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I received this email from dietician, strength coach, and wellness expert, Dr. John Berardi recently and thought I’d share it with you for a fresh perspective on tackling the new year living in reality. Enjoy!

As you can imagine, it’s been a crazy, awesome, stressful, and
magical few weeks here at the Berardi house.

Kids and toys everywhere. In-law invasions. And get this: My 4-
year-old daughter and I found reindeer tracks in the back yard on
Christmas morning! ūüôā

Amid all this craziness — in fact,¬†*because*¬†of this craziness
— my wife and I decided to break tradition and actually make New
Year’s Resolutions this year.

I know, I know…

This is the part where cynics remind us that New Year’s
Resolutions are ineffective and clich√©d. It’s hard to disagree.

Stats on New Year’s Resolutions — especially fitness ones — are
abysmal. Packed gyms on January 2 are ghost towns on March 2.

I thought about this the other day while driving home from a
family function (and while trying to keep Kid #1 from punching
Kid #2).

One phrase kept popping up in my mind:

“Fitness in the context of a real human life…”


* All 3 of your kids are sick (at the same time)…

* Your mother-in-law is in the hospital after a heart attack (and
you’re visiting daily)…

* It’s Christmas ‚ÄĒ or Thanksgiving or Passover or Diwali or Eid

* Because of the holiday, you’ve got a tight deadline at work…

* When you’re stressed your lower back acts up…

…and just as you’re about to head out for the 30-minute workout
you’ve been looking forward to…your dog drops a diarrhea poop
on the living room carpet.

THAT, my friends, is fitness in the context of a real human life.

Is it any wonder most fitness resolutions fail?

If you think about it, most health and fitness plans live OUTSIDE
the context of a real life:

“Here’s a 30-day detox diet to follow… and a new hardcore
workout DVD…”

“Why not do a fitness competition in April… and a triathlon in

“It’s time to go all-in… it’s the only way to win!”

Except that it’s not.

In my experience, this kind of all-or-nothing thinking rarely
gets us all. It usually gets us *nothing*.

Because that diet plan, or workout DVD, or one-size-fits-all
training program you pulled from Triathlon magazine was never
built to accommodate sick kids or open heart surgery or your co-
worker’s 2-week vacation.

And when the insane idea that you have to do all things*perfectly*
takes hold, it’s pretty damn hard to shake that feeling loose.

Sure, we can play make-believe. We can imagine a life where
everything is peaceful, calm, and totally in our control all
the time. But that’s a sure-fire recipe for fitness failure.

Real human lives are messy and complicated. They’re

When we learn to accept this they can also be dynamic and
exciting. They can push us to grow.

That’s why — with 3 children, aging parents, active social
lives, and thriving businesses — my wife and I really did make
New Year’s Resolutions this year.

As we always do, we plan on continuing to prioritize our health,
build strength and fitness, and maybe even maintain our abs.

But 2015 is our year to do it flexibly — and honestly — in the
context of *our* real human lives.

Our children will be fevered, snotty, and barfy. Our time will be
limited. And we’ll miss last call at the gym because of doggie

This year we’ll plan for all that in advance.

After we’ve cleaned up the poo and sprayed the Febreeze, we might
work out in that same living room. With no weights or machines
maybe we’ll jump around like maniacs so we can move our bodies
while keeping an eye on the kids.

Or maybe we’ll be stuck eating nasty hospital food. If so, we’ll
make the best choice we can within the spectrum of choices. And
then do push-ups and air squats in the cafeteria, or walk laps
around the cardiac ICU.

And on those rare days we’re not dealing with emergencies? Maybe
we’ll soothe our control-freak souls with the Perfect Workout. Or
all-day Clean Eating.

Even though neither is actually required.

Every single person I’ve seen achieve health and fitness in the
long run accomplishes it by simply showing up every day, not by
trying to “get it right”.

In the end, I have no clue what real life will bring us in 2015.

But we’re committed to doing the best we can, when we can, with
whatever we’ve got. Day in and day out.

I hope you are too.

Because, with 2015 just around the corner, it’s an interesting
time to make (or renew) your commitment to health and fitness.

Why not do that while considering the context of *your own*unique,
interesting, and challenging life?

Happy New Year,

-JB and the rest of the PN family

PS: This stuff only took me 20 years, 3 children, and untold
stress to figure out. So if you‚Äôre still working on it, that’s
okay. Normal, even. If you’re here, reading this, it probably
means you’re on the right track.


What a great time of year! The great weather (nice crisp days and no snow yet!), hockey starting to take over the town, and all of you making great changes!

We just wanted to take a moment at FF and list 10 things we’re thankful for (tis the season!). ¬†If we don’t reflect and see where we’ve come from and what we can be thankful for (even amidst crazy family gatherings and sometimes a lot of stress) than we will miss out on some good stuff!

1.  The Ability to Train, and Train Well.

We all have had different histories with our bodies.  Some of us have been injured, have been born with different conditions, while others have dealt with other challenges in their adult life.  However, we can still train! What an amazing thing to have the knowledge and resources to still find something that can still make us stronger, give us hope, and inspire others.

2.  Access to High Quality Food

Whether we choose to eat it regularly or not, being able to go to a grocery store or farm and fill up our basket with veggies and fruit, meat and fish, and drink clean water, puts us in a very small percentage on this earth.  This is something to treasure.  Perhaps thinking about it this way will encourage us to put things into our bodies that can help give us life and be good stewards of the things around us.

3.  The Warehouse РA Safe Place to Call Home

Although it doesn’t look like much from the outside, this industrial space means a lot to us. ¬†A place to work hard, to work smart, to ‘get better together’, to laugh, to exist without judgement, to see old friends and make new ones. ¬†There was a time when we didn’t have a place like this, and we are thankful for it.

4. ¬†The “Family” – Our Community.

That means you.  We value your story.  We enjoy getting to know your goals, helping you overcome your obstacles, and being involved in meaningful experiences with you (whether it be helping a member in need, raising tons of money for local or international worthy causes, sharing a meal with each other, or tearing up a mud race!).  If we are going to be successful (i.e. live continual healthy lives) we will need each other through good and bad times in our lives.  We really care about you crazy people!

5. ¬†The “Grinding” – Your Unbelievable Effort in the Workouts.

We’ve been all over Canada, the US, to many gyms and facilities. ¬†We can honestly say that the effort most of you put into your training is phenomenal. ¬†You elevate each other each month of the year to achieve new and exciting things. ¬†We love your sweat, grunts, lack of makeup, high fives…just being YOU. ¬†Thank you.

6.  Your Trust In Us РAs We Raise Standards, Push Boundaries, Lead the City

Every few weeks, we introduce something new…often something strange or unheard of because we have studied, seen results, and want what’s best for you. ¬†Thank you for trusting us and trying things out even if its uncomfortable for you at first. ¬†Don’t know what we mean? Well, since you started, here are a few things that you’ve probably never done before: foam rolling, corrective exercise, intentional breathing, recovery yoga, safety bracelet system, nutrition challenges, sharing your story on the Wall of Fame, Elevation Board or Book of Better.

Some of you have had to trust us that you are going to be ok when we ask you to do MORE.  While others of you have had to trust us when we ask you to do LESS (probably even harder to do!).  Thank you for trusting us.  Winnipeg is starting to recognize us as a legitimate industry leader and we thank you for buying in to our philosophy.

7.  The Referrals РAdding to Our Family!

We are very blessed that you’ve been talking about us with your friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers! This has shown us you care about others and want them to have a chance at the experience, the results, the life-change that you are having. ¬†Thank you for sending us really great people who can give energy and inspiration to the team. ¬†Fukumoto Fitness is not for everyone but those who are here for the long haul, are very special and it is impossible to measure the positive impact on everyone that you’ve had.

8.  Your Thankfulness РEmails, Texts, Words.

You can’t imagine how many times we have felt we are stuck or we aren’t having a good day as coaches and we’ve been encouraged by you as members. ¬†Things you’ve said, emails you sent letting us know you care, are thankful, really do make a difference. ¬†Thank you so much. ¬†These have often been the highlight of our day or week. ¬†They keep us going!

9.  The Acceptance of Imperfection

This is not only acceptable, but required if you are to feel good about yourself and going to make progress long-term. ¬†If you miss a workout once in awhile, that’s ok. ¬†If you eat some junk on occasion, that’s ok. ¬†You have to choose your battles in this life and know that you can start over any day and we’re ready to have you back! None of us are perfect and that’s great. ¬†But we are getting better so we have to have grace for ourselves from time to time!

10.  The Staff Team: Special Thank You From Johnny to Rest of Staff

Fukumoto Fitness would NOT SURVIVE without its team of dedicated staff. ¬†The amount of work that happens with these people is insane and they go the extra mile time and time again. ¬†They really care about you guys. ¬†I am so thankful for the care that Coaches Barbara, Craig, Dana give. ¬†They constantly meet to get better, think about you for many hours long after you’ve left the building, and love to celebrate your victories and try to figure out how to help you get back on your feet when you’ve had a rough day. ¬†Jethro is an unbelievable teacher and brings joy and passion every Saturday to Warrior Fit. ¬†Tiffany is such a loving person has come alongside us with yoga that helps calm the soul and strengthen the body to offset our crazy pace we often set. ¬†Jen is always trying to answer hundreds of emails a week and take care of you and she works another full time job! I am thankful for each one of them, without them, we could not be where we are today. ¬†Thank you team.


Where I’ve Come From…

Where I Am Now!


Working as a coach at Fukumoto Fitness you get asked a lot of questions about your own health and fitness. Everything from, ‚Äúhave you always been this fit?‚ÄĚ to ‚Äúhow much do you weigh?‚ÄĚ is thrown at you. While I may be a little surprised by the range of questions I get about myself, I sincerely welcome all of them. Just as we expect you to share your success and results, it seems only fair game that I should do the same. So get ready for it. The person you see up at the front telling you to get your butt down wasn‚Äôt always this committed to living healthy ‚Äď I have been everywhere from an athlete looking for a college scholarship, to the fat girl you wouldn‚Äôt recognize. This is my journey‚Ķ

Young, Healthy and in Pain

As a kid and teenager I was super active. Sports and outdoor activities were a normal part of life for me, but so was chronic back pain. After trying some different forms of therapy I ended up in the weight room at the age of 13. While my goal was originally to build strength in my lanky pre-teen body it eventually evolved into a passion. As I hit my teens I started training specifically with the goal of playing university basketball.

At the time, like most awkward teenage girls, I wasn‚Äôt the most confident in my body. I often felt large or bulky compared to other girls my age. However, all that would fade away when I stepped on the court. In reality I was strong, fast and lean!… I just didn‚Äôt see it.

Swedish Meatballs

After highschool I moved to the land of IKEA and innebandy to attend a nine-month program in southern Sweden. While it was a ton of fun and an awesome experience, my health took a serious turn for the worst. Over the course of my time there I stopped exercising almost completely and had the worst nutrition of my life. Besides putting on the pounds, I had difficulty sleeping (I was drinking 5 cups of coffee a day just to stay awake!), and felt like I had lost a part of who I was. I had gone from All-Star athlete to sad fat girl in about a year. My wake up call was in the spring of 2008 when I stepped on the scale. I knew I had ‚Äėput a few pounds on‚Äô but I was blown away when the scale showed that I had gained 34 pounds in 8 months.

Slow Comeback

I’d like to say that at that exact moment I threw away my bad eating habits and starting exercising like a mad-women, but instead I felt sorry for myself and ate a chocolate bar.

Even when I returned home to Canada and was able to make my own food choices and have access to a gym I still struggled to lose the fat, change my eating habits, and believe that I could get back to what I was, and wanted to be.

However, for several years I made small steady gains. The hardest part was that for the first year (or longer perhaps) I still felt like my body didn‚Äôt match who I thought I was on the inside. I‚Äôm a pretty loud and bold person ‚Äď but the weight made me feel insecure and fearful.

Changing the Cycle

In addition to my physical struggles, there were many other difficulties going on in my personal life. Due to my circumstances I took a bold leap and decided to transfer to Trinity Western University in Langley BC. It was here that I was once again drawn back to strength training. The university had an awesome Strength and Conditioning program, which once again got me excited to get back in the gym and lift heavy. By virtue of my academic interest I continued to make progress in my hopes of ‚Äėgetting fit‚Äô again.

Going into my fourth and final year I made a commitment to get a minimum of 5 hours of sleep each night (I know, but that‚Äôs a lot for a student!) and hit up the gym 3 times a week. In addition, I surrounded myself with my fellow Strength Coach interns and decided that being strong was going to by my life style ‚Äď no if‚Äôs, and‚Äôs or but‚Äôs. It was during my final semester when I started to recognize that by focusing on changing my habits I was getting the results and and the strength that I wanted.


As many of you know, I moved to Winnipeg in June of 2012. I was a fresh new university grad and was looking for work in the fitness industry. By somewhat of a fluke I got up really early one morning and went to check out this place called Fukumoto Fitness. This seemingly random stepped launched me into the internship program and into best training I have ever done.

Although the behavioral changes I was making started almost a year before I came to the warehouse, the biggest differences and results have occurred for me here. I am the strongest and leanest I have ever been in my adult life. I am down two dress sizes from 4 years ago, and have lost several inches. But more importantly, I‚Äôve learned to look after myself and take the ‚Äėfitness ideals‚Äô and developed a lifestyle around them.

I wish that I could say that I have completely kicked all my old bad habits, but that would be one big fat lie. There are moments when I still want to eat garbage, and some days I drag myself to the warehouse before class to get my own workout in. But the exciting thing is, is that the days where I make the right decisions are outweighing the days when I don’t. A large part of that is being inspired by the commitment that you have shown; choosing to stay committed to making small changes along the way, and making these changes apart of my lifestyle.

So now you know. We really are all getting better together.

Stay strong,


“Just rest and put your feet up”.

“You shouldn’t be lifting weights. ¬†Just walk.”

“Exercise is dangerous if you’re pregnant.”

Have you ever heard people say these things?  What is the truth?

While every case is different, you may be surprised to know that regular exercise¬†is highly recommended by Canada’s leading healthcare professionals and governing bodies for many women who ARE pregnant. ¬†Here are some recommendations taken directly from the Society of Obstetricians and Gyneacologists of Canada (SOGC)/Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) Guidelines for Exercising During Pregnancy and Postpartum (from pages 1 and 2):


1. All women without contraindications should be encouraged to participate in aerobic and strength-conditioning exercises as part of a healthy lifestyle during their pregnancy.

2. Reasonable goals of aerobic conditioning in pregnancy should be to maintain a good fitness level throughout pregnancy without trying to reach peak fitness or train for an athletic competition.

3. Women should choose activities that will minimize the risk of loss of balance and fetal trauma.

4. Women should be advised that adverse pregnancy or neonatal outcomes are not increased for exercising women.

5. Initiation of pelvic floor exercises in the immediate postpartum period may reduce the risk of future urinary incontinence.

6. Women should be advised that moderate exercise during lactation does not affect the¬†quantity or composition of breast milk or impact infant growth.”

This post is directed mainly at women who are currently exercising and are wondering if they should continue to exercise once pregnant. ¬†The resources below do address women who aren’t exercising regularly as well.

Fit and Pregnant at Fukumoto Fitness

We caught up with 3 fit and pregnant women at Fukumoto Fitness who train in our Group Metabolic Coaching (GMC) program.  Here are their experiences so far! We also have a few comments from local Labor and Delivery healthcare professionals.

Name: Nadine Mariano       Age: 26       Months Pregnant: 3.5     Pregnancy #: 1

How Long Have You Been Training at Fukumoto Fitness?

2 years.

How have you been feeling while training pregnant?

I’ve been feeling great! I’m still feeling strong, I’m not overly tired. ¬†I haven’t really had any crazy cravings yet. ¬†Its just been in the past month that I’ve had to alter a few movements.

How has Fukumoto Fitness helped you during this time?

My core and legs are very strong.  I still feel very fit and comfortable.  I know one of my friends in only 9 weeks pregnant and has gained quite a bit of weight already and is very uncomfortable.

What do your friends and family say?

Some think I am crazy but for the most part they are very impressed and tell me to keep it up!

To see Nadine’s full success story click¬†Here

Hear from the Pros

Dr. Lynne Sabeski BSc MD FRCSC FACOG at St. Boniface General Hospital (and Committed Fuku-Member).

I feel that Fukumoto Fitness’ program is safe for pregnant women. ¬†Because of their level of knowledge they are able help women to modify their exercise regime to tailor their needs as their pregnancy advances.

Dr. Sabeski does make a few great points of caution below:

1.  Any women who do not regularly exercise should not suddenly start in pregnancy (at not an intense program).

2.  They should still be able to carrying on a conversation without excessive shortness of breath after exercise.

3.  If they are very uncomfortable after exercise, they need to cut back.

All pregnant women should talk to their doctor or midwife about exercise as there are certain conditions that may prohibit exercise.  Some health care providers may be scared to recommend exercise to their patients for fear that a complication would get blamed on the exercise.

The Bottom Line: “In a healthy uncomplicated pregnancy, exercise is safe and may help to ward of gestational diabetes too.”


Name: Megan Kamei       Age: 27       Months Pregnant: 6     Pregnancy #: 1

How Long Have You Been Training at Fukumoto Fitness?

1.5 years.

How have you been feeling while training pregnant?

I have to admit that the first couple of months were not great. I had morning sickness and had a hard time eating well. Pushing myself to go workout, as hard as it was, was something that helped to make me feel like I wasn’t completely loosing it. At times it was hard not to get down on myself for not going as hard as I usually did but by time month three hit I started to feel myself again. I have felt great in my second trimester and was surprised that I could keep up in class because I had heard how uncomfortable and restricting pregnancy could be. I’m not going to lie, there is a big bump in my way and sometimes I can’t move as easily as before but that’s not stopping me. My energy levels have been great in the second trimester and I can really enjoy the amazing miracle that is happening inside of me. Hey, that little miracle often gets involved in the action and kicks and rolls around with me at the warehouse.

How has Fukumoto Fitness helped you during this time?

Being at FF has been a lifesaver for me during my pregnancy. I have faced negative comments from people about working out while pregnant and as a first time mom it can be really hard to let that stuff roll off your back as you are already self conscious about doing everything right. ¬†FF was the support I needed to keep going and to point me to research that shows how great it is to stay active while pregnant. ¬†Without the accountability of FF there would have been many days that I wouldn’t have done something on my own and just stayed on the couch. ¬†At FF I get a total body workout that strengthens all my muscles as well as exercises that focus on mobility and flexibility. I know that on my own I would not be working out in such a thorough and well rounded way and therefor wouldn’t be as well prepared for the big day when this baby decides to make a debut.

What do your friends and family say?

I have gotten some flack for working out while pregnant but my doctor has been really supportive which is great. I get lots of comments that I am “eating for two” and that it is all the sudden OK to eat all sorts of junk because I am pregnant. ¬†I have no idea where that thought process came from. ¬†Someone told me it wasn’t safe to reach my hands over my head. Weird. ¬†That being said I feel as though I have received more encouragement than discouragement for staying fit while pregnant especially from my fellow Fuku-Members!

To see Megan’s full success story click¬†Here

Hear it from the Pros!

Dorothy Lahr, Daytime Clinical Resource Nurse on High Risk Labor and Delivery, at St. Boniface General Hospital (and Committed Fuku-Member)

“I think exercising is a great thing during pregnancy, and would definitely recommend Fukumoto Fitness as there is alot of personalized coaching and encouragement to do modifications to personalize your workout.”

Dorothy says that 3 of the biggest concerns during pregnancy are obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. ¬†Exercise can help with all of these! She further notes that being fit in pregnancy can “give you strength to deal with the weight of the baby on your spine” and being fit in delivery can “give you strength and the ability to focus while dealing with pain”.

She has noticed that at times she sees patient’s recommended to simply rest by their general doctors while obstetricians would be more inclined to encourage exercise.






Name: Danielle Shorrock       Age: 32       Months Pregnant: 6     Pregnancy #: 1

How Long Have You Been Training at Fukumoto Fitness?

1 years, 3 months.

How have you been feeling while training pregnant?

I did notice during my first trimester that I was sometimes nauseous during my workouts.  I found it happened mostly when I was going up and down too fast or if my head was lowered and my eyes were unfocused on a particular object.  It went away quickly and I was able to keep going.  I have always ensured to have a snack before my workout.  It helps.

How has Fukumoto Fitness helped you during this time?

I find that I am able to perform all of the same reps and sets as I’ve always done. ¬†I was curious to see how my body would handle the workouts now that I’m pregnant and so far so good! I try to keep up the same intensity as I had before. ¬†I modify or slow down depending on the day or how I feel. ¬†I’m not in the warehouse to compete against other members or to prove I can still go fast and hard while pregnant. ¬†I work out at my own pace and I am proud that I am still there.

I’ve done a lot of research for a healthy pregnancy and every article encourages exercise. ¬†It will help me with the baby’s delivery and I believe it will help me lose those extra pounds afterwards.

I feel great and my energy is up.  I sleep very well every night.  My workouts are helping me with keeping my weight gain to the recommended amount.

What do your friends and family say?

My doctor, family, friends, and co-workers are all supportive of my exercise. ¬†Some are very impressed as they don’t even work out and they’re not even carrying a child! I am pretty proud of myself. ¬†I feel awesome knowing that I am still lifting weights and doing lunges etc. while some people are doing nothing or are simply out there walking.

I feel very lucky to be a part of a team that is knowledgeable, caring and watches over me as I workout my way through my pregnancy.

Some think I am crazy but for the most part they are very impressed and tell me to keep it up!

To see Danielle’s full success story click¬†Here


1.  Make sure your doctor is up to speed on the current exercise guidelines

2. Ask them to fill out the ParMed-X form and inform you of any contraindications you may have.

3. Regular exercisers are often encouraged to continue working out during pregnancy.

4.  Fukumoto Fitness Members are encouraged to communicate with their coaches about any modifications needed for any exercise based on their bodies and time in pregnancy. Listen to your body.

5.  The benefits include things like but are not limited to: better strength, body composition, sleep, blood pressure and energy in pregnancy as well as various physical stamina benefits during pregnancy, and the ability to recover more quickly.

In the future, we hope to do a post on postpartum topics in regards to exercise.

If you are very out of shape and not used to exercise, then Fukumoto Fitness may not be the best starting point for you while pregnant.  Communicate with your healthcare provider for better direction.

Please read the following research and guideline papers to become more informed about Canadian positions on exercise in pregnancy and the postpartum period.

They reflect the views of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC) and the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP).

Exercise During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period (SOGC/CSEP) -JOGC (June 2003)

Exercise and Pregnancy: Canadian Guidelines for Health Care Professionals -WellSpring August 2011. Volume 22/Number 4 (Alberta Centre for Active Living)

PARmed-X for Pregnancy Form (to get your doctor to fill out)

For additional stories of Fit Women in Pregnancy, I suggest going to the website of my colleague Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic PhD, RD, CSCS at to read over a dozen for “Fit Pregnancy Interviews”.







Some of you have heard of the Ice Donkey Adventure Race that will be happening near UofM on Saturday February 8th of this year.  In its 2nd year, it will consist of 5km which include obstacles of various dimensions through Winnipeg winter conditions.  At Fukumoto Fitness, we have over 30 people of ALL fitness levels signed up to this so far and know it will be one of the fitness highlights of the year for many people.

Here are a few tips on how to make sure you are best prepared for this event!

1.  Continue strong effort and attendance at your FF workouts

Our high intensity, full body workouts will continue to get your body strong while also increasing your cardiovascular capacity at the same time. ¬†Keep cranking it and you’ll have a great foundation for any challenge that comes your way.

2.  Get Used to Moving Outside

Always remember to do what you’re able to do safely… not what someone else is doing!

-go for a brisk walk for 10, 20, 30 minutes.

-jog for a few seconds or minutes and then walk for a bit and repeat.

-work yourself up a jog for 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes….whatever you can handle.

Will you wear a costume?

-go through snow banks, hills…anything that seems more difficult that flat ground and get used to how that feels (very important)

-do some sprints or quicker walking through snow banks.  (10s-20s on, 30s-60s normal) to get used to harder parts of the course.  Aim for 10-20 of these at a time.

I would recommend doing this between 2-3x/week leading up to the race.  This will get your breathing ready and you can figure out what kind of layers and footwear you feel most comfortable in.  Get someone to come along with you!

Use the Nike Running app if you have an iPhone to track time, distance etc.

3.  Dial in Nutrition for Max Performance

Good nutrition (protein, produce, healthy fats, and water) every few hours from waking until bedtime is going to give you energy for your workouts, better sleep, better recovery and possibly even lean you out a bit in the next few weeks.  Every bit counts over 5km!  Just another reason to eat well like we always recommend.

Those are just a few things you can do to make your race better!

If you haven’t registered already, please click here to register now. ¬†Our members are going to go in the 1120am heat if you want to join us! If this heat is full, please let us know!

Get ready for a blast!

We got a lot of snow this weekend! Make sure you get to it while it is still manageable!

Use your new level of fitness to be vigorous and get your family and household involved!

Use both sides and get down in your athletic position to lift with your hips and use your whole body!

Now…a message from Sarah (Johnny’s sister) who visited us 2 years ago.

To check out Sarah’s first visit in winter 2011….just click HERE

For those of you wondering where she got her Infinity Scarf, she doesn’t know as it was a Christmas gift so your guess is as good as hers!

Want some healthy gift ideas where you can save money and avoid the malls?

We have a few options for you! This sale ends on Friday December 21.

1.  Fukumoto Fitness T-Shirt/Water Bottle Combo Р$20 (save $10)

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*sample prototypes in front of class

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3.  TRX Suspension Trainer Package Р$149 (save $75)

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Please email: to order/reserve any of these gift options!


All members who come to Get Fit Not Fat for Christmas get a $100 gift card to give to someone NEW to FF to apply towards membership (not used with other promotions).

Anyone else can give the gift of fitness by inviting people to have a FREE Assessment and 2 Week FREE Jump Start by sending them this link!

Merry Christmas!

December can typically be one of the unhealthiest months of the year.  People are stressed because of year-end deadlines, Christmas shopping, and an overload of work and family-related functions.

There is a ton of overeating that happens in December at social events.

There is a ton of overeating that happens due to Christmas baking and Christmas tins.

“December is a write-off. ¬†We’ll start being healthy again after New Year’s.”¬†

Don’t let this happen. ¬†You aren’t like everyone else so don’t use their excuses. You’ve worked so hard this year so let’s enjoy the season but let’s also have some focus. ¬†We aren’t the same people we were last year so let’s aim to act like it!

What Can We Do?

1. ¬†Social Events– reduce alcohol intake and eat protein and produce before you go up for other treats. ¬†if you want some after and you’re still hungry, you can make that decision then.

Not good…

2.  Extra Mini or Major Workout on Holiday Р5 or 10 minute bodyweight intervals? 1 hour workout on day of feast? This will go a long way.

3. ¬†Stay Connected to FF – Do our Get Fit Not Fat for Christmas Special (spots at 6am and 630pm on Dec 17, 18, 19) ¬†or Warrior Fiton Saturdays to gear you up right before the storm hits! Get ready to be back in action on Dec. 31 (that’s right…modified schedule) or Jan. 1 (yeah baby…modified schedule).

I’m so excited for “GET FIT NOT FAT for Christmas”!

Make some goals: maybe 1 specific nutrition goal and 1 specific workout goal.  Take 10 minutes and write it out on a calendar.

For example, Johnny’s workout goal ideas for December (to be finalized this weekend):

1. ¬†Aim to hit 100 straight pushups by New Year’s eve (currently at about 60 nice ones). ¬†He has to plan which days he will work on this on a calendar.

2.  Add in 5km snow runs 3x/week (should take 20-25 minutes tops) to prepare for Ice Donkey.  He has to plan which days and times this will likely work for.

3.  Get in some sort of workout (no matter how short) on any day where there is a feast (i.e. family meal, work function, eating out).

For example, Johnny’s nutrition goal ideas for December (to be finalized by weekend):

1. ¬†3 or less alcoholic beverages (not a night but this month). ¬†He doesn’t plan on drinking but would like to be able to enjoy it if he feels like it.

2.  Put veggies and protein on plate as first full serving of food at social events.  That way he gets his nutrition and can add appropriate other choices or a treat later as a second choice.

3.  Maintain rhythm of preparing a chili, cutting veggies, and boiling eggs once per week.  As times get busier, he wants to have things accessible.  Time to do this=half hour/week.

Your Goals will be unique to you and your situation. ¬†Write them out and keep them somewhere you can see, check off, and get ‘er done! They can’t be anyone else’s but hopefully you can make them challenging and maintain your fitness you’ve achieved.

Happy December “Revolutions”!

We live in Winnipeg.  It is rather chilly at times.  (duh).

We crank workouts in the warehouse,  It is rather chilly at times. (insulation is not the best, heat leaks between units and outside, and it takes awhile to circulate the heat).

Here are 3 things you can do to make you feel warm and fuzzy:

1.  Dress Appropriately for the Season

*wear a sweatshirt and sweatpant layer for your personal improvement time, group warm-up, and as many rounds as you need to before you are warm.  Even a tuque can be good until warmup is over. 

2. Start your warm-up ASAP!

Put your jacket away, put on your shoes, sign the attendance and go! Do not text, sit down somewhere to chat, take a nap etc…

3.  Change the way you do your warm-up.

Do something dynamic before you roll: run on spot, high knees, butt kickers, skip, jumping jacks, gate swings, moving inchworm, lunges, side lunges…anything for a few minutes to get your blood pumping then come and do a bit of rolling or other mobility drills. ¬†Think energizer bunny instead of slothy slumber.

BONUS Option:  Cover your body in Saran Wrap to keep all warmth in.  (KIDDING!)

There you have it! 1-2-3 go!

PS. ¬†We’ll be sealing up and insulating the big garage door to help keep more of the heat in!

Fukumoto Fitness

You rock. ¬†Yes you do. ¬†We’ve seen you in class pouring sweat, getting strong, rolling out your tight knots, then rushing off to your busy lives. ¬†But is this enough to get you optimal results? Honestly, the answer is no. ¬†Let’s see what the Fukumoto Fitness members with the best results do to take advantage of the WHOLE program!

1.  Print out their Success System package, put it in a binder, read it, and take action.  Remember that folder you were sent upon registration? Yes, every one of you received this and it gives you oodles of information on preparation, recovery, and of very high importance (NUTRITION).  This is a gold mine and even following a small percentage of the information in their will get you RESULTS like never before.

2. ¬†Read and Take Action on Emails Every Mon/Wed/Fri. ¬†We send you (without fail), member emails 3x/week minimum that give you updates on current events and opportunities, health tips, and motivation. ¬†Those who read these and take action are highly accountable and get better RESULTS. ¬†If you don’t check your emails we can guarantee you are not making the most of your experience. ¬†By not being connected to the community, you will be even more alone on your journey. ¬†How has that worked in the past? Come join us! We even celebrate you guys on a regular basis, don’t miss the party! (if you don’t check your email you may not even be reading this anyways..).

3.  Coming early to class.  Technically, this has to do with class but coming 10-15 minutes early leads to better RESULTS.  Prove it? Coming in rushed and last minute usually influences proper breathing, stress, and you will not get time to do proper foam rolling and corrective mobility exercises.  This means the first chunk of your workout will serve as your warm-up and thus you exercise will be hindered, and safety goes down.  Sometimes, traffic and emergencies will happen.  Oftentimes, its just that some people are always late and they need to step it up.

4. ¬†Embracing Yourself as a Leader. ¬†When you are consistent (not perfect) in making your health a priority and are open to showing that to your family, friends, co-workers etc., many of them will look to you for guidance, inspiration, and hope. ¬†You realize your responsibility to “get better” and be a good example which in turn creates more accountability and more results for you and often your network. ¬†Anyone who has done a Bring-A-Buddy Workout or Charity Event, has actively been participating in our Referral Contest, or has encouraged people at work and home to make healthy choices knows what I mean. ¬†You are now a leader and can make a huge positive difference. ¬†Are you someone who jokes about how unhealthy you are outside of class? on the weekends? We all have off-days but for some people it is literally the difference between health and disease, so it isn’t always so funny. ¬†Embrace your new role as leader amongst your peers.

5. ¬†Positive Mindset. ¬†Those who come in and think “I can do this!” and “We can do this!” are going to have a higher chance of succeeding. ¬†Sometimes you will have a crappy day or you don’t feel like working out or eating properly. ¬† That doesn’t mean you can’t fight for it and create a positive perspective. ¬†I find it helps to surround yourself with positive people for extra support. ¬†Do you have emails or numbers of any of your classmates? That support is invaluable. ¬†When entering the warehouse, we all know we need to create a safe environment of positivity but how would our health change if we continued this beyond the walls of FF?

If you’ve read this in entirety you are most likely in the percentage of people who are already moving forward or are just about to start. ¬†Thank you for taking the time to change. ¬†We look forward to being there every step of the way.

Fukumoto Fitness


We are a caring community of genuine people who want to meet you where you are so that we can live better together!

At Fukumoto Fitness, we strive to create a place where you experience dynamic coaching, efficient training, effective accountability, and feel safe yet challenged.

We are DIVERSE yet we are one FAMILY.

We are about RESULTS but are MORE than ‘just fitness’.

We CELEBRATE your story. We are about long-term PROGRESS, not perfection.

We are excited about your STRENGTH. We EMBRACE flaws.

It’s about what you CAN do today.

We are committed to being a HIGHLIGHT of your day.

We are committed to being a part of CHANGING YOUR LIFE.

We are better together!

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