July 22-23, roughly 30-50 Manitobans packed into cars or planes and headed out west to take part in Red Deer’s Spartan Sprint (usually about 5-7k) and/or Spartan Super (usually around 10-14k). Many of these people were FF members and their kids and ranged from first time Spartan racers to veterans.


We wanted to give everyone an opportunity to report on 1 thing they were proud of, 1 challenge they faced/overcame (be it physical, emotional, mental) and 1 word of encouragement to anyone considering trying this in the future (especially right now as we’re trying to crowdfund for a Winnipeg Spartan Sprint event for Oct. 7 at Bird’s Hill Park! We need 2500 pre-registrations by August 31 and we’ve a long way to go!).

These are real FF members & staff on their own journeys so hopefully the personal nature of responses helps paint a picture that not everyone is a super athlete jumping over leaping trees of fire! (as sometimes the photos/videos may make it seem like everyone is like that…simply not true!)



Proud: I’m proud I faced my fear and completed the Sprint. Last year I had a mental block that was based on my fear of heights and water which prevented me from participating. I couldn’t get over my fear and so instead, I went to the event to just “be in the environment”. After seeing just how awesome and supportive everyone was I made this my year to compete in the Red Deer Sprint and completed it. I also hit the Spear throw 😉
Challenge: Since my surgery and weight loss I’ve lost the ability to swim. So in Red Deer I had a bit of a panicked moment when I feared the water. I got assistance by way of life jacket and crossed. I’m proud that although it wasn’t a perfect moment, I owned it and made it through to the other side of the ravine. Knowing the safety of the event and how open everyone is help one another face obstacles and challenges has made me view Spartan in a different light. It’s challenging but fun and all skill levels, ages, and abilities can participate in the Sprint!


Proud: As you know, for the Super (2nd day) I got all the obstacles, I was so pumped I made the rig I actually yelled out loud “yes” when I hit the ground after ringing the bell! For both the sprint and the super I was able to run the whole time without stopping (other than the obstacles and like a brief 10sec pause at the water stations…this is the first time I have been able to do that.)

Challenge: Running 2 races back to back, I was pretty concerned what I would feel like Sunday morning after Saturdays race, but I felt great.



Proud: getting through the course! 7.5 km is longer than I’m used to running and the terrain was challenging! 60 burpees and top 5 in my age category for the open heats….couldn’t really ask for more!
Challenge: this was at the end of a 3 week road trip for my family so probably wasn’t in peak form! My son was also  sick leading up to the race so little sleep and lots of distractions!! Had a hard time pushing myself to run at times and felt like I should have been able to move faster. The obstacles gave me confidence back.

Why You?  I found it very intimidating to sign up for my first Spartan race but the atmosphere is incredible and extremely inspiring!


Proud: My running. I didn’t spend much time training for the race, so I was surprised at how far my legs carried me.
Challenge: Overcoming feelings of discouragement (from all the burpees I did in the sprint) and fatigue. I woke up on Sunday NOT wanting to race again. But, with the encouragement from FF peeps, both in Red Deer and back at home, I decided to get myself to the race site and just do my best. And to my surprise, I enjoyed the Super more than the Sprint! 
Why You? To try a unique challenge that pushes you mentally just as much as physically. Lots of people think that these races have no real world application, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The more often you do something that is scary and difficult, the more resilient you become. There is huge carry over to everyday life!



Proud: The Olympus Wall was not an obstacle that I ever had the opportunity to practice before the race.  I tackled it not knowing whether or not I could get across it.  In the end, all the grip strength and pull up work I’ve been focusing on since fall certainly paid off as I felt that those skills transferred to that obstacle very naturally.  I was surprised, happy and proud of myself when I completed it!
Challenge: 2 weeks before the big day and sprained my right ankle (I had been preparing for months). The injury slowed me down both physically and mentally, as there were three obstacles that I felt incapable of completing on my own.  I asked for assistance on the inverted and 7 foot wall and another person came out of nowhere to carry my sandbag as the terrain was a bit too much given my ankle situation. I made the smart decision to rest the second day vs risking making things worse; very hard to do but I cheered everyone on and it was the right choice. I have to remember that showing up in spite of not being fully recovered from my injury, and racing all the way to the end is an accomplishment in itself.

Why You? I have not heard one single person that has finished the race say that they didn’t enjoy the experience and that they wouldn’t do it again, even if they didn’t get the finish that they would have hoped for. The personal sense of accomplishment felt after finishing the race is hard to compare to anything else you might have experienced and it will make you forget all about the pre-race nerves to the point that you will want to do it all over again!


Proud: My sprint race had me doing back to back burpees at the rig and spear throw. This was pretty discouraging. I definitely still pushed myself but in the moment I was pretty negative. At the super, I made the rig but still bombed the spear. I was proud of myself for staying positive despite the 30 burpees. I remember actually smiling as I started my burpees because I was glad that I had at least made the rig this time. The rest of the race I just continued to stay positive and focus on what I could do better not of what others were doing. A positive mindset makes for a much more enjoyable race and I believe a much more successful one as well.

Challenge: I had to get through mentally was knowing that in this race I was not going to have the success, place wise, that I’ve had in local races. I’ve done fairly well in the past and after the sprint the reality of my ability in the field of competitors was clear. In the second race, much like I mentioned earlier, I ran my own race. I certainly was aware of others around me and used them to push me but I wasn’t going to be phased by being passed. In the end I had a great back and forth battle with two other guys who were better runners than me. In the end, my physical strength at the obstacles slowly gave me the upper hand which was pretty cool.

Why You? I am always more motivated to train with a tangible goal in mind. Prepping for a race gives me a clear goal. Along with this, the training for OCR is so diverse and just plain fun that it makes the process very enjoyable. We all need challenges to push us to become better versions of ourselves. OCR provides us with a variety of obstacles. Some we will train for and overcome and can be tangible representations of mental obstacles we struggle with. Some we don’t overcome, but remind us that we can always go back to the drawing board and work towards future success. Everyone can do it.



Proud: Simply getting out there and finishing the race. There were moments when I kept cramping up badly that I thought to myself, “I don’t know how I’m going to finish this”, but I knew that if I didn’t push myself mentally and physically, that I would regret it so much. The moment I got up the slip wall (worrying that I would cramp right as I ran up to grab the rope), I knew that I was capable of more than I had let myself believe I was.
Challenge: I’m sure that by now it’s known that water terrifies me. Before the start of the race, I was made aware of the dunk wall, and the stream crossing farther down the race. The minute I was told of these two things, I instantly felt my heart rate climb, my breathing become a little more shallow, and tears forming in my eyes (I really felt like I was going to have a little anxiety attack).
The moment I got to that dunk wall, it was a huge mental battle to get it done. I was lucky enough to have Kevin by my side to help pull me up as I got under, and hearing Johnny’s cheers on the sideline to motivate me. What turned out to be a scary thing for me, actually become a really proud moment for me. There are moments where I feel stupid or silly for this fear. At the race I worried that people would judge me for this, and realizing that this fear is real and visceral is something I’m trying to work on.
Why You for Spartan Winnipeg?
It is the perfect opportunity to learn about yourself through means of challenging every aspect of your being. There’s nothing like feeling so proud of yourself after having done a race, and proving to yourself that you are in fact capable!!! The community and camaraderie is amazing. Outside of Fukumoto, I have not come across a more supportive and helpful group of people.



Proud: I’m proud of my consistency at FF the last two years- that investment and discipline paid out physically in strength, skills and ability to recover, and in confidence that I am capable of doing hard things.

Challenge: [However] Day one kicked my butt. I had to work hard to shut out the voice of doubt and feeling like an imposter in the elite heat. Day two I used what I had learned the day before to keep my self-talk positive, and that really helped me have a race I felt better about!

Why you? You should sign up for Spartan Winnipeg because you can do more than you think you can!



Proud: finishing back-to-back races, and only failing two obstacles.

Challenge: Battling through negative self-talk before and throughout the Super. Finishing was an emotional triumph.
Why You? It’s fun to take the hours of practice at FF and apply them to an event- and to use them as a barometer of your progress


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Proud: Catching all the 4 girls who passed me earlier in the race!

Challenge: I have only recently started learning to run (in the past 3-4 months after making a decision to commit to this more, post-babies, and not really enjoying running up until this point in my life) so I have to mentally accept that I cannot at this time physically do what some of the seasoned women can do. I am willing to put in the work over time and see what happens!

Why You? You WILL surprise yourself, learn great things, and get more confidence for your life!



Proud: that I was consistent with my nutrition leading up to the event and it paid off in how I felt overall in terms of recovery, how my body felt on the course and significantly less fatigue than I normally encounter. I felt good on the course and focused on my goals for both days.

Challenge: Missing the rig on both days was a bummer and in the past, I would have started a negative dialogue with myself and been haunted by the burpees and allowed that to change the tone of my race but this year, I did my burpees and moved on without giving it a second thought. I even got to practice this mindset 45 seconds later on day 2 (the super) when I then proceeded to miss my spear as well! I’m proud of the place I’m moving beyond in my thought patterns and the potential it will allow me as I move forward, set new goals and train my weaknesses more directly and with less fear.

Why you? People should sign up so that I can have another shot at the rig! Just kidding…maybe.

People should sign up so that they can take in this challenge and have a great experience. For some, it’s a race in the truest sense of the word and for others, it’s a means to have a goal to focus their training on, perhaps inviting a few family/friends to do this as well and to be in a supportive environment where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. All through both days, there was camaraderie among the people participating. Cheering each other on, helping each other at the obstacles (even complete strangers helping each other out!). Yes, it’s an intense event but it’s also fun, rewarding and I guarantee that everyone who does one will walk away with at least one “I didn’t think I could do…but I did!” moment.


Proud: I am proud of getting to do this race together with my fiancée Aileen. This was her first Spartan Super and I knew she was nervous and stuck with her until the end. I am also so proud of her that she overcame her fear of the water! Not just one obstacle but two!
Challenge: The challenge that affected me physically during the race was that both my calves had cramped up during the race. I didn’t want to throw in the towel because I was so close and needed to finish four more obstacles. I couldn’t run at this time so we walked the rest of the way until the finish line despite the situation.
Why You? The one reason I think people should sign up for the Spartan Race is to prove to themselves that if one can overcome obstacles like in the race, they can overcome life’s challenges. 



Proud/Challenge (similar): Having my best start to a race this year…half-way through I got lost and went way off track and did obstacles in the wrong order. I had come back from about 35th to 7th at the time and the guys with me packed it in as no chance to really do well and might as well save up for day 2. I went back into the race to simply finish and make sure I had no regret personally which was hard as it was my worst placement in 10+ Spartan races (and I’m on Team Canada!)…but I felt good about it. Having been training harder and smarter since April…I was also pretty disappointed to have poison oak all over my lower body for 2 weeks leading up to that event. It wasn’t ideal but was able to get through it!

Why You? Well, why not you? I have seen hundreds of people at these events (and many who look like or have same fitness level or same age as YOU who are reading this) and have trained up people from teens to people entering senior years. If signing up will give you focus and excitement and help pull your life ‘better’…then I encourage you to say “yes” and we will support you along the way!

Thank you everyone for sharing! I hope you can relate to some of these stories that celebrate something good amidst challenges. These challenges range from fear of water, failure, not being at their best, having a tough first day, family sickness, personal sickness, getting lost, personal injury prior to race, and more. Over the last 3 years, we’ve had every age range represented in 5 year increments from 4 years old all the way to in the 60s. If you can walk 5km and are willing to give something your best shot, we go from there!
We hope to get 100+ of you and your friends/fam out and many of you it will be your FIRST Spartan (most of you). Let’s do this together and overcome and enjoy what our minds and bodies can do to help propel us forward….progress not perfection! Please ask your coach any questions if you’re unsure.

99% of everyone is a bit nervous. 99% of people walk some or most of the course. 99% of people do not successfully complete 1 or many more obstacles! It is about showing up and trying, learning, doing it with others, getting better as people.

Join our Facebook Group “Bring Spartan Race to Manitoba (Official)” and invite others to pre-register so we can all benefit from the potential this event can bring to our lives!

This past weekend (July 16 and 17), about 35 total FF members completed a Spartan Race (or two) in Grunthal, MB in what was very beautiful weather.







The Spartan Super (13+km) was held on the Saturday and we had about 15 people challenge that race that saw uneven terrain, sand hills, 3 river crossings, and 29 obstacles including walls, carrying heavy things, balancing, and climbing.







The Spartan Sprint (5+km) was held on Sunday and we had about 20 people challenge that race which had many of the same obstacles.


Its hard to explain WHY people sign up to do these things unless you have just done it yourself. You face uncertainties, fears, both physically and mentally…with many people wondering “Am I strong enough to do this?”.



Below are a few of our clients who’ve sent in some reflection on their experiences. Our racers included those from kids (6 years old all the way to almost 60) and of all fitness levels!

As you read their highlights, challenges, and favourite obstacles you will see the theme of overcoming both mental and physical situations and celebrating progress, not perfection in a supportive community!

Torrey B


This was the longest race (either road or OCR) I’ve ever run and by far the best race I have been in to date! I loved every step, every obstacle and sadly…every burpee.
It was an amazing day full of perseverance, celebration and inspiration. One that I think may have ignited a monster inside of me. 😛
The OCR training this year helped take my confidence to a whole other level. Don’t get me wrong, I was still a mess of nerves and went through some self-doubt leading up to the race, but I am aware of my ability to complete the obstacles and was able to attempt the ones I didn’t feel so confident about (ultimately, the ones I ended up having penalty burpees on).
One highlight: Crossing the finish line and celebrating with the rest of the team, the camaraderie between all participants and the new friendships you make while on the course. Or how about when the rain stopped, the clouds parted and the sun shined right before the race started.
Favourite obstacle: It’s hard to pick just one, but I’d have to say the Hercules Hoist
One mental hurdle/fear overcame: Failing the spear throw left me feeling crushed and defeated. I was so close, I knew I had it and then the line wrapped about my leg and pulled the spear back. I had a moment of self-doubt moving along to the Hulk Hoist. I had to take a moment to get my head right before I gave the Hulk Hoist a shot. When I pulled on the rope to hoist the sand bag I immediately thought “wholly crap, I don’t think I can do this”. I didn’t expect nor was prepared for how heavy it actually was. I sat there for a second, with the bag hanging 3 inches off the ground and decided it was now or 30 burpees. I chose now, burned my hands and ripped the heck out of my callouses, but I did it and was able to finish the rest of the race with a positive frame of mind.

Kimberly MD


It was an amazing race.
I was in near tears at the start line from nervousness and fear. I have never run so far in my life, (I usually run 5km races) and the not know what we were going to come across really. But then once we started I just tried to settle in, and go steady paying attention to how I was feeling and take in the beautiful surroundings.
When I got to the traverse wall my calf started seizing up severely and I could see that bell at the end, just wanting to hit it. All our training made me know I could get there if I just kept going and used what we learned to stay close to the wall. Getting to the end and hitting that bell as my calf was burning felt great!

I had to slow my pace a bit, but that was ok, I made it to the finish line in one piece injury free, just a few bruises to wear with pride this week, and feeling a bit like a bad-ass! Aroo!

Shawna P


It was awesome! I felt stronger than at dirty donkey…was able to run the entire way and only missed ‎2 obstacles. Even the 60 burpees weren’t that bad with my FitFam right there with me (and my son counting for us!). Empowering day and seeing my kids participate made me proud as a mom :). I’ll be back!


Coach Steph


Highlight: It’s always awesome to accomplish something like this but what never fails to keep me smiling long after the race is done are the smiles, pictures and achievements of everyone who participated on either/both days (translation: I spent way too much time of Facebook and Instagram checking out everyone’s pictures and memories)!

Favorite Obstacle: Rope climb.

Mental Hurdle/Fear: I never once told myself “I can’t”. The thought never entered my mind. That’s huge for me. I approached everything knowing I had the ability to complete the task. And even on the 2 obstacles I didn’t complete, I didn’t (and don’t) view it as “failing the obstacle” I see it as an opportunity to challenge myself with burpees (and my ability to count to 30)

Andreina H
-1 Highlight: The camaraderie, help and encouragement from FF team mates throughout the race.
-Favorite Obstacle: Rope Climb
-Mental Hurdle/Fear: Having to do burpees during a race terrified me and kept me up a few nights, but thankfully I only failed 3 obstacles…way less burpees than I anticipated.

Kevin Saria

Highlight: seeing the elite racers at the start line
Favourite obstacle: Hercules hoist

Mental hurdle: running the 13.5km run

Andrew W


Highlight- Watching our kids participate in the youth and junior Spartan races. To see them working hard and achieving a goal was the biggest reward of the weekend.
Favourite Obstacle- Hoist. Felt awesome to pull that up to the top.
Mental Hurdle/Fear- Can I compete at some level in this event? What was overcome was that now I have a barometer of where I stand and what I have to do to improve.  The fear has been turned into an understanding of what I need to focus on to obtain a better result.

Leanne B

My highlight was finishing strong. I knew that I would no matter how long it took, but I was glad to finish and feel like I gave it my all.

For me my fav obstacle was the inclined wall (2nd to last), I was tired, I was drenched in mud and I did it on my own and it was tough. Ricky was an awesome partner and helped me over all the walls, but I did that one on my own.

Biggest fear that I overcame was the giant ladder wall. At the top I was pretty shaky and I knew going over the top of it that the obstacle wasn’t there for its physical difficulty but for a mental mind bend. It was high, it was slippery and I was tired and ready for it to be over but I talked myself through it and succeeded.

In the end, I was just so proud to have completed it and done it with my strong partner

Coach Jethro
Highlight: making the spear throw both days
Favourite obstacle: rig and herc hoist
Hurdle/Fear: despite failing the balance beam again on the second day, I didn’t even let it phase me. I jumped right into burpees and focused on what was ahead of me.

Wayne F

My high lite is finishing 7th place overall in elite!
Favorite obstacle was the spear throw….success this year after having a whole year to think about last years miss

I started the race at the back of the group and stayed there for the first half of the race. I was beginning to think that this wasn’t my day or the field was just to strong to compete against. I kept telling myself to just run my own race and not get caught up in the early sprint. As time went on and we got into some long carries things began to change. The field began to slow down and I was able to keep up my pace. I’m still amazed at how 3×45 minute workouts a week can give me these kind of results. Thank you for challenging me to keep getting stronger:-)

Ricky R
Highlight- was the rope climb, we had the option of choosing without knots in it or with  knots, I heard Johnny voice in my head telling me to push my self, so I decided I would rather fail on the knot free rope rather than succeed on the knots. With about 5 feet to go I was drained, I made sure I got a good “j” hook and just chilled for a second and then in pops Jethro voice telling me to find another gear! This combined with my supportive fiancé cheering me on from below and I managed to hit the bell.
Favourite Obstacle- was the “rig” as it was the only one that I couldn’t do and it challenged my upper body strength like nothing else on the course (and Jethro running over to cheer us on)
Fear/hurdle- for me it was the barb wire crawl, last year I overcame a huge fear by taking part in a swift water rescue training course in Indiana. The crawl reminded

me of that, knowing I couldn’t stand up and just had to push through till the end caused a lot of anxiety for me.

Mike B
Highlight: Being able to push through on the bucket carry on Saturday. Tough obstacle for me and my back.
Favorite Obstacle: Hercules Pull/Lift ( sand bag & Pulley ) << Loved it.

Mental Hurdle: Just getting there on Sunday! I was so sore, but once I got there, the atmosphere and people made it worthwhile and gave me the boost I needed.


Aileen A
The highlight of this day was the simple fact that it was my first Spartan Race, and the atmosphere was amazing! There was great camaraderie all around from both racers and spectators. Although some obstacles were challenging people were motivating and willing to help if needed.
My favourite obstacle was the Hercules Hoist. It was very challenging, but I also found it fun. As you already know, what I most feared going into this race was the water portion of it. Having had a traumatic experience as a child has made me fear swimming and getting into water that went past my chest. When I got to that part of the race, the volunteer had given me the board to assist in floating, but even with that I was internally freaking out, especially with the bottom being so uneven, and not knowing if the next step would be deeper. Luckily, another racer and a fellow Fukumoto Fitness member (Andreina) stayed with me and guided me through the rest of the way. They were so kind and so patient, I will honestly never forget it!

All in all, I enjoyed myself and am looking forward to doing it again next year!

Melodie S
Highlight – sounds wimpy but just being able to go!  I wasn’t sure I would be able to with a toe injury.   So going and being a part of it was really awesome!  I love our group!
Favorite Obstacle – I think the cement block carry.  I took the men’s weight because I didn’t see the women’s!  That sucker was heavy!   When I was done, a guy said whoah good job on that weight!
Mental Hurdle – Heights!  The really high climbs were mentally challenging for me.

On the height thing, I felt like the OCR stuff really helped me.  At OCR training over the weeks I realized fear was really dwindling. It started loosing its place in my mind.  For me this was such a good accomplishment!

Nicole D


Highlight: Conquering the Angled Slip Wall (second obstacle before the end) on my third try just because I couldn’t bear to do any more burpees. The encouragement from my FF FamJam before after and during (Jethro cheering me on through my Rings obstacle burpees, Jen letting me know that I was near the end and within shooting distance of making my goal time, Johnny encouraging me through the A-Frame heights… he always seems to appear when I’m freezing up at the top of a wall (12’ wall in the OCR Training yard, high walls in Dirty Donkey).

Favourite obstacle: Aside from the Spear Throw (nailed it!!!)… Inverted Wall because I managed to do it unassisted when I had never done it unassisted in OCR Training (I remembered your advice, Melodie S.)

Mental hurdle/fear that you overcame: Heights (A-Frame, Cargo Net Climb)

Dana W
YES! It was a blast! It was an amazing weekend. We had some top personal and family moments.
Highlight: Seeing our kids motivated and inspired to do the Youth/Junior Spartan races, and how their accomplishments gave them such joy and life.  (And- hitting my spear throw.)
Favourite Obstacle: Dare I say multi rig?

Mental Hurdle/Fear: Signing up- I was uncomfortable with the uncertainties of what I would face and how I would do

Emily T
I was really happy that I was able to complete the monkey bars and do them really well!  And I was running by myself for most of the race but strangers always offered to help me if I needed help or they thought I might which was nice because I’m too shy to ask.  I liked a lot of the obstacles. One that I really liked was the really tall triangular thing we had to climb over.  I’m not a huge fan of heights (climbing the rope at the gym is terrifying) but this obstacle was fine because of all the times I’ve gone over the 12 ft ladder at the gym.  And I wasn’t feeling 100% that morning but I am very glad I did the race, even though I didn’t push myself very hard with the running.

It was a blast!  I’m looking forward to running it again next year!

Stephanie D
– Highlight: completing the transverse wall when I fell off last year
– favourite new obstacle was the hercules hoist, or whatever that one was called
– motivation for next year – conquering the rope climb!

Alissa OB


My favourite obstacle (even though I wasn’t able to complete it) was the Hercules Hoist. Moving forward, I’m feeling challenged and am excited to get advice and work on my technique at next years OCR training  after Johnny and Travis build a similar obstacle in the “outback” – Hint! Hint! Hehe
My highlight from the race (aside from completing the race) was completing the Traverse Wall.
My biggest mental hurdle was actually getting the courage to sign up for the Spartan Super in the first place. I have a lot of work ahead of me to improve for next years race but in the end, I am so happy with the outcome !


Melanie B
I was so happy I came to a training session or I would never have completed the 90degree turn on the transverse wall.

Not that there weren’t very scary parts to the race, but one of my main fears is getting lost!! Was very thankful to have the chance to meet at the gym and caravan


Alex R

Two highlights for me – made the spear throw and the fact that I am alive and doing this – sounds weird I know – but I am weird that way.

Ryan M
1 Highlight: being my first ever OCR, the entire day was a highlight, but I’ll go with  killing all the ladders and walls.
Favourite Obstacle: there was a few, they were all fun and challenging! but I’ll go with the Hercules Hoist.

Mental fear/ Hurdle: I’ve overcome a lot of self doubt and anxiety.  I’m a very self conscious person.  I remember writing my name down to sign up for the race back in March, I needed reassurance from coach Barbara.  Then I emailed Johnny once I signed up for OCR training to once again get reassurance. Fast forward to yesterday.. amazing experience! I even ran the race shirtless… (for me, that’s a huge mental hurdle to be confident in my self, my image and my abilities).  If you were to tell me that I’d of done this 17 months ago, I wouldn’t of believed it for a second. Have the Fukumoto Team to thank for all the support

Travis C


I did not have a fear or hurdle either but more like a story…….i ran to the 8’ wall to scale it jumped, grabbed it with both my hands and got one leg hooked at the top….then the race official said hold on you cant do that. As I am still hanging there he got up walked over to me and asked if I used the 45 degree cross brace to boost myself ( keep in mind im still hanging there) I said no, then he just says ok keep going! So I got myself over the rest of the way and kept going! I don’t know how long I was hanging there , im thinking 10-15 seconds but it felt like an eternity!…….so this could be considered the highlight and hurdle!


Cathy D

my highlight was getting the spear throw – first time ever in my life.  Grateful for Johnny’s advice to take the time to catch my breath and not hurry through it.  I was for sure doing a happy dance – though not for too long because I still had racing to do.

My mental hurdle was at the 8 foot wall. In OCR training I’ve always used the 2×4 assist to get my hands to the top of the wall.  If I can get to that point, I know I can get over.  The 2×4 assist at the race was too high for me to use.  I was convincing myself that there was no way I was going to be able to jump high enough to get my hands on the top of the wall – and was just going to get right to the penalty burpees.  At which point I decided to have a positive mind set – and at least try…. and I GOT IT!!!!!!!!

Gerry D

Loved the 115 lb rope pull. mental hurdle was the spear throw which was sucessfull

Coach Johnny
I was very encouraged that I felt good on back-to-back days as it was affirmation for the training and lifestyle choices I’ve been making on an ongoing basis. I always feel so much pride of those in our community who give these races a try and furthermore, seeing about 6-10 kids do it and look up to their parents in this way.
My favourite obstacle was the rig because I’ve had trouble with these all year and it makes it more satisfying to complete it successfully. (but felt most badass doing the Hercules Hoist).

Mentally, I continue to struggle with comparing to the pro racers and how I fall short as opposed to focusing on the victories I do have. I did everything I could possibly do on both days and I’m excited to make a plan moving forward to get even better!

We look forward to what these challenges bring out of you as it usually is something BETTER and something exciting that can translate into other areas of your life.


We love sharing the training purpose, reasoning, the art and the science behind the program design each training phase! If you’re interested in that kind of thing, you’ll enjoy this.  We hope you learn as you train so you can be empowered and also continue to see the process in the ‘madness’ and feel confident in it.

What is “SuperBody” Training?

Simply put, this is a hybrid training program between our Body Building training program (which we do 2 times a year) and a version of Super Set training (which we do at least 3 times a year currently).

Review of BodyBuilding Metabolic Training At Fukumoto Fitness

You will be performing multiple sets of same exercise (4 in our case) before a transition period and moving to the next exercise.  This will break down muscle tissue very well and with proper rest, nutrition, care it will grow back stronger than before.  Stronger muscle and more muscle equals more capacity, results, and increased metabolism.

The “TWIST”:

Is that you will be doing PARTNER sets so you actually will have a longer time to rest than usual in this format.  This means:

A) high fives and working with a buddy should provide you with unique motivation

B) the slightly longer rest period you get means you should be much fresher than traditional bodybuilding format. use this to your advantage and keep a high degree of challenge on yourself EACH round.

Strength and Metabolism.  You will be strengthening and building muscle.  Since we aren’t resting too long or using maximal resistance, you’ll also experience cardiovascular benefits.  Amazing!

Great form is key to each round.  Using appropriate “pregressions” and “progressions” along the continuum is also crucial.  It should be challenging to perform the same exercises variation and resistance each round…in many cases unlikely as if you are doing your best effort, you’ll need to scale it back over time.  Slowing down the lowering portion of the exercise, pausing at times, and different variations all increase challenge without even increasing the resistance.  Ask your coach if unsure about what you should do.

Soreness potential is higher.  During the workout and even hours after you may feel fine but this training style tends to hit you the day after or even 2 days after so please prepare for that with walks and movement, water and protein (as well as further proper nutrition), and foam rolling. If you don’t feel sore, that’s great too!

Workout A Simply Put:

You go 30s on an exercise and then high five your partner and they go! You each do this 4 times each at the same exercise before moving on together!

For FULL article focused only on this training Click: BODYBUILDING METABOLIC TRAINING (BMT): Method Behind the Madness

This covers things like: research, why you (women) won’t get “bulky”, and a few other things.

Review of Superset Training At Fukumoto Fitness

What is a Super Set? Is it a set of exercises that makes me feel “Super”? Yes…but that’s not all.  It is alternating between 2 exercises with little to no rest for a set set of reps or time period.  We have tended to use “non-competing” exercises more regularly, meaning ones that don’t work all of the same muscle groups so that you can recover better between rounds. We also sometimes use “competing” exercises as well, which is more along the style for Workout B of this phase!

Example of Non-Competing Exercises: TRX Row and USB (sandbag) Bear Hug Squat

Example of Competing Exercises: Pushups and Burpees or specifically this phase, TRX Row to TRX Row Hold or KB Swing to glute bridges.

There is research that shows more energy is used during and post-workout when using this strategy (click link below) and it is very efficient for using our training time.

Workout B Simply Put:

You’re going to do something through full range of motion (ROM) for 30s before transitioning to an isometric (or ‘holding) position using very similar muscle groups for another 30s.

For FULL  Article Focusing on this type of training Click SUPERSETS TRAINING: Method Behind the Madness

You’ll find more examples, research, and fun facts!

Why Are There 2 Workouts Instead of 3 This Phase?

If you attend FF 3 times a week, you may have noticed that you are going to be training 2 different sessions instead of 3.  Why?

6 Exposures to A Training Session – 4-6 weeks (or exposures) to a training session we’ve found works best for the process of learning, improving, adapting, continued mastery.  Your body and mind will eventually find ways to take short cuts and decrease your chances of ongoing results.

a) MASTERY.  This is the MAIN REASON. We need this to be a higher focus for many of you who’ve been around several months and years.  Just because you are in the gym does not mean mastery is happening.  There is a lot of improvement in form still needed if you are going to continue to get better! We’ll have more time (2 more sessions per workout) to work with you on things like better “hinges” so that you get brought up to next level. Doing fewer things and doing them well is more important to us than doing a lot of things with mediocre quality. This will transfer to more efficient sessions and results for you.

Come to all training sessions (perhaps a goal?).  Come early to training sessions.  You will notice change in mastery of your movement HANDS DOWN.

b) EVOLUTION. – We are always evolving our training protocols (sometimes slightly, other times drastically) and this phase it is true as well! Our experience and “lab time” with you continues to give us more information on your results.  This does not happen if we do the same style each time.  If you feel out of sorts and uncomfortable at times, this is healthy.

c) RETURN TO “NORMAL” LIFE.  [This applies to roughly half of you]. Many of you are coming off of a summer where you had time off, vacations, and many challenges in sticking to a healthy routine.  This program format enables you to get back on track quicker with less things to worry about at once, while still being able to increase your challenges.  If you have been faithful this summer to your goals and you are very much ‘on point’, use this phase to really take it to the next level in terms of your progressions and intensity.

If you’ve made it this far, amazing! Keep working smart and hard (but smart comes first).

Last weekend, we took a good chunk of our fitness family over to Assiniboia Downs to undertake a 5km mud and obstacle event for the 4th year in a row.

This was the first year at the Downs and no one really knew what to expect as obstacles and course details are never revealed.  Part of the experience is facing the unknown which can be quite challenging for many people.

The FF Family would have made you proud giving their best effort and inspiring each other and bystanders to continue to get more out of their lives. Several strangers commented on the energy and support of our group and some even have called to see about our program.  We definitely stood out with our group which resembled a fun family reunion!

Here are a few fun facts about the day:

5km Course.  Mud pits, 3-6-9ft walls, climbing stairs, sitting in each seat in a row of stadium, carrying water jugs, navigating tires, squat holds, pushups, jump rope, balance beams, monkey bars, wall repelling and more.

The Kickass heat featured the same course but with added burpees, pushups, and a rubber band around ankles going up the stairs of the stadium.

700 participants. 46 FF Members/Friends.  11 in Kickass. 35 in Regular. 10 Men. 36 Women.

Ages 18-58.  ALL Training Times represented and Personal Training clients.

2,3 place finishers in both men and women Kickass heat as well as 1,3 place finishers in 5km and 10 in top 100.  And finishers of every age and every time in the whole spectrum of things.

 We asked participants to share something they were proud of that day.  Here are some of the responses:

Lynne – I did every obstacle and managed to run/jog a long way without stopping

Andreina – I had never in my life been able to swing from one bar to the next without falling, as I had no grip strength whatsoever prior to training at FF.  Today I did all of them without falling!  I was so proud of myself I almost had tears in my eyes

Melanie – I’m proud of getting up earlier than I’m used to and try an extra challenge with kick ass. Also added some extra skips and pushups to make up for missing some burpees earlier.

Kim – Proud I didn’t let my limitations prevent me from not showing up.  Proud of my friend for keeping me accountable to come and to FF for including me on the team.

Kimberly -I am proud that I sucked up enough nerve to stay in the Kick Ass Heat while recovering from an injury, even more proud that I ran a smart race so I could be proud of how I ran, how I pushed myself and came out on the other side without re-exacerbating it.

Keith – The monkey bars were probably the one thing I was most proud of.  I was able to go through without stopping. Something I haven’t been able to do since I was a kid. Proud to be a part of this fitness family.

Janet – I am proud that I keep stepping outside my comfort zone and dragging my bestie with me.

Melanie – Before I Joined Fukumoto I did Dirty Donkey, most of the time I was hurting and frustrated. This time I completed every obstacle with a smile on my face and sprinted to the finish line. I am proud of myself. As we were leaving the race I told Jethro that someday I wanted to make the top 100 at an obstacle course race. I now have to change that goal as the results came in and I was #92!

Jethro – I was pleasantly surprised by how well the race went for me. I hadn’t trained as regularly a I would have liked to and so I knew I’d have to push myself a bit harder. I regularly had to give myself a little reminder that I could keep a pace or go a bit harder. To my surprise, I still cracked top 10 this year.

Mike – 1. Didn’t let the new venue intimidate me at all 2. Tackled every challenge, new and not so new, knowing I could do it ( except the “monkey bars” ) 3. Not nearly as sore as I expected to be afterwards

Dorothy – The best part for me and the PROUDEST was doing the entire race along side Carla (daughter)! We did every step of the way encouraging each other verbally and with high fives (while high fiving others) and running over the finish line arm and arm! I am also very proud that I was able to do some of the monkey bars and the final wall hurdle!

Zoryana – I was able to pull and hold myself (for the first time ever!!!) and make it to the middle on the ‘monkey bars’ obstacle..which made me realize that I am getting stronger (it was the first time that I really appreciated and seen the results)

Susan – I am a planner and researcher – I want and like to be well prepared for all possibilities and scenarios – I’m into details – the words spontaneous and Susan Unruh don’t typically appear in the same sentence.  So what happened at Dirty Donkey was way way far away from how I prefer to do things. I am proud of the fact that I said yes to doing it when I felt very underprepared in terms of what was facing me. And I felt success on many levels – met a new person from FF who was there by herself, at least 2 people may try it next year because I finished it, I did all the obstacles except 1 despite my wrist issues and that wasn’t because of my wrists, I was for sure one of the oldest women there at 58, it raised my 3 kids eyebrows,…lots of good things.

Alex – I am proud to be a strong woman.

Val – I’m proud that I chose to remain active and can do something like this when many of my peers would never dream of it.

Susan – The thing that I was very proud about today was that I had never ever scaled anything in my life, and how I didn’t let fear win out and walk around any obstacles….I forced myself to try them all, and you know what?  I learned that I love scaling walls and especially repelling down them!

Sarah – I did the monkey bars …. and not the side with resting points.
Actually surprised myself. I had to take a second after to believe what just happened.

Kris – It was the first time doing this or any event like this! It was my first time doing an event with FF!  I would never have done something like this a year ago so thank you FF for getting me out of my complacent place in life and getting out there and challenging myself!  I was proud to complete it with FF members/coaches at the end spurring me on but also very proud that my children were at the finish line to see me complete the run even though they wouldn’t hug me because I was too muddy but immediately asked if they could participate with me next year! 

Steph – Very proud that I (finally) pushed through the mental barrier of racing and was able to push myself harder than I otherwise would have. I may have even come in below my goal time (TBD)!! And even if I didn’t, I’m very happy with my race today. It gives me confidence going forward that I will continue to see improvement and do things outside my comfort zone.

Wayne – I still can’t believe that I can feel the way I do after only 10 months of training.  To be the “old” guy in the group at 42 and to come 3rd  in the race.  Thank you for continuing to push me to get better.  This is exactly what I need.

Lorraine – I’m proud of just getting out there and trying something new! Everyone on the team and those who were watching us had asked how I was able to do some of the obstacles with “ease” (and I use that loosely!) and I told them it’s what we do at the warehouse…. just not as dirty!

Anita – I was incredibly proud today wearing my red Fukumoto shirt.  A stranger said “oh you’re one of those Fukumoto people”.  I swelled with pride and said yes….yes I am, they are my fitness family.

Cindy – I’m proud of myself for all the climbing, squatting, crawling, rappelling, & yes, running or my version of it, all with my knee braces on. No osteoarthritis is gonna slow me down!

Larissa – The thing I’m most proud of is finishing 5th in my heat, first female behind four guys. The Fukumoto fit fam is in a league of our own when it comes to positivity, comraderie, and rising to meet a challenge! Such a cool thing to experience.

Alissa -I am so proud to be a part of such an AMAZING group of people !!! GO FUKUMOTO FIT FAM GO!

Christine – The one thing that I am most proud of about myself from yesterday’s race is: Not giving up, finding the confidence & determination to push through some negative thoughts I had at a certain obstacle. I was ready to give up and just do the burpees at the monkey bars obstacle, simply because I had failed at Spartan and I assumed I would fail again…however I changed my mindset to a positive one and I ended up completing the obstacle. What a great feeling of accomplishment! 

Imelda – The one thing that I’m proud that I actually did something out of my comfort zone. If you asked me a couple of years ago if I was working out regularly and doing a 5k mud run. I would say you were crazy!

Chris – I’m happy with my performance but what I’m really proud of is my wife.  She has been through a lot recently and does this all and still manages to make most of her training sessions. She is truly an inspiration for us. She speaks very highly of the Fukumoto Family as do I.  We are very grateful for what we have learned from being part of the Fukumoto Family.

Bev – One thing I am proud of is that I did it. I participated instead of just saying I should do it, I did. I am so glad that I have a group of people that I can jump in and so something like this with. It has spurred me on to get better conditioned and try for a real time next year!

Kevin – I would say I’m proud of the training at Fukumoto Fitness! Training there has helped me with the OCR and outside the gym!

Laurie – I’m almost 59 years old, not a runner (yet), and was more than a little nervous about this event.  I showed up, did most of the obstacles, had fun and most importantly…finished! I’ve spent most of my life telling myself what I (think) can’t do…it’s very empowering to get out there and find out I can. 

Carla -For taking a leap of faith and try something that was outside of my comfort zone. I knew it was a long shot when I signed up for the kick ass division but it gave me something to work towards. I felt better than I thought I would, the hill running definitely helped me with the race. I was able to do all obstacles except the monkey bars ( goal for next year) I did the donkey burpees instead. I was able to run 95% of the course which was a huge improvement from last year for me.

Johnny – I was most proud of watching all of our members making progress because they went outside of their comfort zone and seeing them transfer their spirit from the gym to others at the race.

Thank you for sharing and inspiring our community!

The only question that remains as you read this today, who is up for the challenge next year? We are not kidding when we say that something as silly as a mud run can bring out something within you that spurs you on to a better version of yourself.  Just say YES and the rest will follow.

If you’re IN.  Tell your coach next session you are doing it next year. Who knows? Maybe you will take your total health to the next level in preparation for this challenge.

Between April 20 and May 9, many members at Fukumoto Fitness through $2 into the Burpee jar to participate in 90 seconds of burpees pre-training in support of Burpees 4 Romania, where for a month and a half we try to creatively raise as much money as possible to send Romanian orphans to summer camp (Camp Discovery).

Not only did members get in better shape as a result but the awareness was kept strong at the gym to raise funds through networks outside of our fitness community.

FF had pledged to donate 5 cents/burpee done in this 2 week timeframe and also to host a 3 hour event, Monday May 11 (4pm-7pm) where thousands of burpees would be done by staff and members in conclusion of the 2 weeks!


Some Fun Numbers:

120+ different members participated at least once 

10+ members participated every time

$900 was raised in burpee jar

$1715 total after FF pledge added

16, 282 Burpees Done Pre-Session (FF Record)

Top 5 # Burpees

1. 10am MWF (2990)  2. 6am TThS (1705)  3. 730pm MW (1540)  4. 430pm MWF (1430)  5.  530pm MWF (1245)

Top 5 Individual Attempts at Burpees

1.  10am MWF (64)  2.  430pm MWF and 6am TThS (43)  3.  730pm MW (40)  4.  730pm TTh (30)  5.  530pm MWF (29)

Anita Gladu MWF10am (orange shirt above) won the prize draw of a $200 shopping experience thanks to Lululemon!

Monday May 11 Burpees at the Warehouse (4pm-7pm) 

16, 106 Burpees

29 Participants

Dozens Did 100+

16 Did 500 or More

Jeff Gough, Deb Schwartz, Chris Unruh performed 1000+

Staff Combined: 7, 770 (Meghan, Jill, Barbara, Craig, Scott, Jethro, Jen, Johnny)


Next year, we have a new format to make this even better and we’re excited that we’re going to surpass our goal of $15,000 raised this year! We’ll know all the details next week.

Thanks for your support!

Here is a brief look into the reasoning behind this month’s programming, “Density” which is to be your DESTINY for the next 4 weeks (Phase 9 2015).

We deliver this material to those who are interested in the science, the art, and want to internalize their training on a deeper level.  Also to show you we’re working hard to plan how to get your results and not just make stuff up!

Like each month you encounter, you need to come with a willingness to try new things and get better each week.

Let’s define Density Training before we go any further by looking at 2 factors: Volume and Duration.

1)   Volume: Total workload you’ve performed (# of reps and sets in a workout)

2)   Duration: Length of your workout

Trainer John Romaniello puts it this way, “By increasing the amount of work you do in a given amount of time, you also enhance your ability to do work or what’s known as improving your work capacity.”

The training effects are undeniable and widespread: strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, fat loss…you name it! These are tools that help you get to where you want with your life’s goals whatever they may be.

A Look At Density Training in our training format:

When we increase the work done in the same amount of time (for example, 20 minutes), we are ultimately going to burn more calories in our workout.

To do this, we must set a good pace of our movement (and for some of you, increase resistance as well), which will create a huge metabolic disturbance that facilitates a big ‘afterburn’ effect, which will help you burn more calories post-workout. This effect is metabolically superior to any resistance machine routine or traditionally steady-state cardio workout (i.e. running same pace for long time) by a huge margin.

Workout A: Escalating Density (increase work, decrease rest each round)

Application–>Do more sets and reps because the Duration increases

Example: Perform 4 rounds of 4 different exercises in the following format: Round 1: 30/30 Round 2: 35/25 Round 3: 40/20 Round 4: 45/15 (where first number is seconds of work and second number is seconds of rest)

Workout B: Continuous Density Tri-Sets (going for 8,10,12 min straight)

Application–>Attempt to get more Volume in an open concept and rest as little as possible therefore creating a longer Duration

Example: Perform 10 repetitions of each of the 3 exercises continuously for 8 minutes with only stopping for rests needed as determined by you listening to your body and your coach. Take a 2 min rest and then repeat the protocol for a different set of 3 exercises.

Note: We typically call this a “tornado” workout as there is a swirling mass of activity around the room that kicks up dust and bring a good wind to the warehouse! This is a “double funnel” as we have 2 continuous tri-sets going on at the same time (1 group at either side of gym).

Workout C: Supersets Density (alternate between 2 exercises for as many rounds as possible in time given)

Application–>Every 30 seconds, you are to do given # of reps.  Whatever time remains, you rest and get ready to start your next given # reps as soon as the next 30 seconds bell goes. We can add more rounds, change the # reps, or resistance of exercise per 30 seconds to add more density.

Example: Do 5 USB (Ultimate Sandbag) Front Squats.  When the 30s bell goes, do 5 TRX Suspension Trainer Rows. Always use the remaining seconds in the 30s round to rest and get back to the other exercise.  Perform until you have done 6 sets of each! If you are having trouble keeping up, reduce the #reps you do per 30s.

This phase we will perform 2 different supersets in this fashion.

Incomplete Rest (Classic!)

You’ll notice we have incomplete rest periods (meaning less rest time than work time) which will create a compounding effect which will really give you a great cardiovascular response over the whole training session!

You Need to Count to 10!

One difference in this program is that it that 2/3 of the sessions require you to count reps.  This may be challenging for some of you but it will give you some focus as well.  If you can count to 10, you can be successful with this!

Goal for the Phase:

To find an pace that you can maintain as best you can throughout the whole session that is challenging. This will take some trial and error!

Fukumoto Fitness 3 Safety Tips for Density Training

1.     Never sacrifice technique to go faster.

If you lose technique to get more reps and sets in then you are not only cheating yourself but also putting yourself at risk for injury.

2.     Do not compare yourself to anyone else.

Have your own personal best each class!  Make sure you use people around you to motivate yourself to work harder but not in a self-deprecating way.  This kind of goes with number 1 as you will most likely lose form when trying to catch someone else.

3.     Take breaks when/if needed.

Would it be nice to go 20 minutes straight without rest? Yes, it would be sweet but if you feel you need a rest whether its 5 seconds or 35 seconds, you need to be safe.  Your rest periods will decrease as we move week to week!

We hope you enjoy Density Training, it is really a member favourite at Fukumoto Fitness!

Coupled with improved nutrition, be ready to have noticeable changes in both physical and mental health!

Let’s get ‘dense’ together? Or something like that.  Let’s go!

We’d like to welcome Alana Grimolfson to the team as she starts her coaching internship with us over the next coming months.  Here’s a bit about her!

Greetings Fukumoto Fitness Team!

Growing up in the small town of Riverton, I was always playing outside or involved in community sports. When I was 6 years old, my brother was getting ready for hockey practice and I said to my Dad, I want to play hockey. Within 15 minutes, he had a mix n’ match of his equipment and my brothers old hockey equipment and I was at my first practice within the hour. From then on, I wanted to play all sports. In high school I played volleyball, badminton, track & field, and hockey. Hockey being my favorite, I wanted to take it to the next level. I played three seasons for the University of Manitoba Bison Women’s Hockey Team. My experience with that team is where I developed my passion for fitness – strength and conditioning, and coaching.

Since my hockey days, I started golfing, playing touch football (my new favorite sport), and got into the world of triathlon. In 2010, I made a scary decision to sign up for an Ironman race. For a full year, my life revolved around my swim, bike, run training. On August 28th, 2011, I finished the Ironman Canada race, and proud to say, well within my goal range.

For the last 7 years, I have been a physical education high school teacher in Selkirk and have been involved in many teams through coaching.

In the past few years, I have developed a love for strength and conditioning. My workouts now revolve around weight lifting and kettlebells. I believe kettlebells are magic.

Outside of the gym, I spend my time with my family. We love to go fishing, camping, hiking, snowshoeing, anything to get outside. Whether it is +30C or -30C, we will be out there.

I am very excited to be joining this community of great people who share my passion for fitness. I am looking forward to bringing my knowledge and enthusiasm to the gym and learn a great deal from all of you as well.


Before we get too far into 2015, we thought we’d highlight some of the amazing things that you were involved with at Fukumoto Fitness this past year! Hold on to your seats as we refresh your memory!

“Family” Events and Experiences

1.  Banff Mountain Film Festival – A bunch of us went to be inspired by unique individuals doing amazing adventures! 

2.  Ice Donkey 5km – We brought a great group of 25+ people who braved very cold weather for this event!

3.  Charity Workout for Movement Centre! Our 2nd event for this group raised $649.85 

4.  Surprise Baby Shower for the Fukumotos – dozens of you turned out with gifts, support, food, and a very special time of encouragement for Johnny and Jen at the warehouse!

5.  Burpees for Romania! We did thousands upon thousands (for real) of burpees and raisedfunds through friends to raise over $12,000 to help send Romanian orphans on an impactful summer camp experience.

6. Pool Party at the Ansloos Home – our first ever summer party included swimming, great conversations and food, as 20-30 people were so kindly hosted by Sherry and Paul on a Sunday afternoon in August.

7. Dirty Donkey 5km – with the biggest team registered, we were a force of red and white and over 30 people conquered the obstacle race course and did so well!

8. Member Appreciation Week – our first ever full week of free activities dedicated to our members.  We had free Joga, free metabolic workouts, and a free workshop dedicated to the KB swing, USB clean, and Joga pushup pose.

9. Member Appreciation Day! Our 3rd annual event featuring group warm-up, Joga, Smart Group Training, Warrior Fit, smoothies and more as over 50 people came out for the action.

10. Pumpkin Charity Workout for Mood Disorders – Our 5th annual pumpkin event had a different focus as we brought attention to mental health and dressed up again to workout with pumpkins raising over $1400 for the cause! 

11. BENCH Workout! We offered a FREE workout with over 40 people attending using benches to promote the launch of Bench Apparel in Polo Park.  4 prize packs were given plus a $300 gift card draw for all who come to the warehouse.  It was the loudest its EVER been at our place! Remember that?

12. World’s Toughest Mudder 24-Hour Experience! Dozens of you came out to workout during the day and night to support Johnny, Jen, and Jack as they tackled WTM Las Vegas. You helped raise more awareness and $ for Mood Disorders, and came together as a family with other members from different sessions at all hours of the clock! An amazing effort was put on by the rest of the FF staff by planning the workout and manning the warehouse for the whole time! About 40 showed up for the presentation Johnny put on the following weekend on the event itself.  Our fit family grew closer in this experience! 

13. FREE Christmas Workouts – With some staff and clients in Santa suits, we had a Christmas themed workout all day December 21 & 22 highlighting “Santa Sleigh Ride”, “Gift Lift”, “Christmas Morning Dance”, and “Pull the Gift From Under the Tree” exercises.

14. Joga for the Community of Hope Food Bank – Coach Barbara offered a complimentary Joga session with 20 people attending on December 27 in exchange for a PB or J donation to the local food bank down the street.


Main Program

15. 10 Training Phases Completed (yielding 80 – 120 training sessions depending on 2x or 3x/week) that covered Adrenaline Abs 4.0, Superset (2), Density (2), Bodybuilding, Unilateral, Undulating (2), and Super Body Hybrid Training. 

16. 9 Movement Day Training Sessions – where we worked on technique, new exercises, and mini-workouts to ensure long-term progress was being made.

17. Nasal Breathing Introduced – we used the final moments of each training session to induce relaxation through nasal supine (on back) or crocodile breathing (head in hands on tummy) to restore some balance.  Many commented on what effect this has had on them not only in training but with stress and sleep challenges.

18. Smart Group Training” is here! The group program was re-named to better describe what it is we’re about. SGT is here to stay and re-iterates proper screening, orientation, exercise modification, healthcare professional referrals, better coach-client communication and more.

19. 2nd TRX Suspension Trainer System – installed to offer even more options at the warehouse. 

20. Mindbody Online Training Switch System – after a ton of hard work by Jen, an online training switch system was created making it easier for clients to adjust their training and saving our admin about 4 hours A DAY or emails.  Huge progress for us all!


21. Nutrition  Challenge (March) focusing on sugar reduction/elimination was a huge success with 100 signing up and dozens with great results.

22.  Nutrition Fruit & Veggie Challenge (June-July-August) focusing on increase in produce intake had a lot of buy-in and healthy change. Idea spawned by member and Registered Dietician Christine Tuan, who contributed several great blog posts throughout the year.

23. CSA Veggie Boxes – our 2nd season (June-October) with Wild Earth Farms saw over 40 people coming weekly to the warehouse to pick up great veggies farmed only 20-30 minutes away from us.  Truly a highlight to take these boxes home each Tuesday evening.

24. Free-Range Chickens – we had multiple chicken orders throughout the year to the gym and connected with Buys Home Farm for our last few orders for some high quality bird.

25. Grocery Store Tour Updates – the last half dozen tours had a more distinct action-plan focus that gave attendees more specific behaviours to choose to improve their health.

Other Great Additions!

26. Semi-Private Training Program – a more focused program on group of 2-4 clients who each get their own individualized program sharing a coach.  We had 10+ people involved who had great results and who were in the program because they enjoyed that setting, had unique movement or fitness goals, and who benefited greatly from the extra attention.

27. Kettlebell Course Level 1 & 2 – We offered about 5 courses total (about 3 hours in length) focusing on a few movements that offer unique results when mastered.  About 30 people went through the program and now use their new skills in our regular program whenever kettlebells are used.  Craig did a great job kicking this off!

28. Thursday Night Joga – Barbara ran a few programs of Joga on Thursday evenings at 830pm to increase balance, strength, recovery, stress relief among many other things.  Those who came to this really enjoyed it.  Joga was also offered in a 4-week program in spring and on Wednesdays of Recovery Training Week.

29. Kids Birthday Parties! Barbara planned and hosted 3-5 parties for kids that involved organized games, challenges, and teamwork in a healthy setting.  Look out for more of this in 2015!

30. FF Hoodies – We did our first big order of grey and red hoodies which arrived just in time for winter and are a common site in warm-up during our Winnipeg winter experience.

31. New Newsletter! We introduced a new newsletter format that is more professional and also allows us to track who is getting information and reading the articles, tips, updates we’re giving.  If we forget to put it out, people notice!

Staff Updates

32. Jill McGillivray was welcomed to the team and assumed responsibilities with cleaning duties.

33. Scott Feick joined the internship program in September and put in many hours at the gym, also completing his first stage of certification and his FMS Level 1 and CPR/First Aid.

34. Jen and Johnny, and Jethro and Melanie welcomed their first children (Jack and Naima) to the family!

35. Dana completed a cyclocross race and also made the tough decision to move on to spend more time with her family and prepare for more work in the doula field.

36. Barbara was nominated for the Women of Distinction Awards with the YWCA and also lead the warm-up for the Dream Walk Foundation.

37. Craig completed a 12hour bike race in North Dakota as well as a 50km Ultra at Sprucewoods.

38.  Johnny completed 24hour World’s Toughes Mudder in Vegas and joined craig at Sprucewoods.

39. Jen post-baby came 4th at Mud Hero, 1st at Dirty Donkey, and did her first triathlon sprint in Pinawa. 

40.  Staff Bonding – we had our best year yet (beyond our weekly meeting) we were able to get together for rock climbing, a bike ride potluck, Thanksgiving dinner, and Christmas party with skating. Working on our team relationships outside of the gym helps us coach better inside the gym.

41.  Hosted Post-Rehab Essentials – a full-day course working with injuries and post-surgery clients.

42. Hosted the Rocktape Certification – using special tape to improve performance, decrease pain, and improve posture.

43.  Activ8 conference in Phoenix was attended by Barbara where the focus was more on meaningful fitness, community, and holistic well-being.

44.  Other Education – included FMS courses, CanFitPro, CPR Re-certs, a conference in Kentucky as well as our ongoing reading and self-improvement.

45. Media Representation – We were excited to be showcased and featured in the following mediums this year: Winnipeg Free Press, The Herald, The Manitoban, Global News, Breakfast TV, The Metro, and CJOB radio.  

A Few Member Highlights

Now, to get the full story you need to keep helping us by writing in “Book of Better”, journalling yourselves, and emailing and telling your coaches all that is getting better with you! Sorry in advance if we forgot someone…its hard to get all the info!

46.  Weddings – we celebrated the weddings of Laine Cringan, Kerry Murphy, Tanya Martens, Stan and Irmy, Russell and Christine, and Carla Franklin.

47. Babies – we celebrated the great training efforts by these first-time moms and dads: Adrienne Pearson (Tessa), Laurel and Oleg Tolchinsky (Max), Felicia and Dan Roy (Ethan). 

48. Dozens Added to Wall of Fame – we asked many of you to write your ongoing success story and were able to get a few responses back which were put up on the wall, the website, where you could be proud, encouraged, and also inspire others.  We hope those who haven’t responded yet will and know its about ‘progress not perfection’!

49. Progress in Mental Health – we were overwhelmed by many of you sharing in your challenges with mental health (especially from September to December when awareness was created) which re-iterates the fact that simply ‘losing weight’ is not the only or the most important reason for exercise.  Everything is connected back to our mind, emotions, and spirit.

50. Enter in Your Highlight HERE – It may be hard to pick but what was your highlight at Fukumoto Fitness in 2014? Let us know, we’d love to hear about it!

Ps.  This is not an exhaustive list! We had a spring break kids program, OCR hill training program, and some other cool stuff long the way.  It is impossible to capture the goodness in one post!

Thanks for working hard, inspiring others, and being ‘on-board’ with the philosophy we’re encouraging you to take part in our fitness community! Each year we are thankful to move forward with each of you and are excited about great things in 2015.

I received this email from dietician, strength coach, and wellness expert, Dr. John Berardi recently and thought I’d share it with you for a fresh perspective on tackling the new year living in reality. Enjoy!

As you can imagine, it’s been a crazy, awesome, stressful, and
magical few weeks here at the Berardi house.

Kids and toys everywhere. In-law invasions. And get this: My 4-
year-old daughter and I found reindeer tracks in the back yard on
Christmas morning! 🙂

Amid all this craziness — in fact, *because* of this craziness
— my wife and I decided to break tradition and actually make New
Year’s Resolutions this year.

I know, I know…

This is the part where cynics remind us that New Year’s
Resolutions are ineffective and clichéd. It’s hard to disagree.

Stats on New Year’s Resolutions — especially fitness ones — are
abysmal. Packed gyms on January 2 are ghost towns on March 2.

I thought about this the other day while driving home from a
family function (and while trying to keep Kid #1 from punching
Kid #2).

One phrase kept popping up in my mind:

“Fitness in the context of a real human life…”


* All 3 of your kids are sick (at the same time)…

* Your mother-in-law is in the hospital after a heart attack (and
you’re visiting daily)…

* It’s Christmas — or Thanksgiving or Passover or Diwali or Eid

* Because of the holiday, you’ve got a tight deadline at work…

* When you’re stressed your lower back acts up…

…and just as you’re about to head out for the 30-minute workout
you’ve been looking forward to…your dog drops a diarrhea poop
on the living room carpet.

THAT, my friends, is fitness in the context of a real human life.

Is it any wonder most fitness resolutions fail?

If you think about it, most health and fitness plans live OUTSIDE
the context of a real life:

“Here’s a 30-day detox diet to follow… and a new hardcore
workout DVD…”

“Why not do a fitness competition in April… and a triathlon in

“It’s time to go all-in… it’s the only way to win!”

Except that it’s not.

In my experience, this kind of all-or-nothing thinking rarely
gets us all. It usually gets us *nothing*.

Because that diet plan, or workout DVD, or one-size-fits-all
training program you pulled from Triathlon magazine was never
built to accommodate sick kids or open heart surgery or your co-
worker’s 2-week vacation.

And when the insane idea that you have to do all things*perfectly*
takes hold, it’s pretty damn hard to shake that feeling loose.

Sure, we can play make-believe. We can imagine a life where
everything is peaceful, calm, and totally in our control all
the time. But that’s a sure-fire recipe for fitness failure.

Real human lives are messy and complicated. They’re

When we learn to accept this they can also be dynamic and
exciting. They can push us to grow.

That’s why — with 3 children, aging parents, active social
lives, and thriving businesses — my wife and I really did make
New Year’s Resolutions this year.

As we always do, we plan on continuing to prioritize our health,
build strength and fitness, and maybe even maintain our abs.

But 2015 is our year to do it flexibly — and honestly — in the
context of *our* real human lives.

Our children will be fevered, snotty, and barfy. Our time will be
limited. And we’ll miss last call at the gym because of doggie

This year we’ll plan for all that in advance.

After we’ve cleaned up the poo and sprayed the Febreeze, we might
work out in that same living room. With no weights or machines
maybe we’ll jump around like maniacs so we can move our bodies
while keeping an eye on the kids.

Or maybe we’ll be stuck eating nasty hospital food. If so, we’ll
make the best choice we can within the spectrum of choices. And
then do push-ups and air squats in the cafeteria, or walk laps
around the cardiac ICU.

And on those rare days we’re not dealing with emergencies? Maybe
we’ll soothe our control-freak souls with the Perfect Workout. Or
all-day Clean Eating.

Even though neither is actually required.

Every single person I’ve seen achieve health and fitness in the
long run accomplishes it by simply showing up every day, not by
trying to “get it right”.

In the end, I have no clue what real life will bring us in 2015.

But we’re committed to doing the best we can, when we can, with
whatever we’ve got. Day in and day out.

I hope you are too.

Because, with 2015 just around the corner, it’s an interesting
time to make (or renew) your commitment to health and fitness.

Why not do that while considering the context of *your own*unique,
interesting, and challenging life?

Happy New Year,

-JB and the rest of the PN family

PS: This stuff only took me 20 years, 3 children, and untold
stress to figure out. So if you’re still working on it, that’s
okay. Normal, even. If you’re here, reading this, it probably
means you’re on the right track.


If you’re connected to Fukumoto Fitness in any way, you may have heard that the Fukumoto’s (Johnny, Jen, and Jack) are headed off to Lake Las Vegas, Nevada to World’s Toughest Mudder, a 24hour race in the desert featuring 1000+ athletes from around the world.

Many questions have been coming in so we’d thought we’d take some time to address some of them via video response!

Part 1 – Questions 1-6

1.  What is World’s Toughest Mudder? 2 Min Promo or 15 min Documentary

2.  Why would you choose to do something like that?

3.  What are Jen and Jack going to do when you’re racing?

4.  How did you train for this?

5.  What are your goals for this race?

6.  What are you going to eat during the race? (We’ve heard some “unhealthy” food!)

Part 2 – Questions 7-12

7.  What is your motivation? What will you think about during the race?

8.  Are you afraid? If so, of what?

9.  What is your recovery plan for when you come home?

10.  Jen, what are your thoughts about this? Do you have concerns?

11.  Jack, what are your thoughts about Daddy? And are you excited to sleepover in the desert?

12.  What does the “Fukumoto Fitness Family” support mean to you through the 24hour special event being held at the gym?

We are a caring community of genuine people who want to meet you where you are so that we can live better together!

At Fukumoto Fitness, we strive to create a place where you experience dynamic coaching, efficient training, effective accountability, and feel safe yet challenged.

We are DIVERSE yet we are one FAMILY.

We are about RESULTS but are MORE than ‘just fitness’.

We CELEBRATE your story. We are about long-term PROGRESS, not perfection.

We are excited about your STRENGTH. We EMBRACE flaws.

It’s about what you CAN do today.

We are committed to being a HIGHLIGHT of your day.

We are committed to being a part of CHANGING YOUR LIFE.

We are better together!

Participate in our next Group Orientation and Get Your Free Jump Start Experience

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