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Congratulations on completing your Undulation program for Fukumoto Fitness Phase 4 2012! Below is the new hot single just released by the MC Fuku-Metabolic feat. Jen-Jen (possibly her last video appearance ever due to rumours of retirement) Lyrics below!

Clap your hands everybody, if you got what it takes

We change it up at Fukumoto Fitness.  We like to undulate!

Day 1

If you don’t know me by now I doubt you’ll ever know me.

I never pull a hammy.  I love the foam rolling.

But I’m not the only one keepin’ it real. When I look round the warehouse, ya’ll be rolling too!

Check the workout today, crushing 30/30s! strength is the focus, getting down and dirty

I love to see the ladies increasing the resistance. They aint getting bulky, they just goin’ the distance

Iso explosive pushups on toes or kneeling.  Hold for 4 seconds then erupt to the ceiling!

Single leg strength with the rear foot elevation.  Add a band to Bulgarian booty preparation


We never forget the posterior chain.  With the body rocking TRX “W” raise!

Which class was the hardest? We took a vote! Mondays on the ballot, check those renegade rows!

Less repetitions but full attendance. Results are magnificent with time under tension!

Get to bed early every Sunday night. So you can stand a chance in the Monday fight!

Day 2 

Now the next class was no walk in the park. But at least the 6am wasn’t stuck in the dark

5 stations, 4 rounds, 3 planes of motion, 2 guns for arms, 1 team with focus!

Wednesdays we all became heros.  Number of excuses : ZERO!

50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest.  No time for water, baby, just time for breath!

The running lunge was real hard to master. Coordination at times close to disaster

Are you sweating or crying, need a hug? Yes please! Right after my overhead shrug.

Pushups with a twist from Cirque du Soleil. And performing side plank in a whole different way

Endurance improved and came to fruition.  You felt fantastic with proper nutrition!

Day 3

Now we come to the last day of the week. We’re all hitting our stride, we’re all hitting our peak.

Today is all about short and sweet. 20 crazy seconds, can you feel the heat?

Single leg squats warm up the hinyDig in those heels, now don’t get whiny.

Med ball chops come across the hip. Hold on tight now don’t lose that grip

Battle with them ropes doing 4 full sets. Screaming out loud like its for the Winnipeg Jets

Fridays always seem to go real fast. Wake up on the weekend, it kicked yo ass!

Ask yourself “Did we change it up?” We did some undulation now give it up!

What’s coming next, we’ll never know but we’re gonna bring it every day that’s fo sho!


Verse 4 (Nutrition)

Our nutrition challenge went 4 weeks. Trying to have days that were sugar free

Cutting out those drinks that make us fat. That means alcohol! Man what up with dat?  

Protein, produce, H20.  I’m still hungry.  Eat a vegetabo!

This challenge is over but don’t forget. This is a way of life, it ain’t over yet

We welcomed a bunch of new people this phase. Here is the short list given to you name by name: Deb, Thomas, Rui, Sam and Melissa, Henry, Geoff, Lorraine, and Felicia

Get on with recovery, all about quality. A narrow-mind thinks its just about calories

Dial in your meals and set new goals. Getting’ better every day, that’s how we roll!

Thanks for your efforts this month people!

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Here is the new hot single coming straight outta Fukumoto Fitness! “Tabata Revolution” (Doc Tabata aka J Fukes feat. Jen-Jen on Keys).  Full lyrics below!


T-A-B-A-T-A  (you know what it is) (It’s a REVOLUTION) x2

Verse 1

April 4 you show up with problems. We here for you man, we help you solve em!

What do we do? Offer solutions. My secret weapon: Tabata Revolution

10/20s for power on Mondays. Double finishers ensured they be fun days

For strength we had 15/15s. Work to rest ratio, you know what I mean?

Stepped up BIG TIME in the midweek. My warriors rocked 8 rounds of burpees

Workout 3 took place on Friday. Prepping for the weekend, its “Do or Die” Day

20 seconds hard and 10 seconds rest, you’re in fitness school, you aced that test!

Show up, Work hard, high fives and cheers! Grunts and Groans, music to my ears!


Verse 2

Undulating workouts had quite a kick. Side plank leg swings, was that a trick?

Pushups and Jumps of the vertical kind. One legged hops right over the line!

Less fat and flab, more muscle defined. If you have concerns, we can modify

Straighten up nice put your hands in the air. Member of the month: Nadine St. Hilaire!

Missed you all when I went to Kentucky. What a great group, how’d I get so lucky?

You pumped it up on Easter Weekend. Gettin’ down like a dog with a fire hydrant.

Best results came with a healthy diet. That’s no secret, no need to keep it quiet.

12 great days down, ya want some more? Doc Tabata had it right back in ‘94!


Verse 3

Sooner than later come be fit with us. Extreme Body Makeover, Move that BUS!

Time to get ready for Thunder & Lightning. Bring the positivity cuz it’s the right thing

Every day you give your all is victory, People hating on you gotta deal with me!

Time to do my pushups so I gotta go, Fukumoto Fitness has got the flow!


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Proud of Ya!

Congratulations on completing your Mission: Metabolism program for Fukumoto Fitness February 2011! Below is the new hot single just released by the Da Metaboliza aka J Fukes feat. TK, Jodacious, and the CMU Singers (Carissa and Julia) Lyrics below!

You want to tell me what this is all about? (Jodacious) Check it, its Mission: Metabolism….sucka! (TK)

Verse 1

As I squat through the range of motion that I can, I put the weight in my heels and I set my hips back

Cause I’ve been hurtin’ and hunchin’ so long that even my Facebook friends thought something was wrong

But I ain’t never missed a show of the Biggest Loser. Me? I played Wii, real exercise was unheard of

I better watch where I’m walking, and stop this talking. Or I’ll lose my balance, roll my ankle, and fall

I really hate to trip, but my balance sucks. Sometimes I cry, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” Foo

I’m the kinda G that may need an EKG Oh my knees are so weak, I need to take another seat

Been spending most our lives living in the Unfit Paradigm x2

Keep spending most our lives living in the Unfit Paradigm x2

Verse 2

But now I joined this Mission: Metabolism. I can’t live a normal life, I am going to be fit!

So I gotta get to camp 3 times a week. Too much television watchin’ got me really weak

I’m doing 30 seconds hard/15 seconds rest. Got my water bottle close so I transition best.

Doing lateral pushups and tight rotations. And my fellow campers do it too, within their limitations

When I do long jumps, my heart goes yay! I’m working high intensity, what can I say?

I’m 33 now, but will I be fit at 64? My mission’s never over that’s fa sho!

Tell me why are we, so blind to see

That the ones we hurt, are you and me

Been spending most our lives living in the Unfit Paradigm

Now spending most our lives living in the Bootcamp Paradise

Been spending most our lives living in the Unfit Paradigm

Keep spending most our lives living in the Bootcamp Paradise

Verse 3

Power with the skipping, skipping with the power. Total body working, round after round!

Everybody’s moving, Mobility improving. Be healthy in the kitchen, know what it is you’re cookin’.

You all have to learn, Ty and Jodi here to teach you, If you ask the questions, will Johnny reach you?

I guess they can; I guess he will I guess there’s hope; that how’s I know my body’s getting fit, foo!

Now spending most our lives living in the Bootcamp Paradise x2

Keep spending most our lives living in the Bootcamp Paradise x2

Tell me why are we, so blind to see

That the ones we hurt, are you and me (x2)

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Congratulations on completing your Adrenaline Abs program for Fukumoto Fitness January 2011! Below is the new hot single just released by the dynamic duo of Abolous and TK for your viewing pleasure.  Lyrics below!


CHORUS Yo, push up man! Ain’t gotta ask it You did em all now, 12 of my classes

We tried to test you, for your effort bless you! Day between to rest you, but I’m a let you know..

Girl, you be fitter now, You be fitter now, Boy you be fitter now, You be fitter now

Girl you be fitter now, You be fitter now, Boy you be fitter now


Maybe your first time, in a boot camp.  You think might die, or get a foot cramp

You here for GROUPON or resolutions.  Not to be pooped on but for solutions

You sign the Par-Q, you need a witness . Don’t mess around at Fukumoto Fitness!

A little shaky, a little nervous…but we can sit down, and talk you through it

Deep relations, not on the surface.  That is the key to customer service

Starting the warmup, squat to stand up, not too quick now, don’t want to throw up!

Now you’re moving at your own pace.  Level 1,2,3, but its no race

2 minute finisher, and you hear cries.  You hear the man say:  SURPRISE!



You did the workouts, 3 x a week.  You mountain climbed son, and you at the peak!

Running on the spot, planking on the floor, awkward skater jumps, but you want some more

Squatting right now, feel it in the heels.  Unending burpees, how does it feel?

Total body moves, then core stability.  That’s how we do here, now take it to the streets!

Come back to Bronx Park, or the gymnastics, With Ty and Johnny, fan-freakin-tastic!

Hope you can get in to the next slot, there’s a waiting list, cuz its so hot!

But if you miss it, and you have to wait, workout at home girl, use your bodyweight!

Its not over, story’s just beginning, first chapter summarized: Abs Adrenaline


slow emotional talking segment

And you just came from a high so, Don’t go back to a new low

Keep it up and you never know, You might fit into some new clothes

Or you can model that new role, For your kids, and those who need it most

Peace out from J Fukumoto, TK, OHH!


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