eating

Other Challenges: figuring out ‘junk score’, comparing to others, emotions during measures

Toughest Times in Challenge: Week 2 (the first full week), and Week 5 (finishing up)

People really struggled with expectations on what SHOULD be happening based on … well, when it comes down to it personal thoughts and emotions. Living in the land of ‘shoulds’ is not a fun place!

Another challenge was ‘all or nothing’ thinking and ‘writing off’ days, weeks, the whole challenge or placing responsibility on ‘others’, ‘social events’, and verbiage of ‘having no choice’.

Not one person reported the nutrition portion as being ‘not challenging’.

70% of participants got between 180-210 points for training sessions/extra reps *this translates to 12-14 (out of possible 14) sessions & extra reps!

Out of 59 measured, we had a net loss of 186.2lbs (avg of 3.12lbs/person and included in this # are those who gained weight as well). The range was anywhere between -13lbs to +5lbs and from -5.3% BF to +1.8% BF. (These are phenomenal results. And what’s even better as they are realistic and reasonable based on better habits and behaviour, not the pursuit of perfection).

90% of members reported positive physical changes (50/59 people) as seen via weight loss, fat loss, how clothes fit differently.

3 other top benefits reported: felt encouraged by others, felt more on the right track now, proud of themselves

Common “proud of myself” theme: Continuing, finishing, picking up after a bad instance/day/week, not quitting.

98% (49/50) reported they would be interested in trying this again (and many did start a second round for July!

Highlighting Some Top Results:
Men Winner: Jason A
Women WInner: Nancy S
*receive free entry into July, Biosteel HPSD Jar, North Face bag, (Box Gorp for Jason for overall winner)

2nd Place: Mike M (men) & Debbie B (women) *Shaker, 3 pink drink packets, 3 GORP bars

3rd Place: Jeff S (men) & Felicity E (women) *2 pink drink packets, 2 GORP bars, North Face bag

2 Random Draws for all participants who did pre/post measures as well as survey: Melodie Schellenberg and Aimee Amante (1 pink drink, 1 North Face Buff, North Face bag)

Thank you for your effort and for your honesty in your surveys everyone.

This challenge gave YOU the power to decide for yourselves what was reasonable and to be honest to the process. Although uncomfortable, many of you embraced this. The point is not the 30 days, the points, the Junk Score, the weight loss … it is becoming aware of your behaviour, being honest, being kinder to yourself, and deciding what you’re willing to do (if anything) to take steps forward to be better. This is a long-term play folks … if you realized this congratulation! 
Look BIG PICTURE.  Look 1 year out. Perhaps now that you have had a little bit of progress you continue on with that. Maybe you have 6 months where you execute similar behaviours (assuming you made some progress) and you have 2 months that are really dialed in and 2 months not so great. Maybe you have 1 amazing month and 1 horrible one. In a year, you still come out a different person for the better … and that’s just 1 year of decent consistency. Then take that picture 5 years out….and beyond….see what we’re doing here?
Of note, if you are not kind to yourself, have expectations not based in truth or sustainable behaviour … you may still have some physical progress but be unhappy and unsatisfied so that is perhaps the complicated root of the whole shebang. Don’t fret as we can even overcome these things..we are seeing this every day here! 1% better is all you need for now!
Thank you also for those who actively contributed to the Facebook group which was reported to be a very good source of encouragement and motivation.
We’re proud of you no matter what happened, you hung in there! And its not over …

We would like to warmly welcome Shawna Morawski to the FF Coaching Development Program! Shawna is a long-time FF member who we have been pursuing for awhile now in regards to this role. We are excited to have her start and are thankful for sharing a bit of her story below!


Love of Sport

Sport has always been part of my life. I was an athletic kid and loved exploring outside. At the age of 10 I became hooked on gymnastics. I loved everything about the sport – the energy, the tricks, and the travel. Most of my teen years were spent in the gym training or traveling to provincial competitions. I was fortunate to participate in the BC Winter Games several times. As a kid living in a remote area it was a great way to be exposed to people and places all over the province. My first paid job was coaching gymnastics. I progressed from working with kinder kids to helping develop well rounded gymnasts for the provincial level competitive program. It seemed a lot more like fun than work. It is incredibly satisfying to help someone through the process of building skills and watching them achieve what they first thought impossible. With enough patience and practice it’s amazing what anyone can do.

Growing up in the 1970’s we always had a ton of fruit and veggies in the house. But our diet was strongly supplemented with packaged convenience foods – bologna and mustard sandwich anyone? I’m astonished at what we ate as kids….I’m even more astonished that it seems to have gotten worse. I tried to eat the right things but old habits are hard to break and sometimes even knowing what the right thing is seems confusing.

My love of the outdoors continued throughout my childhood. I left the gymnastics world behind when I moved to UBC to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. I found ways to stay active but never really found a consistent replacement for all those hours I used to spend in the gym!

My 20’s and 30’s were full of amazing experiences. I studied, travelled and worked seasonally for years. In 2002 I came to Manitoba for a summer job, met my husband (Hi Mike!) and never looked back. We got married, and started a family and now have 2 beautiful and very sassy boys.
I had so many great things happening in life. But I was struggling with fatigue, my weight, and just trying to feel good. I tried several diets and many forms of exercise but nothing stuck for more than a month or two. I was very frustrated. A few months shy of my 40th birthday I had enough.
I was tired of being tired and overweight. I was so far removed from that long held view of myself as an athlete and was disconnected from who I was and who I wanted to be. I wanted to have the energy to keep up with my kids! Being a positive role model for my boys was always a top priority but I needed to make some changes to make myself a priority.

Then I found Fukumoto Fitness. I convinced my husband to give it a try with me (no small feat!). From the very first orientation session we knew we found something special.
The atmosphere and dynamic movement very much reminded me of my gymnastics days. I jumped in with both feet. I looked forward to my workouts and embraced the nutrition challenges. It didn’t take long for changes to happen and as they happened it became easier to change my nutrition and lifestyle goals. I was finally on the road to the better me I knew existed.


Over the last few years I’ve changed dramatically. Physically I am strong and mentally I am more resilient. I’ve reached a place where I feel my outside matches my inside and it feels amazing.
Going through this process with my husband has also taught me that everyone needs to find it within themselves to change….and this doesn’t happen at the same time for everyone. I started out as the motivator but have since found myself inspired on a daily basis by the changes he has embraced and his commitment to live a healthier lifestyle for our family. 19883936_10155259505400907_7287099971685645796_n

The positive changes have rubbed off on our kids. I spent the last year taking Taekwondo with them twice a week and they completed their first Spartan Junior race last year. This is the summer of ‘road trip’ and so far they’ve joined us on a 5km Yoho Park trail run to stretch the legs and they completed the Grouse Grind in Vancouver in not much more than an hour! Last stop is Red Deer Family Spartan! These are all things we might not have done 3 years ago.
I am now passionate about fueling my body with nutrient dense plant based foods and have started to enjoy cooking more than ever. Fitness makes me feel energized and ready to take on new challenges.

I am excited for the opportunity to be part of this outstanding coaching team. I genuinely look forward to my workouts and that has been because of all of you. Fukumoto Fitness has taught me is goals are more powerful when they’re declared – surrounding yourself with the right support is the most important factor to success. I look forward to helping you move better and achieve your health goals no matter what they may be.DSC_0670

For a bit more on Shawna, please check out her “Progress Not Perfection” profile HERE on our website!

We love to reflect and celebrate at FF and so much has happened in 2016 that its really hard to remember. We hope you enjoy a little trip down memory lane!

Special Events

FF Winter Games (1st Ever) – 40 people, 8 teams, 6 events + other challenges…amazing! 12799140_10154614755939535_5580346912699602948_n12819208_10154622688999535_1593428510236197448_o 13094344_10154848849009535_7158935992955149522_n

FF Winter Potluck at Jackie’s – 100 of us had a great evening of food and conversation!

Burpees For Romania raises $30,000!our most successful campaign to date with 2 weeks of pre-workout burpees, a special burpee night, fundraising and more! Also contributed to a ‘family farm’ project to provide a long-term safe place for at-risk youth/adults in Romania.

Dirty Donkey 5km (FF brings almost 100 people)took our own heat!

Spartan Race MB (FF brings 30 people) – 2 different races!13707569_10155064121269535_3034022822727633716_n 13475172_10154989055294535_9180917108658752071_o






Member Appreciation Night/Week! – free workouts, flexible steel, warrior fit, and great evening of workouts, announcements, treats, and prizes! 14202766_10155215310384535_1415957679861472349_n14199220_10155215309804535_4905482476503723198_n





7th Annual Pumpkin Charity Workout for Mental Health!over $2000 raised for A.D.A.M. and 80+ participants!14732124_10155411288244535_6450275860244279_n







FF Fall Games (1st ever) – building off our Winter Games, this one was even better!

15259772_10155520017789535_5781686280349321549_o 15168728_10155520029199535_8812889032307895836_o

Food Bank Drive gets over 200 items! – PB, Jam, Cereal to local food bank!

Get Fit for Christmas 3-Workout Program – 3 fun, different workouts to add to fitter December!

Extra Free Christmas Workout – usually have 1 free workout, but had 2 this year!IMG_1226








SGT Training 12772088_10154619823429535_5569959491250945892_o

Flexible Steel Integration – members were introduced and began to develop skill in tactical frog, active hip flexor stretch, rib pull, KB pullovers, USB around the world, active toe touch combinations to increase mobility, recovery time, ‘feel better’. IMG_0392

Pullup-Training Plans – bars were finished installed in both training rooms and around 30-40 members began ‘hanging’ and working on progressions to get to a pull-up! 12795298_10154614755914535_3643805850451462760_n

Turkish Getup Mastery – part of almost every pre-workout, some training session integration, we saw dozens more people learn the TGU and many get proficient and hit new PRs!

Other Exercises – the hollow body, single arm band row, single leg deadlift progressions, feet elevated TRX pushups, SFG glute bridge, racked KB carry were a few exercises that were introduced or got a little more love this year. IMG_0907

A/B Format Integration – we ended up running 2 phases of the “A/B” format to follow-up on the results we saw in the first phase.  Up to 6 attempts per session for 3x/week members and up to 4 per session for 2x/week members saw more progression, movement memory, etc. Sometimes less is better!

FMS Re-Screens & Technique Days – we saw hundreds of re-screens this year and had 8 or 9 technique days that were better attended than in previous years. It is no surprise that people who come to these things have a higher chance of reaching their goals! IMG_1195

Equipment – pull-up bars, red boxes, knobby foam rollers, blue airex pads, complete new set of USBs, new battle ropes, new bands, and of course more KBs (including more main sizes of 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg, 32kg, 36kg and some big ones….40kg, 44kg, and the BEAST 48kg).

Phase List – we did training themes Adrenaline Abs, Supersets (x2), Bodybuilding (x2), Unilateral, Density Training (x2), Undulation (x2)

Other Training

FF Nutrition Coaching (12-Month Habit Program) – We tested and officially launched 20 participants on this game-changing program based on habits over time, progress not perfection, and changing mental and emotional factors. First in province and in first group in world on this particular program and a huge success so far!


FF KB Courses 1 & 2 – had 5 courses (3h each) getting people dialed in to higher level KB work. 40-50 people perfected swing variations, cleans, as well as double-KB work and pressing!


KB Club – once a month KB skill practice for course grads was launched!

OCR Training – from April to July we had 1x/week fun on our newly started outback OCR course including 8 different walls, rope climb station, and other fun carrying/dragging type challenges. This helped people prepare for Mud Hero, Dirty Donkey, Spartan Race, Battlefrog, Tough Mudder and life! 13000130_10154799303399535_4174266472917714786_n

Rocktape Workshop – Barbara ran about 3 courses teaching people the why and how of athletic taping for pain, posture, performance, and pregnancy!


Grocery Store Tour Workshop – had 8 free workshops with almost 50 people working on 1 habit and getting solid introduction to the freeing nutrition philosophy at FF

Next Level Fitness & Nutrition Workshop – about 50 people attended this in fall where we focused on 2 nutrition habits that make the most difference (eat slower, eat until 80% full) as well as fitness progressions (both in class and at home) to get elite results FullSizeRender 4

Flexible Steel – ran on Saturday morning for a full hour of ‘feeling better’ type activities to create an owner’s manual for your body using your own strength to create flexibility. DSC_0581

Warrior Fit – ran Saturdays again for 4th season by Jethro using the excitement of martial arts to get a killer total body workout! 10645323_10154192072029535_5371904175732717252_n

FF Pregnancy Manual – groundbreaking work done by Jen who put together our in-depth first edition to help our mom’s and mom’s to be navigate different trimesters, situations, exercise progressions to make sure you have the best shot at great health during/post-pregnancy (awesome to see about a dozen of our FF members have new babies!)

FF Staff Team

15676064_10155626068089535_7729451208921499754_oJenn and Emily joined our Cleaning Team while Tyler and Mara, Erica moved out of those roles.

Jethro went back to teaching full time and kept training Saturdays at FF.

Craig moved out of SGT coaching to focus on full-time job, university courses and more.

Keith joined the Coaching Team!


Our coaches were involved in the Strong First KB certification (February), Flexible Steel certification (April), Precision Nutrition certification, CPR/First Aid as well as various ongoing education through reading, weekly meetings, and in-services.

Johnny attended accountability/business meetings in South Carolina, Ohio, and Kentucky to continue to invest learn how to do FF better for both the staff and member family! IMG_1146

We welcomed Bruce Fukumoto (May), Kailea Bartelings (June), and Anora Kamei (June) to the staff family and enjoyed some great staff family meals/activities in August, Thanksgiving hosted by Barbara, and Christmas brunch hosted by Steph to name a few.







Other Awesome Stuff!

Brand new roof put up in February (to combat massive leaking…) 20160730_134248_HDR

Progress Not Perfection Wall (featured 2 in-depth profiles per month of real people celebrating wins and being honest about struggles)


New Website Launched! Looks cleaner and updated.

CSA Veggies & Farm Chickens – another successful year of having access to amazing local farms and delivered right to our door!

We finished our first year of our FF Business Family program (and started our 2nd) where we’ve had great partnership from 4 families/businesses who have had a great presence at our special events and beyond! (Two Rivers Chiropractic (Dalkes), Unruh Real Estate (Unruhs), Freshii on Corydon (Turners), and RBC Royal Bank (Hollidays)


6 Challenges Done! We did Meal Prep Challenge in February/November, Sugar Reduction in March/October, Summer Stay-on-Track Challenge in July-August (which included Fruit & Veggie Challenges within) that helped create accountability and a variety of learning styles.  Great habits were formed that can be tapped into for a lifetime!

FF wins 4th consecutive “Revolution for a Cause” philanthropy award for the work the community did with Impact Romania

Johnny shared his international nomination of OCR Humanitarian Award with many in his life, including the FF community. 14322602_883083385154895_6416828065062587307_n







The biggest highlights for our team are when we hear and read about not only your ongoing progress but the evolving way in which you define your success (hint: its not being perfect or always about losing weight). You guys are resilient and are continuing to shine by taking positive action even when you don’t feel like it! Every good decision you make when the ‘feeling isn’t there’ is a huge step forward and you aren’t alone.


We’re thankful to meet the many new people who started off in 2016 with us! Your fresh energy brings a renewed sense of life to the group. We’re blessed for the great number of you who have been with us for 2-7+ years (a very long marriage in the ‘gym world’!)…as this is evidence of ‘fitness maturity’ in that you are more interested in building a sustainable mind and body amidst all the distractions in the industry. Some of you had breakthroughs that gave you new life and others of you had what you would describe as ‘worse’ years than before BUT you didn’t quit even though you may have felt like it.


Thank you for believing in us, each other, and yourself…2017 here we come!

After months of searching for ‘our next coach’, it is our pleasure to officially welcome Keith Holliday to the Coaching Staff at Fukumoto Fitness!

img_2143-2dsc_0697Keith will be going through an intensive process starting immediately and well into 2017 to be ready to coach multiple groups.  He will be observing, co-coaching, and getting to know you guys more personally very soon. Read below to hear part of his story, his significant involvement with FF already, and his goals!


Some Background

From the day I was born I loved to eat! I am told that as soon as I was able to be mobile on the floor, I put everything in my mouth.  When I was 11 months old it turned out eating the wrong things almost ended my short life.  Because I was so young and had asthma nobody knew I had swallowed anything, but my mom found me turning blue on the living room floor.  I ended up in the hospital hooked up to a respirator and an IV.  It wasn’t until a week later after a lung collapsed that I coughed up a crayon (wax does not show up on an X-ray).  I recovered nicely, just had less lung capacity, I now have 50% lung capacity.

I spent most of my childhood on my bicycle or in an arena playing hockey in a town in Saskatchewan.  By the time I was 10, I was also training horses for some families around the area as well as jumping from barn to barn and climbing hay bails.  I was a very adventurous youngster with no fear; I was and am a bit of an adrenaline junky.  I found out at a young age that if I wanted to play competitive hockey, which I did until the age of 13, I would have to push my limits further than most.  It taught me work ethic and perseverance.  I learned my limitations, but also how to push my mind and body just shy of my limits.  I also learned we are capable of way more than we believe we are.

When I was 18, I was extremely thin and all I wanted to do was bulk up, so I hit the weight room. Unfortunately I never educated myself on the proper nutrition to do so, so I just ate more of the wrong foods to put on weight.  At that age that plan worked out ok, it allowed me to gain muscle….but some unwanted fat as well.  By the time I turned 23-24 I had stopped working out but the diet remained the same.  Like many I got busy, had a young family, was working on my career; and eventually my health and nutrition fell to the waste side.  I lifted weights on and off through the years and played some recreational hockey but nothing consistent.

Fast forward a few years later, I was very fortunate to know some great people that attended Fukumoto Fitness, and along with the encouragement from my beautiful wife, we both joined in April 2015.  Fukumoto Fitness reignited my passion for exercise and created an interest in nutrition that I had never had; which has lead to a weight loss of over 40 lbs so far (check out my Progress Not Perfection Story HERE), as I continue to work on improving my nutrition habits every day.  I still have a love for lifting heavy, so I am so thankful Fukumoto adds in the cardio that I so desperately needed but was not adding to my fitness plan.

My Family

img_1271My family consists of my beautiful wife Andreina, we’ve been married for three glorious years and have two amazing children, Danika who is 17 and Nicolas who is turning 15 in December.  They keep us busy with their school, activities and work schedules.  We also have 2 adorable puppies, Rocky and Tango who are both 3 years old and keep us moving in the house when we are lucky enough to be home.

Life at FF

Since joining Fukumoto Fitness I have completed my Level 1 & 2 KB courses, and I have attended KB Club regularly since.  I also participated in the 2015 and 2016 Dirty Donkey Mud Run, as well as the 2016 FF Winter Games.  As an active member of FF I have enjoyed being a part of other extra activities such as the 12-month FF Nutrition Coaching Course (powered by Precision Nutrition), OCR training, Member Appreciation nights, Pumpkin Charity Workouts, Burpees for Romania, Rocktape Workshop, Flexible Steel and Warrior Fit…so basically almost anything FF has to offer, I’ve been lucky enough to attend and learn from it!

2015 Pumpkin Charity Workout..l

2015 Pumpkin Charity Workout! (don’t worry, this is not my normal attire for coaching)

2016 Pumpkin Charity workout...don't worry I smile a lot more than this guys!

2016 Pumpkin Charity Workout…don’t worry I smile a lot more than this guys!

I have surpassed many of my goals while at FF; I have been able to do a one armed pushup, accomplished a TGU with the white Kettlebell (only for a 48kg bell to show up a couple months later), and squat to press overhead with the largest bag.  Also, just being able to complete a full 20 minute tornado for me is a huge accomplishment.  These are all things that when I walked through the doors for my first workout I would have thought were impossible.

I am currently working on my pull-ups, I have a long ways to go, but just like all the things I mentioned above, I know this is possible and it will just take time.  In order to accomplish them I am working hard on my body composition with the help of FF Nutrition Coaching. As well, I purchased a pull-up bar for home to practice, and every day after class I work on the next progression.  I am also working on my cardio to improve my limited lung capacity.  But even though I believe this is impossible to do today, the ultimate goal for me is to be able to do a TGU with the BEAST (48kg) kettlebell.  My wife Andreina (AKA little beast – approved by her to say!) is also a future TGU progression (ever see a human TGU?) so that is a fun goal too.


These days I enjoy playing tennis with my family (a round of golf and playing recreational hockey. I love going for rides on my motorcycle and taking anyone that will come with me.

My Goals With Coaching

I am so excited to join such an amazing group of individuals that each bring their unique gifts to the team, and I am hoping to be a person that you may be able to relate to as I’ve had many struggles and also victories in my pursuit of better.  I will be finishing up several coaching courses in the next few months to make sure I am up to date completely with the high standard set at Fukumoto Fitness. I have years of experience coaching people and am excited to utilize this skill in such a dynamic and passionate environment. I have set and accomplished many goals with how I feel, look, move, and perform and I’m excited to help you (members of FF) do the same. I am a very positive and energetic person and I look forward to finding out what is important to you so please don’t be a stranger and say hi!

Thank you Keith for sharing and we are thrilled to have you on board. There is a very long and thorough process to be considered for our coaching team and we take much pride in only hiring the right people. We believe in you and that you are an amazing fit for our community!

This past weekend (July 16 and 17), about 35 total FF members completed a Spartan Race (or two) in Grunthal, MB in what was very beautiful weather.







The Spartan Super (13+km) was held on the Saturday and we had about 15 people challenge that race that saw uneven terrain, sand hills, 3 river crossings, and 29 obstacles including walls, carrying heavy things, balancing, and climbing.







The Spartan Sprint (5+km) was held on Sunday and we had about 20 people challenge that race which had many of the same obstacles.


Its hard to explain WHY people sign up to do these things unless you have just done it yourself. You face uncertainties, fears, both physically and mentally…with many people wondering “Am I strong enough to do this?”.



Below are a few of our clients who’ve sent in some reflection on their experiences. Our racers included those from kids (6 years old all the way to almost 60) and of all fitness levels!

As you read their highlights, challenges, and favourite obstacles you will see the theme of overcoming both mental and physical situations and celebrating progress, not perfection in a supportive community!

Torrey B


This was the longest race (either road or OCR) I’ve ever run and by far the best race I have been in to date! I loved every step, every obstacle and sadly…every burpee.
It was an amazing day full of perseverance, celebration and inspiration. One that I think may have ignited a monster inside of me. 😛
The OCR training this year helped take my confidence to a whole other level. Don’t get me wrong, I was still a mess of nerves and went through some self-doubt leading up to the race, but I am aware of my ability to complete the obstacles and was able to attempt the ones I didn’t feel so confident about (ultimately, the ones I ended up having penalty burpees on).
One highlight: Crossing the finish line and celebrating with the rest of the team, the camaraderie between all participants and the new friendships you make while on the course. Or how about when the rain stopped, the clouds parted and the sun shined right before the race started.
Favourite obstacle: It’s hard to pick just one, but I’d have to say the Hercules Hoist
One mental hurdle/fear overcame: Failing the spear throw left me feeling crushed and defeated. I was so close, I knew I had it and then the line wrapped about my leg and pulled the spear back. I had a moment of self-doubt moving along to the Hulk Hoist. I had to take a moment to get my head right before I gave the Hulk Hoist a shot. When I pulled on the rope to hoist the sand bag I immediately thought “wholly crap, I don’t think I can do this”. I didn’t expect nor was prepared for how heavy it actually was. I sat there for a second, with the bag hanging 3 inches off the ground and decided it was now or 30 burpees. I chose now, burned my hands and ripped the heck out of my callouses, but I did it and was able to finish the rest of the race with a positive frame of mind.

Kimberly MD


It was an amazing race.
I was in near tears at the start line from nervousness and fear. I have never run so far in my life, (I usually run 5km races) and the not know what we were going to come across really. But then once we started I just tried to settle in, and go steady paying attention to how I was feeling and take in the beautiful surroundings.
When I got to the traverse wall my calf started seizing up severely and I could see that bell at the end, just wanting to hit it. All our training made me know I could get there if I just kept going and used what we learned to stay close to the wall. Getting to the end and hitting that bell as my calf was burning felt great!

I had to slow my pace a bit, but that was ok, I made it to the finish line in one piece injury free, just a few bruises to wear with pride this week, and feeling a bit like a bad-ass! Aroo!

Shawna P


It was awesome! I felt stronger than at dirty donkey…was able to run the entire way and only missed ‎2 obstacles. Even the 60 burpees weren’t that bad with my FitFam right there with me (and my son counting for us!). Empowering day and seeing my kids participate made me proud as a mom :). I’ll be back!


Coach Steph


Highlight: It’s always awesome to accomplish something like this but what never fails to keep me smiling long after the race is done are the smiles, pictures and achievements of everyone who participated on either/both days (translation: I spent way too much time of Facebook and Instagram checking out everyone’s pictures and memories)!

Favorite Obstacle: Rope climb.

Mental Hurdle/Fear: I never once told myself “I can’t”. The thought never entered my mind. That’s huge for me. I approached everything knowing I had the ability to complete the task. And even on the 2 obstacles I didn’t complete, I didn’t (and don’t) view it as “failing the obstacle” I see it as an opportunity to challenge myself with burpees (and my ability to count to 30)

Andreina H
-1 Highlight: The camaraderie, help and encouragement from FF team mates throughout the race.
-Favorite Obstacle: Rope Climb
-Mental Hurdle/Fear: Having to do burpees during a race terrified me and kept me up a few nights, but thankfully I only failed 3 obstacles…way less burpees than I anticipated.

Kevin Saria

Highlight: seeing the elite racers at the start line
Favourite obstacle: Hercules hoist

Mental hurdle: running the 13.5km run

Andrew W


Highlight- Watching our kids participate in the youth and junior Spartan races. To see them working hard and achieving a goal was the biggest reward of the weekend.
Favourite Obstacle- Hoist. Felt awesome to pull that up to the top.
Mental Hurdle/Fear- Can I compete at some level in this event? What was overcome was that now I have a barometer of where I stand and what I have to do to improve.  The fear has been turned into an understanding of what I need to focus on to obtain a better result.

Leanne B

My highlight was finishing strong. I knew that I would no matter how long it took, but I was glad to finish and feel like I gave it my all.

For me my fav obstacle was the inclined wall (2nd to last), I was tired, I was drenched in mud and I did it on my own and it was tough. Ricky was an awesome partner and helped me over all the walls, but I did that one on my own.

Biggest fear that I overcame was the giant ladder wall. At the top I was pretty shaky and I knew going over the top of it that the obstacle wasn’t there for its physical difficulty but for a mental mind bend. It was high, it was slippery and I was tired and ready for it to be over but I talked myself through it and succeeded.

In the end, I was just so proud to have completed it and done it with my strong partner

Coach Jethro
Highlight: making the spear throw both days
Favourite obstacle: rig and herc hoist
Hurdle/Fear: despite failing the balance beam again on the second day, I didn’t even let it phase me. I jumped right into burpees and focused on what was ahead of me.

Wayne F

My high lite is finishing 7th place overall in elite!
Favorite obstacle was the spear throw….success this year after having a whole year to think about last years miss

I started the race at the back of the group and stayed there for the first half of the race. I was beginning to think that this wasn’t my day or the field was just to strong to compete against. I kept telling myself to just run my own race and not get caught up in the early sprint. As time went on and we got into some long carries things began to change. The field began to slow down and I was able to keep up my pace. I’m still amazed at how 3×45 minute workouts a week can give me these kind of results. Thank you for challenging me to keep getting stronger:-)

Ricky R
Highlight- was the rope climb, we had the option of choosing without knots in it or with  knots, I heard Johnny voice in my head telling me to push my self, so I decided I would rather fail on the knot free rope rather than succeed on the knots. With about 5 feet to go I was drained, I made sure I got a good “j” hook and just chilled for a second and then in pops Jethro voice telling me to find another gear! This combined with my supportive fiancé cheering me on from below and I managed to hit the bell.
Favourite Obstacle- was the “rig” as it was the only one that I couldn’t do and it challenged my upper body strength like nothing else on the course (and Jethro running over to cheer us on)
Fear/hurdle- for me it was the barb wire crawl, last year I overcame a huge fear by taking part in a swift water rescue training course in Indiana. The crawl reminded

me of that, knowing I couldn’t stand up and just had to push through till the end caused a lot of anxiety for me.

Mike B
Highlight: Being able to push through on the bucket carry on Saturday. Tough obstacle for me and my back.
Favorite Obstacle: Hercules Pull/Lift ( sand bag & Pulley ) << Loved it.

Mental Hurdle: Just getting there on Sunday! I was so sore, but once I got there, the atmosphere and people made it worthwhile and gave me the boost I needed.


Aileen A
The highlight of this day was the simple fact that it was my first Spartan Race, and the atmosphere was amazing! There was great camaraderie all around from both racers and spectators. Although some obstacles were challenging people were motivating and willing to help if needed.
My favourite obstacle was the Hercules Hoist. It was very challenging, but I also found it fun. As you already know, what I most feared going into this race was the water portion of it. Having had a traumatic experience as a child has made me fear swimming and getting into water that went past my chest. When I got to that part of the race, the volunteer had given me the board to assist in floating, but even with that I was internally freaking out, especially with the bottom being so uneven, and not knowing if the next step would be deeper. Luckily, another racer and a fellow Fukumoto Fitness member (Andreina) stayed with me and guided me through the rest of the way. They were so kind and so patient, I will honestly never forget it!

All in all, I enjoyed myself and am looking forward to doing it again next year!

Melodie S
Highlight – sounds wimpy but just being able to go!  I wasn’t sure I would be able to with a toe injury.   So going and being a part of it was really awesome!  I love our group!
Favorite Obstacle – I think the cement block carry.  I took the men’s weight because I didn’t see the women’s!  That sucker was heavy!   When I was done, a guy said whoah good job on that weight!
Mental Hurdle – Heights!  The really high climbs were mentally challenging for me.

On the height thing, I felt like the OCR stuff really helped me.  At OCR training over the weeks I realized fear was really dwindling. It started loosing its place in my mind.  For me this was such a good accomplishment!

Nicole D


Highlight: Conquering the Angled Slip Wall (second obstacle before the end) on my third try just because I couldn’t bear to do any more burpees. The encouragement from my FF FamJam before after and during (Jethro cheering me on through my Rings obstacle burpees, Jen letting me know that I was near the end and within shooting distance of making my goal time, Johnny encouraging me through the A-Frame heights… he always seems to appear when I’m freezing up at the top of a wall (12’ wall in the OCR Training yard, high walls in Dirty Donkey).

Favourite obstacle: Aside from the Spear Throw (nailed it!!!)… Inverted Wall because I managed to do it unassisted when I had never done it unassisted in OCR Training (I remembered your advice, Melodie S.)

Mental hurdle/fear that you overcame: Heights (A-Frame, Cargo Net Climb)

Dana W
YES! It was a blast! It was an amazing weekend. We had some top personal and family moments.
Highlight: Seeing our kids motivated and inspired to do the Youth/Junior Spartan races, and how their accomplishments gave them such joy and life.  (And- hitting my spear throw.)
Favourite Obstacle: Dare I say multi rig?

Mental Hurdle/Fear: Signing up- I was uncomfortable with the uncertainties of what I would face and how I would do

Emily T
I was really happy that I was able to complete the monkey bars and do them really well!  And I was running by myself for most of the race but strangers always offered to help me if I needed help or they thought I might which was nice because I’m too shy to ask.  I liked a lot of the obstacles. One that I really liked was the really tall triangular thing we had to climb over.  I’m not a huge fan of heights (climbing the rope at the gym is terrifying) but this obstacle was fine because of all the times I’ve gone over the 12 ft ladder at the gym.  And I wasn’t feeling 100% that morning but I am very glad I did the race, even though I didn’t push myself very hard with the running.

It was a blast!  I’m looking forward to running it again next year!

Stephanie D
– Highlight: completing the transverse wall when I fell off last year
– favourite new obstacle was the hercules hoist, or whatever that one was called
– motivation for next year – conquering the rope climb!

Alissa OB


My favourite obstacle (even though I wasn’t able to complete it) was the Hercules Hoist. Moving forward, I’m feeling challenged and am excited to get advice and work on my technique at next years OCR training  after Johnny and Travis build a similar obstacle in the “outback” – Hint! Hint! Hehe
My highlight from the race (aside from completing the race) was completing the Traverse Wall.
My biggest mental hurdle was actually getting the courage to sign up for the Spartan Super in the first place. I have a lot of work ahead of me to improve for next years race but in the end, I am so happy with the outcome !


Melanie B
I was so happy I came to a training session or I would never have completed the 90degree turn on the transverse wall.

Not that there weren’t very scary parts to the race, but one of my main fears is getting lost!! Was very thankful to have the chance to meet at the gym and caravan


Alex R

Two highlights for me – made the spear throw and the fact that I am alive and doing this – sounds weird I know – but I am weird that way.

Ryan M
1 Highlight: being my first ever OCR, the entire day was a highlight, but I’ll go with  killing all the ladders and walls.
Favourite Obstacle: there was a few, they were all fun and challenging! but I’ll go with the Hercules Hoist.

Mental fear/ Hurdle: I’ve overcome a lot of self doubt and anxiety.  I’m a very self conscious person.  I remember writing my name down to sign up for the race back in March, I needed reassurance from coach Barbara.  Then I emailed Johnny once I signed up for OCR training to once again get reassurance. Fast forward to yesterday.. amazing experience! I even ran the race shirtless… (for me, that’s a huge mental hurdle to be confident in my self, my image and my abilities).  If you were to tell me that I’d of done this 17 months ago, I wouldn’t of believed it for a second. Have the Fukumoto Team to thank for all the support

Travis C


I did not have a fear or hurdle either but more like a story…….i ran to the 8’ wall to scale it jumped, grabbed it with both my hands and got one leg hooked at the top….then the race official said hold on you cant do that. As I am still hanging there he got up walked over to me and asked if I used the 45 degree cross brace to boost myself ( keep in mind im still hanging there) I said no, then he just says ok keep going! So I got myself over the rest of the way and kept going! I don’t know how long I was hanging there , im thinking 10-15 seconds but it felt like an eternity!…….so this could be considered the highlight and hurdle!


Cathy D

my highlight was getting the spear throw – first time ever in my life.  Grateful for Johnny’s advice to take the time to catch my breath and not hurry through it.  I was for sure doing a happy dance – though not for too long because I still had racing to do.

My mental hurdle was at the 8 foot wall. In OCR training I’ve always used the 2×4 assist to get my hands to the top of the wall.  If I can get to that point, I know I can get over.  The 2×4 assist at the race was too high for me to use.  I was convincing myself that there was no way I was going to be able to jump high enough to get my hands on the top of the wall – and was just going to get right to the penalty burpees.  At which point I decided to have a positive mind set – and at least try…. and I GOT IT!!!!!!!!

Gerry D

Loved the 115 lb rope pull. mental hurdle was the spear throw which was sucessfull

Coach Johnny
I was very encouraged that I felt good on back-to-back days as it was affirmation for the training and lifestyle choices I’ve been making on an ongoing basis. I always feel so much pride of those in our community who give these races a try and furthermore, seeing about 6-10 kids do it and look up to their parents in this way.
My favourite obstacle was the rig because I’ve had trouble with these all year and it makes it more satisfying to complete it successfully. (but felt most badass doing the Hercules Hoist).

Mentally, I continue to struggle with comparing to the pro racers and how I fall short as opposed to focusing on the victories I do have. I did everything I could possibly do on both days and I’m excited to make a plan moving forward to get even better!

We look forward to what these challenges bring out of you as it usually is something BETTER and something exciting that can translate into other areas of your life.


Its been a few weeks already but just wanted to highlight how awesome our community did at the Dirty Donkey 5km Mud Run this year at the Assiniboine Downs on June 25th!


10 amazing facts about our group:

-we had about 70% people (out of the 100+) who were doing this for the very first time!

-we had some who have done 2, 3, 4, or even 5 Dirty Donkey events since 2012!

-we had 35 friends/family who joined our team who are not usually a part of the FF community!

-we had 12 people who took up the challenge to do the Kickass Heat (with some tougher challenges)

-we had people ranging from teenagers, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s…and 3 who turn 60 this year or next!

-we had husbands and wives, mother-daughter, mother-son, father-son, father-daughter, sisters, aunt-nephew, co-workers and many more awesome combos!

-we had many different fitness levels which is awesome! (we had 5 of the top 10 finishes in the Kickass Category and the first and “last” place in the regular 5km)

-some people have been registered for 8 months while some registered just that week!

-there was huge dance party and cheer in front of the DJ booth before the race that was awesome to be apart of (and those running the Kickass Heat could hear it…sent chills down the spine!)


EVERYONE had a mixture of excited and nervous and overcame both mental and physical hurdles that day








The race included very wet sand from the storm the night before as well as carrying cinder blocks, crawling under things, a potato sack hop, going over various height walls, crawling under barbed wire, carrying jugs up stairs, crawling over a cargo net on a transport truck, pulling through mud, monkey bar apparatus, doing many squats in the bleachers, carrying a water tube over a balance beam and more!

May FF members commented on how the OCR Training we did Tuesday evening was extremely helpful in preparing physically and mentally to get through the event (and many said that what we do is much more difficult!).








Of very special note, Coach Barbara went through the course with her daughter Lisa. Lisa persevered with amazing resolve and they did the entire 5km together and were a definite inspiration and proud representation of what “better together” means at Fukumoto Fitness.


It was great to see a bunch of you write down a highlight on the poster at the gym to celebrate your experience. Too often we don’t document and reflect on things and when things are a bit rough in life, we have trouble acknowledging the amazing things we’ve been apart of for encouragement and motivation.




We hope you were challenged, inspired, and look forward to next year and perhaps other challenges you can sign up for to pull the best out of you in life!

There is a big album on the Fukumoto Fitness facebook page of more photos!

Thank you very much for all who came and cheered us on and supported us on that day!



Over the May Long Weekend, 3 coaches and a member of Fukumoto Fitness went down to Hudson, Wisconsin to tackle an obstacle course race called Battlefrog for the first time. Since OCR season is coming upon us (with Dirty Donkey, Spartan Race, and Mud Hero coming soon), we thought we’d share a bit about our experience with you.

This took place on a beautiful morning in rolling hills, open fields, near water and fresh clean air! There were 26 obstacles per lap and an option to do 1 or 2 laps depending on what you signed up for. Still a good deal of trail running but also about 10 different walls, natural elements, and carrying some heavy stuff!


The event was well-organized, had way more obstacles (in a good way) than other events we’ve done, and had many different levels of difficulty for obstacles that made it friendly to many fitness levels!




Wayne Feeleus – FF Member 6am MWF


Division: Masters Elite Male (40+), 2 Laps (14km total)

OCR Experience: 3rd Race

Highlight: I felt I had way more gas in the tank in terms of cardio (compared to last year’s Spartan which was half the distance of this race). I felt I could run another lap!

Challenge: Not completing the Platinum Rig was very humbling to go through physically and mentally. As a result, I had to get my bracelet cut off but I’ll be more ready next time and was still encouraged by my placement.

Learned: I need to work on grip strength more than I had planned.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn how much my training at Fukumoto Fitness transferred over to strong running as I had not run more than 4 miles leading up to this event and was easily able to run well through the 14-16km course.

Coach Steph

BattleFrogMN BattleFrogMN01






Division: 35-39 Female, 1 Lap (7km total)

OCR Experience: 3rd Race

Highlight: The course was beautiful and not at all what I was expecting. It was also really awesome to see people encouraging one another along the course and helping each other out at each obstacles. There was such a positive vibe throughout which only added to the enjoyment of the event. Seeing our Fukumoto team after I finished was pretty awesome too.

Challenge: Course-wise: I found the terrain/hills very challenging to run on. I lost my footing several times and needed to remind myself to pay attention to the ground ahead of me.

Mental-wise: I struggle with knowing when and how hard I can push myself. I’m not the most confident person and don’t think I’m entirely self-aware of all that I am capable of. I have trouble recognizing my own strength which in turn causes me to hold back instead of competing to my fullest potential.
Learned: I would definitely have benefited from more running and hill prep. I was very focused on the obstacles and need to remember that you can’t complete obstacles you don’t have the energy to first run to.

Coach Jethro


Division: Elite Male, 2 Laps (14km)

OCR Experience: 6th Race

Highlight: Aside from simply soaking in the amazing environment, my highlight was completing the rig and keeping my Elite status. There was a moment when I weighed the option of simply moving on. I consider ignoring that thought an accomplishment.

Challenge: One of the challenges I would return to throughout the race was letting myself worry about how those ahead of me were doing. I repeatedly has to tell myself to run my own race.

Learned: I learn from my mistakes and areas of weakness. I was, once again, reminded that I need to refine my cardiovascular training so I can keep the engine running stronger and longer.

Coach Johnny


Division: Elite Male, 2 Laps (14km)

OCR Experience: 15+ Races

Highlight: Making a mental and physical comeback after some setbacks and qualifying for the World Championship Pro division. Also, crashing through the bush carrying a jerry can with power!

Challenge: I failed an obstacle for the first time in 4 race seasons.  Not once either…I fell off the rig (shown in Jethro’s photo) 8 times in a row (and 10 times total in the race). As minutes passed, and as my strength seemed to leave me I was left with my thoughts of self-doubt, comparison to others, and a bit of embarrassment.

Learned: Physically I need to work on upper body skills and grip strength as well as foot speed and running mechanics.  If I avoid work in these areas, I can expect the same outcomes in those areas. Mentally, I am just as susceptible to negative thoughts as the next person and need to remind myself pre-race what to do with those thoughts when they arise-stuff them! Also, thinking about important things (like my family, values, FF community) to push me harder in the race helps me persevere.


We hope you are excited to take on your OCR challenge this year if you’ve signed up. Its not too late to do so either! Any fitness level is welcome and you will overcome physical but more importantly mental barriers that are rooted deep in your being.

Please chat with us about how you’re feeling or if you’d like to sign up for something this summer as we have big teams from FF banding together!

Next year too we hope to have a few more of you join us down south to tackle this one again!


Business: Freshii

Address: 740 Corydon Ave

Website: Freshii.com/ca

People: Emily (left, daughter), Coralee (2nd from R, Mom), Ian (right, son) are part of the FF Family!

Training Times: Various!

What we like about Fukumoto Fitness

Fukumoto Fitness is a very family oriented establishment where members encourage each other to challenge themselves in a positive atmosphere.  The coaches continuously further their education to help us work out smarted and safer.  Anyone can participate regardless of injury because of the many modifications that can be applied.  We also enjoy joining many other Fukumoto Fitness members in obstacle course races.  We are regularly encouraged to participate in nutrition challenges to help us feel better and live the healthiest life possible.  Through Fukumoto Fitness we have access to CSA boxes and pasture raised chickens.  All in all, they strive to help us be balanced mentally, physically and emotionally.

About Us


With a passion for health and feeding people, we embarked on a crazy journey in opening a restaurant called Freshii where we serve up meals that include tons of veggies and healthy housemade dressings.  Whether it’s a salad, bowl, wrap, burrito or soup, you will be served a super delicious and healthy meal that will energize you for your athletic endeavours.

Charity Promotion

Until the end of June 2016, $1 off of every $10 spent by Fukumoto Fitness clients at Freshii will go towards Impact Romania supporting the “Burpees for Romania” and “Family Farm” projects.

BONUS: All FF Members will receive an ongoing 10% off at Freshii on Corydon Ave! (we will have member cards available to hand out shortly!)

2015 has come and gone but we feel its important to reflect on the amazing things you were apart of at Fukumoto Fitness and remind you (again) that we’re better together!

We hope you enjoy a trip down memory lane and are inspired for a fantastic 2016!

PS. These are just SOME of the highlights…but it paints a good picture!

Special Events

Family Meeting – in January we had about 60 people show up on a Sunday to discuss our plans to move from our Golspie location. It was an exciting time to share with you!

10959499_10153610534879535_8319248374008850325_nIce Donkey – we had a brave group do the Ice Donkey 5km in February and have a blast.

Winter Potluck – the same day, around 50 of us had a winter potluck at the Unruh’s and shared great food and conversation (with a few games too!).11105_10153610594349535_6076340787370113300_n

Family Meeting – in April we had a second meeting with about 60 people to give a better update on the building we took over and next steps!

Camp Discovery

Burpees for Romania – we did a ton of burpees (32,000+), you got your friends to sponsor you, and we raised over $23,000 to send Romanian orphans to a safe summer camp experience. These funds covered their entire summer programming budget. Way to go!

Spartan Race – a more intense race came to town in July and 15 of you tried it out! We had 11 different age categories represented and were very proud of you all

Dirty Donkey – we had record numbers (40+) show up in a ‘sea of red’ t-shirts as many new people conquered challenges and fears and got inspired for their next season of life.



Member Appreciation Night – our largest one yet occurred at our new spot in NK, including a ‘walk and talk’, smoothies, yoga, warrior fit.  75 of you came out!



Pre-Order Veggie Day – we had veggies available for you to freeze from Wild Earth Farms for winter

Pumpkin Charity Workout for Mental Health – our largest charity event to date! 100 showed up, we raised $2000+ for ADAM (Anxiety Disorders of Manitoba) and it was the loudest energy we’ve ever had.  You all looked great!

Community of Hope Food Bank Drive – you came through again, helping us get 200+ items for the food bank in Elmwood.  Thanks everyone!


Get Fit for Christmas 3-Day Program – we had a lot of you join us for some fun conditioning workouts leading up to the holidays to help you feel a bit better than usual!


Partner Workouts – we consistently added different partner workouts and finishers that brought energy up, motivation, and cementing “Better Together”

EMOMs – Every Minute On the Minute style program introduced for certain finishers (burpees) as well as other parts of the main workout.


SGT Board/Area – shows correctives, has binder to remind you, plus buckets to pickup/dropoff bracelets (so no more losing them at home!)

Free Technique Sessions – introduced to build ‘hinge’ technique in deadlift, USB clean, and KB swings.

9am MWF – SGT session was added to our regular schedule!

Personal Training – we helped 15 people through our PT program towards their goals

Exercise Intro – bottoms-up split squat, 1/2 kneeling pallof press, single & double KB deadlifts, USB staggered squats…to name a few.

Exercise Mastery – many focused on turkish get-up, pushups, deadlifts etc with great results.

New Floor – switched over to rubber and turf for longevity and the options it will provide us in the future!

We did Adrenaline Abs, Supersets, Density, Unilateral, Undulating, Bodybuilding, and Hybrid Training phases. We continued to dial in quality over quantity, form and function, and had some tasty finishes to each session before some calming of the nervous system via crocodile (face down) or supine (on the back) belly breathing.

We had 9 sessions for each client this year devoted completely to better form and technique!



Workshop – 75-100 people went to “make 1 change” workshop at grocery store


Chickens – hundreds more free-run chickens ordered and consumed!

CSA Veggies – from June-October, a delicious veggie box came for some of you every or every other week to get you more nutrients and health 11202435_10154000869549535_398490869813101906_n

Challenges – our first Meal prep challenge went amazing, 2 sugar reduction challenges, as well as 2 Fruit/Veggie Challenges helped people gain results and momentum through the year

Bars/Smoothies – we continued to provide local GORP clean energy bars as well as Biosteel (gluten free) flavours along with Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vegan options for delicious smoothies used by Olympic and pro athletes.



FF KB Course – we put on 6 courses and over 50 people got the skills for Level 1 or Level 2, enabling them to effectively add 1-armed swings, cleans, double swings, presses and more to their workouts.11178338_10153832365464535_7592927980818283856_n

OCR Training – we had over 10 weeks of OCR training getting people ready for Spartan Race, Dirty Donkey, Mud Hero and more.  Many sessions doing hill specific training and a few fun ones learning to climb rope and throw a spear!


Yoga – Saturday mornings at 9am became mobility-time…near the end of the year the name FLEXIBLE STEEL replaced ‘yoga’ as it was more accurate to our mission of being “strong and flexible” not strong and tight or flexible and weak.

Warrior Fit – finished up an awesome 3rd season in which more people got to try it out during Member Night/Member Week! Both Yoga (Flexible Steel) & Warrior Fit are now just $5 for first time of season!

Success Sessions – 100+ of you met 1-on-1 for a free 20-25 minute goal session to work on for 3 months.  There were many successes and challenges but overall…much was learned and many had success in new ways they had never achieved before!

Referrals – gave 2 new options for a successful referral: free box of GORP bars or donation of similar value to Impact Romania (our Burpees for Romania partner).

Staff Team

FF Team 2015-10

Role Updates

Scott Feick finished his internship and moved back to Saskatoon.

Meghan Bargen joined us as our Client Care Coordinator

Megan Kamei joined us as our Jump Start Coordinator

Haley Seggewiss and Erica Feather joined our cleaning team.

Jen Fukumoto and Jethro Bartelings began coaching more regularly.

Steph Hamm began the Coaching Development Program (CDP)

Craig and Barbara took some new groups and continued training PT clients.

Johnny started the transition into a more CEO role with a heavier focus on Staff Development, Building Operations, Culture Development, and Visioning.

*the Fukumoto’s announced they’re expecting baby #2 in early May!









We had a spring potluck at Barbara’s and played in the park, had a staff lunch with games in summer, Thanksgiving dinner at Meghan’s, Christmas brunch at Megan’s!


Courses taken: StrongFirst KB, FMS, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), CanFitPro PTS, CPR/First Aid, Pre-Post Natal Specialist, Older Adults Specialist, Activ8 Conference.

Getting my CFSC Certification in May

Johnny accepted offer into small group of 8 members (all other fitness business owners in US) for accountability in continually improving Fukumoto Fitness through our core values.

Weekly meetings, check-ins, and the start of more technical in-services!


Building (New HOME for Fukumoto Fitness)

Officially took over 50 Burnett Ave on April 1 in very rough shape!

Capstone Construction oversaw the gutting and re-development of new spot.

Blown away by the 50+ people who volunteered time to paint, help move, install, and gave great advice as we began this huge project. (a HIGHLIGHT of the year).  Thank-you!


Officially started sessions in late July!

There are a lot of growing pains with the new building (maybe you’ve noticed) but we are so thankful for this new leg of the journey with you all! Over the next few years, we will continue to work away at improving things.


The following awards and recognitions are to be shared among our entire community:

Revolution for a Cause (Winners): for the FF community’s work with Impact Romania through “Burpees4RO” and Camp Discovery

CBCMB40 (CBC Manitoba 40 under 4o Winner): thanks to a thoughtful nomination by an FF family member!

Fitness Revolution Entrepreneur of the Year (nomination)

Special Presentation at the MFC (Manitoba Fitness Conference) on the “Smart Group Training” model

Letter from MP congratulating FF community on our consistent charity work in the community

Featured on CJOB, Virgin 103, the Herald, Free Press, Lululemon, Global TV and various other publications.

Let us be clear that the most important recognition we get is when our clients let us know how they are succeeding in having small and big victories in their every day lives.  That is why we do this (although its nice that others notice too!).

Progress Not Perfection

We’ve really tried to re-enforce this mantra in 2015.  Maybe you had your best year ever with us! We’re so happy for you. Maybe you had a very rough year health-wise or personally. We are proud of you for doing your best a not quitting on yourself and on the FF family.

Some of you had major breakthroughs in your mindset, meaning you look at yourself more positively, less judgementally, with more love.

Some of you had huge results in strength, performance, fat loss, decreases in pain, better movement, sleeping patterns and more.


Some of you have said this was the best year of your life and you are a changed person.

Others would say they had a horrible year and are quite down and discouraged. You experienced physical or mental health problems, loss of jobs, loss of loved ones, hard break-ups, challenges with kids or parents…it is reality and we thank you for being real with us.

No matter what the case, we are here. We’re here to celebrate with you and to provide a place that helps you go through the challenges you face in life that aren’t so glamourous.

No matter where you’re at now, we loved being a part of your life in 2015! Better Together!



We are a caring community of genuine people who want to meet you where you are so that we can live better together!

At Fukumoto Fitness, we strive to create a place where you experience dynamic coaching, efficient training, effective accountability, and feel safe yet challenged.

We are DIVERSE yet we are one FAMILY.

We are about RESULTS but are MORE than ‘just fitness’.

We CELEBRATE your story. We are about long-term PROGRESS, not perfection.

We are excited about your STRENGTH. We EMBRACE flaws.

It’s about what you CAN do today.

We are committed to being a HIGHLIGHT of your day.

We are committed to being a part of CHANGING YOUR LIFE.

We are better together!

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