Summertime is a great time. The weather is beautiful in Manitoba and there are many things we can look forward to for great adventures and social gatherings. Along with the good times often comes an attitude of relaxation and when it comes to health and fitness … ‘checking out’, people going ‘off the deep end’ in terms of nutrition, and many people wavering in their commitment to strength training and other forms of fitness.

We put out a call through an accountability challenge with very unique guidelines regarding:

  1. Training at Fukumoto FItness: getting to your sessions
  2. Bonus Reps Post-Session: improving fitness while already at the facility
  3. Nutrition: utilizing a “Junk Score” where people determined their own level of indulgences for the week.

Weight and BF% was taken pre and post challenge, guidelines were given, a tracking scorecard required to bring to gym was given, and an accountability group was set up on Facebook.

We are very excited to share some of the results with you through an in-depth survey we took after the challenge!

PS. This was the 2nd time this challenge was offered as we did the same challenge in June!

Some Measured Statistics:
  • Measurements done pre/post 38/45 = 84%
  • Survey done post-challenge 35/45 = 78%
  • 12/38 were new to challenge  and 3 out of the the top 4 achievers were first time challengers
  • Group bodyweight changed by 41.4lbs net lost (38 people) that’s an average of 1.1lbs lost
  • 57% of people got 160-195 points for workouts +extra reps (11-13 workouts+extra reps, 13 was the max countable)
  • Junk Nutrition Score: 57% of people were more than 60% successful (met GJS 3 out of 5 weeks or better)
Top 3 reasons Participants Joined:
  • accountability
  • weight loss
  • fat loss
followed closely by being part of a group and falling off the wagon
Most challenging aspect of the challenge: 
Nutrition (86%)
Top 3 reasons Nutrition part was most challenging:
  • people around me
  • not being well planned out
  • reducing consumption of treats (junk, alcohol, etc)

Hard time of the challenge:

  • 36% recovery week
  • 25% week 4 (week after recovery week)
  • 19% whole time
80.6% of people in survey (35) said positive physical changes
Reason for results:
  • lost weight and BF
  • better mindset, kinder to self, moving in better direction
Top reason for not getting results:
  • did not execute well
% of People Who Reported They Would Try Again: 100%
Participants were most proud of:
  • progress not perfection mindset shift
  • added home workouts
What would people do differently next round?
  • holidays, vacations were more challenging than expected
  • better tracking
  • plan better (for meals and workouts)

IMPORTANT POINT: While the overall results are quite different than in June people were less emotional about the weigh in at end. Most had a different focus of maintaining rather than going for max results and feel they can maintain this better. July seemed to be more challenging than June as a time of year for indulging situations as well.

Highlighting Some Top Results:
*these prizes based on % of physical change made relative to starting points
Men’s Winner: Eric S
Women’s Winner: Nicole L
*Free entry into next challenge, Biosteel Jar of Choice, TNF Bag (North Face)
1st Place Overall: Eric S (also gets box of GORP)  
2nd Place: Melanie S Shaker Bottle, 3 Pink Drink, 3 Gorp Bars, TNF Bag.
3rd Place: Yvonne V 2 Pink Packets, 2 Gorp Bars, TNF Bag.

2 Random Draws (included everyone who did pre and post measures & survey on time): Christal S & Jenn M (1pink drink packet, 1 TNF bag, 1 TNF buff)

Thank you for your effort and for your honesty in your surveys everyone.

This challenge gave YOU the power to decide for yourselves what was reasonable and to be honest to the process. Although uncomfortable, many of you embraced this. The point is not the 30 days, the points, the Junk Score, the weight loss … it is becoming aware of your behaviour, being honest, being kinder to yourself, and deciding what you’re willing to do (if anything) to take steps forward to be better. This is a long-term play folks … if you realized this congratulation! 
Look BIG PICTURE.  Look 1 year out. Perhaps now that you have had a little bit of progress you continue on with that. Maybe you have 6 months where you execute similar behaviours (assuming you made some progress) and you have 2 months that are really dialed in and 2 months not so great. Maybe you have 1 amazing month and 1 horrible one. In a year, you still come out a different person for the better … and that’s just 1 year of decent consistency. Then take that picture 5 years out….and beyond….see what we’re doing here?
Of note, if you are not kind to yourself, have expectations not based in truth or sustainable behaviour … you may still have some physical progress but be unhappy and unsatisfied so that is perhaps the complicated root of the whole shebang. Don’t fret as we can even overcome these things..we are seeing this every day here! 1% better is all you need for now!
Thank you also for those who actively contributed to the Facebook group which was reported to be a very good source of encouragement and motivation.
We’re proud of you no matter what happened, you hung in there! And its not over …

We are very excited to announce Andreina joining the Coaching Development Program at Fukumoto Fitness. Our goal is to work with her over the remainder of 2017 to prepare her to be one of the best coaches in Winnipeg. She has given you a very clear look into her her journey below and we thank her for her willingness to share part of her personal story.

Some Background


I was born in Venezuela, and raised in the city of Maracaibo, a city of 2 million people, where I enjoyed summer weather all-year-round for the first 22 years of my life.   When I was 11 years old my Mom signed me up for Rhythmic Gymnastics to let me burn off some energy.  A few months later my Phys-Ed Teacher encouraged me to enter in my school’s 1st ever Aerobics Marathon, which I did.  For 90 minutes; as I watched other participants slowly drop out due to exhaustion or getting eliminated, I discovered a brand new side of me that I never knew existed.  I was competitive and I did not want to quit.  In this competition, participants got a strike each time they were caught doing the moves too slow or not having the proper form…3 strikes and you were out! To my surprise, I was only one strike away from being eliminated when all of a sudden I realized I was the last one standing amongst approximately 400 students.  I went on to represent my school at 2 other events taking 2nd place in the city, and then 3rd in my age category respectively.  Rhythmic Gymnastics was going really well too, even taking 1st place at my first competition. I loved each one of those experiences but sports were not considered a priority in my country. By the time I was 14 I had quit all sports and was concentrating in school only.

At 22, I chose to come to Winnipeg, Canada, not because of its winters….really, nothing could have prepared me for -30 degrees in Winnipeg or the harsh -55 degrees I would experience a few years later in Thompson….but because of its beauty, diversity and welcoming culture. I had many ups and downs along the way and during that period I made a few attempts to start being active, but I lacked guidance, consistency, motivation and knowledge to set realistic goals.  I was struggling with the aftermath of being in a relationship for several years where I heard that I wasn’t good enough and as a result, became my own worst critic. On top of that, being perceived as “too skinny” for as long as I can remember, but knowing how much I loved food was very frustrating.  Trying to put weight on for me has never been as simple as “eating a sandwich”.  To my disappointment, weight increases show mostly in my belly area.  Looking in the mirror was never fun.  I was very self conscious and unhappy with my body image.  Some health issues eventually led to a hysterectomy at the age of 33.  I felt my body had failed me on so many levels.

My Transformation


When I joined Fukumoto Fitness in 2015, along with my husband, I couldn’t have possibly imagined all the good that was to come.  From the beginning, I loved working out surrounded by such amazing people in a positive environment, literally without mirrors, I was starting to get stronger and find that competitive side of me that I hadn’t seen since I was young.  In spite of that, I was still struggling with not having the exact body shape that I thought I wanted.  It wasn’t until I signed up for FF’s 12-month habit-based nutrition coaching program (via Precision Nutrition), when I finally let all my walls come down and I got to the bottom of my emotional struggles.  I was answering a questionnaire about how I “viewed myself and why”.  It became clear to me, that my attempts to fit into a mould since I was young had done nothing but create more insecurities and dissatisfaction.  Trying to have the curves that I wasn’t born with, was only one of the ways I was trying to fit in for so many years.  I was too hard on myself because I never felt I was good enough when comparing myself to others.  At that point, I decided to get extra help and take control of my mental and emotional wellbeing.  That’s when my real transformation started.


dsc_0667_720I am now living life more to the fullest than I ever have! I am no longer looking in the mirror to pick myself apart, I am eating to feel healthy, to have the energy I need for my workouts and to train for Spartan Races.  I have become more accepting of who I am, and I continue to replace old mental “tapes” with new ones that remind me how far I’ve come.  You may have seen me training at 6am MWF, OCR training, Flexible Steel, Warrior Fit, KB Club…really any of the activities FF has to offer! The confidence I have gained from those experiences has allowed me to move forward and look at life through a more positive lens.  I also realized that taking care of my physical, emotional and mental health is what allows me to function well and be a better person for those around me, both at home and at my full time job in the financial industry.

My Family

You may know my husband as Coach Keith at the gym, but to me, he has been my number one cheerleader, friend and life partner for the past 9 years.  I also have two beautiful step-children, Danika and Nicolas, and they have given me the incredibly rewarding experience of being in their lives and seeing them grow into young adults.  We have two dogs, Tango and Rocky, that also keep us busy.


My goals with Coaching

My hope is to inspire my FF clients to celebrate and enjoy the gifts they have by exploring, embracing and maximizing their full potential through good nutrition and physical activity in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

I’m confident I will combine my current life and professional experience with the FF development program to become another coach you trust and am very excited for this opportunity.

I cannot wait to help others experience the joy of finding the best version of themselves in the philosophy of “Progress Not Perfection”.

For more info on Andreina, check out her write-up on our website HERE under our Success Stories

Since 2012, Fukumoto Fitness has been helping raise money through exercise to send Romanian orphans to summer camp in a healthy, life-giving environment. Our gym community and their friends, family, co-workers and beyond have been making a real difference! Hundreds of orphans have been helped and about $40K has been raised along the way. Thank you for helping us with this!


This year we hope to add to that with your help and also introduce an excited new project!

How does the campaign work?

For our participating rockstar clients at Fukumoto Fitness, every dollar raised, they will do 1 burpee.  This could be 100 burpees ($100) or even 500 or 1000! They can do them in little spurts along the way and so it is a great challenge yet manageable.

What is the goal this year? $25,000 by May 31, 2016!

What does the money go to?

Part A: $15,000 to Send 100 Romanian Orphans toCamp Discovery and Mini-Camps ($150/Child) 
In the summer we run several weeks of program (including Camp Discovery, mini-camps and special day trips & activities) where kids can play, sing, learn, laugh, and create in ways that strengthen positive relationships and promote personal and spiritual growth.

Part B (NEW!): $10,000 for the ‘Family Farm’ Project 
We are presently in a “preparation stage” for this 10-year project. Our hope is to build a central location (near where most of our 300+ orphans are located in institutions and group homes). The purpose is to provide a  “family home”, where deeper impact, real world preparation, experiential learning, and intentional community can be experienced in a “structured” and loving environment.

If I donate, do I have to do burpees? No. Your friend does! If you’d like to please do…the more the merrier.


Is there a special event you’re hosting? Yes, Monday May 9th from 4pm-8pm at our gym we will have our clients who are participating come in and do burpees in teams.  This will help them pay their burpee debt and also create a great bonding experience as we help the kids! Please feel free to register to come watch or participate!

Do you have any more info from previous years? Yes.

2015 Burpees for Romania Summary

32,000 Burpees Done in 2 Weeks!

How do I donate? Click HERE to donate.

This link is also available on our home page (top right corner) and also at www.impactromania.com

Thanks again for considering helping the cause and making a difference!

Please call 204-282-9507 or email info@fukumotofitness.com if there are any further questions we can help with!


Way to go!

You and perhaps some of your friends/family have registered for Dirty Donkey (June 25), Spartan Race (July 14/15), or Mud Hero (July 23) this summer!

Fukumoto Fitness will be doing a weekly outdoor training session to get people more fit, have more confidence, and use our in-depth experience with these events to help you be as successful as possible! This is our 3rd year doing this program and we’re excited!



When: Tuesdays 530pm April 5-July 19 (16 total weeks: come to all OR pick and choose!)

What: Race Specific Training! (various sessions including climbing walls, carrying, crawling, some walk/jog/running and other skills needed to do your best!)

Where: 50 Burnett Ave (North Kildonan) out back in the ‘junkyard’ where we have obstacles built and challenges ready for you!

How to Register: FF Members Sign up on Mindbody Online for which weeks you want. If you are a visitor to FF, please call (204) 282-9507 or email info@fukumotofitness.com so we can get you set up!

Health Form/Waiver: If you are not a current member at FF, you need a Par-Q+/waiver liability form filled out and cleared PRIOR to showing up (and we’ll need to look over that so get on that ASAP!)

Download ParQ+ HERE


Cost: 10-Pack ($120), 5-Pack ($75), Drop-In ($18)

*multi-packs valid for this race season only (i.e. until July 19, 2016)

What to Bring: outdoor shoes, water, some form of gloves (i.e. work gloves of some kind)10606397_10153095115119535_5685056163522865634_n

A Few Questions/Answers!

Is it for everyone? We will have a wide range of fitness levels and just like our SGT program, everyone will need to choose a version of the exercises that is right for them (and listen to the coach) to make it as safe as possible.

What if I work out Tuesdays already? We have people who train in AM and then come in evening and have had others train before or after as well.  It will be a learning curve but if you’re up for trying you’ll just need to learn to modify your workouts and recovery. You could also switch a training session to another day.

Will we always be out back? Hopefully for most weeks.  However, another fantastic type of training is our infamous “Hill Training” where we’d meet at Kildonan East Collegiate and take you through some hill work. You can also do this on your own on weeks we don’t do it!


What if there is crazy lightning? We do have the option to use Training Room 1 inside in an emergency on most weeks.  If its raining a bit, we’ll likely still train outside because that is part of any race day potential! In an emergency, you need to make sure you had indoor training shoes (only ones you use inside).

If I don’t do any of this, will I be able to do my race? Yes. Its always about what you can do given your situation and if you just want to do your regular routine, please do! We created this a few years back because people wanted something a bit more specific and to get more ‘ins and outs’ of these races given our experience and success at these events.

Hope that gets you a bit excited and just know it normal to be nervous and think “Can I even do this?”. The answer is YES. If you are patient with yourself and treat the experience as what YOU CAN DO as opposed to what others are doing, you will likely feel very proud and confident about this adventure and perhaps catch the bug for more!

We’ve helped HUNDREDS of people get ready for these exact races just like you and are excited to help you this year!

Better Together! 11249637_10154053829474535_3780749337458623966_n-300x225

PS. If you aren’t joined to a team yet for an event and you’d like to be a part of ours make sure you contact our office team and we’d love to have you join us! We will likely have 100+ at Dirty Donkey as well as good groups at the other races too.

If you’d like to see our reflections from just a few of last year’s races, click the links below!

Dirty Donkey 2015

Spartan Race 2015

Sessions will be designed by Johnny Fukumoto, a 10x+ OCR Podium Racer, who has competed in events ranging from Dirty Donkey 5km to World’s Toughest Mudder 24Hr, and has worked with hundreds of beginner racers as well. He has previously qualified for the OCR World Championships where he hopes to compete in October 2016!

wallscaleTMtoronto barbwire

IMG_2976 cmyk gen

Andreina & Keith Holliday (with RBC)

Training Time: MWF6am

What we like about Fukumoto Fitness

We joined Fukumoto Fitness because we believe in maintaining a good health, family and work balance.  Fukumoto Fitness stood out from any other gyms or programs that we had joined in the past due to their unique approach starting with the FMS screening and orientation, followed by highly efficient-yet-fun workouts in a room filled with positive individuals trying to achieve similar goals.  Fukumoto Fitness gave us that “extra push” or motivation we needed to find time to dedicate to our own health.  Eventually, what started as a 1 hour/day, 3 times/week commitment, turned into a lifestyle change providing so many other benefits, not only physically, but also mentally.

About Us

Working as professionals in the financial wellness industry, with over 30 years of combined experience, Fukumoto Fitness was a natural fit to help us close the gap between Health and Wealth.   We recognize that the only constant in life is change, and that some key Life Events (such as retirement, job change, divorce, receiving an inheritance, selling a home or a business) can have a significant impact in anyone’s personal and financial picture.  Our role is to look at our clients’ unique personal and financial circumstances, and to provide solutions and strategiescustomized to their needs.  We take a holistic approach to uncover their goals and needs, and to provide advice in areas such as cash flow/net worth, income planning, tax and retirement planning, estate planning and debt management.

Charity Promotion

For every Fukumoto Fitness member referral that meets with us for a free, no obligation confidential 1 hour financial review by March 31/2016, we will donate $50 to Fukumoto Fitness Burpees for Romania Fundraising Campaign (yearly event sending Romanian orphans to summer camp) or a charity of your choice

If you have a family member of a friend that you think could benefit from our expertise, feel free to contact us at andreina.holliday@rbc.com or keith.holliday@rbc.com.

The Hollidays have been training with us for almost a year and are seriously committed to their health (and having fun too!). They both have completed our level 1 KB course, did Dirty Donkey 2015, and are registered for Fukumoto Fitness first ever Winter Games at the end of February!


Andreina and Keith doing some Burpees For Romania charity event last year…yes, he’s in his suit!



This month at FF (January) we’d like to feature some great people and a great business! These are hard-working, good people who train as clients at Fukumoto Fitness who also run great businesses in the community!

Business: Two Rivers Chiropractic Centre 

People: Kimberly & Myron Dalke

Website: www.tworiverschiropractic.com

088Why We Chose Fukumoto Fitness

We were looking for a place we could build on our health together that had safety as a top priority. Knowing Fukumoto Fitness used the Functional Movement Screen and re-assessed regularly was a key factor in attending an orientation. Once we met Jen & Johnny and saw how Fukumoto Fitness was a family of like minded people where individuals of all ages and abilities are encouraged to be their best we were eager to sign up. That was nearly 3 years ago and we continue to love how being a member has pushed us to try new challenges like obstacle and adventure racing, nutrition challenges and meal prep days all while having innovative, constantly changing, challenging and safe workouts.

Chiropractic Care Shaped Who We Are and How We Have Chosen to Create Our Lives

We are a husband and wife chiropractic team who own Two Rivers Chiropractic Centre in St. Vital. We attended Life West Chiropractic College in the San Francisco Bay area and then practiced in New Jersey for several years before returning to our hometown of Winnipeg in 2006 to open our practice & raise our two young boys.

Myron grew up very active, playing soccer & running track but always had nagging back and knee pain that interfered with training. “Then my high school sweetheart introduced me to her chiropractor and it was like a switch turned on! My pain went away; I could train and compete much stronger. I later married that woman (Dr. Kimberly) who gave me the great advice to get adjusted”.

Kimberly was guided towards a career in chiropractic from an early age. “I remember visiting my chiropractor at the age of 5 and being awestruck by the huge fish tank he had in his reception room. I loved getting adjusted knowing I would leave feeling great” As time went on, and the desire to help others live their healthiest life grew chiropractic became the natural choice for a career.

We firmly believe that we are in partnership with each and every patient on their journey towards health. As chiropractors, we offer a different way of thinking about life, health and healing.

Dr. Kimberly has a special passion, background & training in prenatal chiropractic care, often working in conjunction with midwives and LDRP nurses as well the care of infants and children. Dr. Myron has a keen interest in helping those like him to overcome injury, whether from a workplace, sporting or life event injury or accident to recover so as to be able to live life fully.


We both enjoy adventure & obstacle racing, trying a meal at one of the many amazing restaurants Winnipeg has to offer & spending quality time with our boys at local treasures like FortWhyte & the Assiniboine Zoo.

Special Promotion “$50 to CRF”: Jan 7-July 31, 2016

We are very blessed to be able to have our good health, the ability to move and exercise not only at Fukumoto Fitness, but through our daily lives. We would like to support the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation in honour of our Godson who lives with cerebral palsy and has overcome so many challenges with a joyful heart. For every new patient from the Fukumoto Fitness Family or referred by a member (from now until July 31st 2016) we will donate $50 towards the Foundation. The Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation is a Manitoba charity, dedicated to helping children with disabilities and special needs be as independent as possible. They are the fund raising arm for the Rehabilitation Centre for Children (RCC). The Centre is an outpatient facility providing rehabilitation services and specialized health clinics for children and youth who live with life-long conditions. Their vision is for all children to have the support required to realize their abilities. To learn more about this organization visit: www.crf.mb.ca . To learn more about our practice or contact us visit: www.tworiverschiopractic.com

The Dalke’s have been committed to the FF community for about 3 years now! They participated in Swamp and Dirty Donkey teams and Myron did some rehab after a soccer injury with us in our PT program. We’re happy to feature them today!



Adrenaline Abs 6.0: The Method

At Fukumoto Fitness, we like to show you WHY we’re doing something as more and more of you become interested in how your body works and how we can use this information to get results and have more fun!

If you don’t understand it all, that’s ok! We just want to give you an idea of what to expect if you are interested.

ADRENALINE ABS 6.0 (This is the 6th year of evolution of this program!)


IMG_8018What is adrenaline? Adrenaline is a specific hormone that belongs in the general category of hormones called catecholamines.

Catecholamines are basically your “fight or flight” hormones that get released into your blood stream in response to large stressors like being chased by clowns, bungee jumping, walking into the MTS Centre with a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey on instead of a Winnipeg Jets jersey (cough cough), or during very intense exercise or activities.

In a study lead by Australian researcher, Steven Boutcher at the University of South Wales in 2007, it was discovered that short, max-intensity intervals resulted in greater fat loss than long, slow, boring cardio.

The study basically took a pool of 45 obese women and broke them into two separate groups with distinct exercise protocols.

One group performed three short 20-minute high-intensity interval training workouts per week consisting of an 8 second maximum effort and 12 second active

recovery interval protocol. The other group performed three 40-minute steady-state aerobic workouts per week.

There was also no change in diet for either group so exercise was the only variable in the study. (However FF members know we can’t ignore nutrition if we want certain progress!)

After 15 weeks researchers discovered that even though the aerobic group exercised for twice as long as the interval group, the interval group lost more body fat, specifically in the areas of the belly, hips, and thighs.

Boutcher concluded that this increased fat loss was due to a larger release of catecholamines with the interval group.

“The group which did around eight seconds of sprinting on a bike, followed by 12 seconds of exercising lightly for twenty minutes, lost three times as much fat as other women, who exercised at a continuous, regular pace for 40 minutes,” said Boutcher.

“Intermittent sprinting produces high levels of chemical compounds called catecholamines, which allow more fat to be burned from under the skin and within the exercising muscles. The resulting increase in fat oxidation drives the greater weight loss.”

Though these studies use a bike as the exercise mode, we prefer to use total body exercises due to our our desire to give you more time improving how move your entire body in space.

Classic total body exercise examples include squat to presses, ulimate sandbag (USB) cleans, med ball slams, battling ropes, burpees, KB swings, marching or sprinting etc.

Even if your main goal is to get stronger and get leaner muscle, that will also happenthrough this program.  Your muscular endurance will be put to the test and given the finishers at the end, you will be sure to feel it!

Remember to pick the level that is right for you and to listen to your coach who will suggest the appropriate exercise.

Part 1 Summary:  Short intense total body movements = Good.   Short rest periods = Good.   Results = decrease fat, increase fit!


IMG_8381Core stability is a critical component of any sound training plan. Those in our fitness family KNOW that doing crunches and sit-ups will not only NOT help you get flat abs (spot reduction hasn’t been proven to work) but WILL likely cause you some serious back and/or neck pain at some point down the line if it doesn’t already.

All crunches and sit-ups do is work your superficial ab muscles (the 6-pack muscles, a.k.a. rectus abdominis) and promote excessive flexion of the lumbar spine which can result in spinal injury like bulging or herniated discs (or exacerbate existing conditions).  Plus, crunches and sit-ups don’t train your deep abdominal stabilizers which are critical to helping you maintain a neutral pelvic and spinal position for optimal health and performance.

Side Note: Although many of us would take some ‘nice-looking abs’ if given a choice, we also recognize there are MANY other valued aspects to our fitness, health, and life other than the ‘washboard’ look (please consult your coach if you have more questions about this as nutrition, genetics, life priorities, and things like air-brushing and dehydration will potentially contribute to this result). You may also want to read this article here “The Cost of Getting Lean” by Precision Nutrition.

The 21st century approach to core training emphasizes stabilization in all 3 planes of movement: sagittal plane (front to back and up and down), frontal plane (side to side), and transverse plane (rotational).

More specifically, the true goal of proper core training is to teach anti-flexion, anti-extension, and anti-rotation through various static and dynamic core stability exercises like front, side, and back planks/pillar variations, hip extensions variations, tight rotations, etc. (all of which we will do this month!)

Why 10 seconds for the core stability holds? Well, it’s simple- it’s about QUALITY over QUANTITY.

When most people perform core stability holds for 30-60+ seconds they tend to spend a majority of the time in compensated positions due to fatigue which really prevents the trainee from getting the maximum benefit from performing the exercise.

However, if we shift the focus on maximum activation and contraction with short, focused 10-second holds we get more bang for our back. And by alternating between a total body exercise and core stability exercise we best mitigate cumulative fatigue and prevent big losses in form and technique.

In other words, which option outlined below sounds like it has a greater benefit:

Perform a single low intensity, wobbly, ugly front plank for minutes on end OR perform many sets of maximum effort 10-second front plank holds with perfect form and technique for the same total time-under-tension (TUT)?

If you chose the latter then you are indeed correct. If it’s the same total volume (or TUT) there will be greater muscle recruitment with the submaximal repeat set format and thus a better overall training effect.

In fact, it’s quite similar in concept to why the short intervals provided better results than the longer intervals in the aforementioned study even though both groups spent the same total amount of time working out. Shorter sets allow for maximum intensity and maximum intensity delivers maximum results.

There are exceptions to this concept (as high level athletes need to train their core to function optimally for more than 10s but note not at max contraction) but for the general population this can lead to great results! More research is always helpful.

But Hey! In workouts B and C, don’t we do more than 10s of core stability ‘holds’?

What’s up with that?

Here are 3 reasons:

1.  To give you an opportunity to have some undulation (change) within the month to elicit some different results.

2.  To allow you more time between exercises to get to stations which allow for more “set-up”.

3.  You can always ‘re-set’ yourself in the midst of a round and start again, meaning if you’re fatigued then you can modify to a stronger position (something you are holding better) or can stop take a few moments and start up again. This is a great habit to get into anyways even if you don’t feel fatigued!

Now that you’re away of this concept, hopefully you’re likely to make better choices!

Part 2 Summary: Hold it hard, hold it in good form, hold it short = very effective core training!

What About Our Strength?


One major difference this year is that we’ve decided to keep a good emphasis on strength development, maintenance, and muscle memory during this phase! We really want you all to have as many times to practice your strength as possible this year.

Workout A starts out with a strength portion, Workout B requires 30s of strength work each round, and Workout C we have supersets counting reps at ‘strength’ numbers too!

Final Note: Since we are doing some higher intensity training this phase, make absolutely sure to get in a solid pre-workout routine (10+ minutes pre-warmup) to get you properly ready and also really engage in proper diaphragmatic breathing to calm down your nervous system post-workout.  Calming down is just as important. Most of us do not even seem to get 1 minute of slowing down our lives each day which is horrible for our short and long-term health.  We don’t want to add to that problem at FF!

This month at FF (December) we’d like to feature some great people and a great business! These are hard-working, good people who train as clients at Fukumoto Fitness who also run great businesses in the community!

Business: Unruh Real Estate (with Century 21 Bachman)

People: David & Chris Unruh (realtors) and Susan Unruh (office)

Website: www.unruhrealestate.ca


What we like about Fukumoto Fitness: We like working out with others in a team environment and being part of a great like-minded community. We enjoy that the training changes each month and that there are many modifications to help us reach new goals. The positive and knowledgeable coaching staff is something we really appreciate.

About Us: We recognize that when someone is buying or selling a home there can be a lot more going on behind the scenes. There are positive times such as when young couple or newer Canadians buy their first home. There can be stressful times when families are outgrowing their house or downsizing from the family home. Finally, there are difficult times involving financial pressures, divorce or death. We provide a voice of reason that people can trust while making on the largest financial decisions of their lives. Our 25+ years of successful real estate experience combined with our skills and expertise will help you navigate an ever changing real estate market no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Special Promotion “$500 to Charity”: December 1/15-June 1/16

If you or someone you refer to us, buys or sells a house or condo, we will donate $500 to Fukumoto Fitness charity “Impact Romania” via the Burpees For Romania challenge (which is an annual drive to send Romanian orphans to an enjoyable summer camp experience). This could also be a charity of your choice. If you have a family member, friend or colleague with real estate needs, refer them to us and help make a difference! Visit our website at www.unruhrealestate.ca and contact us for more details.

The Unruh’s train both smart and hard at Fukumoto Fitness! They’ve all worked in our Personal Training program as well as our Smart Group Training program for a few years. All 3 of them have taken our level 1 or 2 kettlebell course, have great attendance, and bring a great energy and work ethic to the room. They’ve done a few thousand “burpees for Romania” and hosted our 2015 FF Winter Potluck. Susan joined us for Dirty Donkey this year (photo below).  We’re happy to feature them today!




This was one of the most fun events we’ve ever had!


101 Participants (our most ever), not including 9 staff volunteers helped make this one amazing morning!


Collectively, we raised  $2,246 for Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba (ADAM) which will go to the development of programs that are given for free to those in the community who need group support/resources but also 1-on-1 advising on dealing with anxiety.


Thank you Janelle for speaking to us on the subject and Sangeetha and Van for representing A.D.A.M as well.


Special Thanks to the brave new people who came out that day: Brent, Troy, Candace, Regan, Stephen, Spencer, Tammy, Owen, Travis, Megan, Chelsea, Van, Carla, Allyson, Jennifer, Jessie, Michelle, Jody, Dana, Rory, Angele, Heather, Kayla, Katherine, Rhys, Colleen, Ryan, Kristin, Danielle, Janelle, Tammy, Sarah

*for coming out FF donated $5 each extra on your behalf

Thank you also to: the amazing FF clients as a whole, FFPumpkin-42the new people who came for the first time, GORP Clean Energy Bar team, Buys Home Farm and Niverville Homegrown Farm for the pumpkins, Virgin Radio, CBC, CJOB, Global, and The Herald for promoting the event.


FF is super excited to welcome Megan Kamei, long-time client who has made steady changes in her own life over the last few years, to our team as our Jump Start Co-ordinator.  Here are a few words from her!

My Journey with Fukumoto Fitness began four years ago when I signed up through a Groupon offer. I still remember how intimidated I was when Johnny phoned me to get me signed up for orientation. What was this place and how was someone like me going to fit in with a bunch a fit, healthy, weight lifting enthusiasts? I was scared of what I was getting myself into but was desperate for a change. I had no idea then how important this place and this group of people would become to me.


Fitness and a healthy lifestyle have become a passion of mine and when I look back to the intimidated woman I was four years ago I hardly recognize her. Since being with Fukumoto Fitness I have done Dirty Donkey, Colour Me Rad and several triathlons. I never would have dreamed this would be something that I would accomplish in my life but the confidence I gained at Fukumoto Fitness and the encouragement from my fellow fit fam has changed what I thought was possible. IMG_7652-e1436367257790-225x300

I am super excited to be joining the staff at Fukumoto Fitness as the Jump Start Coordinator. I’m the lucky one that gets to talk to those individuals who are curious about Fukumoto Fitness and want to join our program. I can’t think of a better fit for me. I have benefited so much from being a part of this family and now I get to encourage and welcome others to join us and experience those same positive changes. I have a soft spot in my heart for those who are struggling and need a helping hand to get them to a better place in their life as I that was me four years ago. I’m very thankful to Fukumoto Fitness for helping me make my way from someone who needed a hand up to someone who offers a helping hand.

Currently I train at MWF10am usually so say hi if you see me! I’ve been married to my husband Areimei for 7 years, and we have a  2 year old son, Aadon.



To see more about my journey, check out my Wall of Fame information HERE (which will be updated in the next few months as this is about 2 years old and so much has happened!) or check out how I overcame my fear of water and ‘got off the sidelines’ HERE.

We are a caring community of genuine people who want to meet you where you are so that we can live better together!

At Fukumoto Fitness, we strive to create a place where you experience dynamic coaching, efficient training, effective accountability, and feel safe yet challenged.

We are DIVERSE yet we are one FAMILY.

We are about RESULTS but are MORE than ‘just fitness’.

We CELEBRATE your story. We are about long-term PROGRESS, not perfection.

We are excited about your STRENGTH. We EMBRACE flaws.

It’s about what you CAN do today.

We are committed to being a HIGHLIGHT of your day.

We are committed to being a part of CHANGING YOUR LIFE.

We are better together!

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