Charity Workouts

Camp Discovery

From mid-April to May 31st, the Fukumoto Fitness community embarked on its annual mission to raise money through fitness for Romanian orphans and their volunteers. Since 2012, the FF community has become a stable positive driving force to help these kids experience a positive summer camp experience as well as provide support for the volunteers who help these kids.


Since last year we hit the $30,000 mark (amazing) we thought we’d try for $35,000! (what’s the fun in setting our sights lower?).

We started off with 2 weeks of ‘pre-session burpees’. FF members for $2 donation, get 90s before class to do as many burpees as they can. A bit of money is raised (a few thousand!), people get in better shape, and FF donated 5cents per burpee done in this timeframe.

30, 743 burpees were done in this time period!

This year we also had a much improved web fundraising platform to post the story, videos, photos to drive awareness to the cause and several FF members set up their own pages!

Monday May 9, from 4-8pm we had a “burpee night” where 85 people showed up to do burpees, including 56 members, 9 guests, and 20 kids!).

41, 310 burpees were done that evening!

18451353_10156163036429535_2559152524912287212_o b4ro_group_after_360 dsc_0667_720

pledge to fundraise and most of them agreed to do 1 burpee for every $1 that they raised to get friends more into the cause!


We had about 100 members pledge to fundraise and most of them agreed to do 1 burpee for every $1 that they raised to get friends more into the cause!

Some other highlights included:

-430pm MWF raise an extra chunk of cash as Gerry agreed to be dressed up in a tutu for the cause while working out

-awesome bake sale by Coach Barbara and son Yannick in Wolseley

-France in MWF6am baked some delicious treats and sold them for the cause

-the energy that the kids brought on the burpee night!

-our ongoing involvement/presence of the FF Business Fam in donating prizes

-some of the kids we are supporting sending us footage of them doing burpees!

So what was the final tally:


With over 250 different contributions made online!

Every effort, every energy, every person you guys asked to help the cause contributed to just making our lofty goal. We’re so thankful and proud of this community and please make sure to send your donors this link!

Also, another great milestone was hit in that since 2012, the Fukumoto Fitness Family has now surpassed the $100,000 mark towards this cause and these people. Way to go everyone!


We look forward to hearing how these kids and volunteers were positively impacted this summer so we can give you all a report and update. Thank you for being about so much more than fitness!

On Saturday October 29, Fukumoto Fitness hosted its 7th Annual Pumpkin Charity Workout (for Mental Health)!


It was a fantastic time and we wanted to give some photos, videos, and details to show how everyone made a difference and had a great time!

WHY: mental health still carries a stigma. this is not acceptable. many of us and loved ones struggle with mental health issues and often suffer in silence and shame. this event helps bring awareness to this issue. exercise is one excellent way to help manage mental health issues!

WHO: we partner with Anxiety Disorders of Manitoba (ADAM) as they are a small organization that really needs funding. they provide peer support groups and resources to people in Winnipeg to help manage their mental health.


WHAT: dress up in costume, grab a pumpkin, workout, sweat!



Workout Participants: 78

FF staff on site: 6


MONEY RAISED: $2848 (a new record!)

These funds came from entry into event, extra donations for event attendees, donations from FF members who couldn’t attend event, and $5 donation per new person from FF

First-Timers to FF: 25

# of Pumpkins: 50


People to Thank:

All participants and especially the FF members who brought out buddies!

New people who had courage to come try it out and have fun!

Mary and Sangeetha from A.D.A.M who told us about what they do.

CJOB, The Herald, and Ace Burpee Show who promoted the event.

Prize Donors: Unruh Real Estate, Two Rivers Chiropractic, Andreina & Keith Holliday (with RBC), and Freshii on Corydon.

Pumpkin Donor: Niverville Homegrown farm (check out on Facebook!)

The entire FF staff team!


Thank you for having a great attitude and helping this event be incredible each year. We look forward to next year and hope you’ll come back for more energy for this important cause.


From late April to the end of May, the Fukumoto Fitness community partnered with Impact Romania for the 5th straight year to set forth with a lofty goal! To raise $25,000 to:


a) send Romanian orphans to a healthy summer camp experience

b) provide funding for a farm land purchase to serve as a workplace and refuge for orphans no longer under the care of the state (a new project we’ve joined this year).

Together we were able to raise:

$28, 700.30

The total contribution over the last 5 years is now at: $67, 746.80

Here are some highlights of our journey!

  1. Over 2 weeks, members at FF paid $2 before a maximum of 6 sessions to do as many burpees as possible in 90 seconds. Fukumoto Fitness pledged to donate 5cents per burpee done in this time. The result? 676 different attempts made and 26,794 burpees were done (raising: $1352) + FF’s pledge ($1339.70) = $2,692.70 
  2. DSC_0489We started a baby pool guessing the correct gender and weight of the Fukumoto’s new addition which raised over $150 (all of which went to the cause).
  3. Over 70 FF members signed up to raise $ through their networks with the promise of doing 1 burpee for every dollar raised until May 31st! This plus other donations from FF members brought in
  4. Burpee Night May 9th from 4pm-8pm, we had over 40 people come and knock out hundreds and thousands of burpees to continue the awareness for the cause! Our goal was to do as many as our community had done pre-workout the previous 2 weeks and we passed that goal doing 30, 248 together. It was so awesome to see some family and kids come out to support! IMG_2096
  1. Coach Barbara’s son Yannick put together a bake sale in Wolseley that raised almost $400 for the cause!

6. Our Business Family members (Unruh Real Estate, Two Rivers Chiropractic, RBC Royal Bank, Freshii) put together promotions that would benefit the cause. Thank you!

7. $1000+ was donated through the FF Referral program from October until now!




Thank You!

every single person who donated or raised money (from a few dollars all the way to $1500) you made a difference!

-the FF staff for organizing and leading the charge (special shout out to Coach Barbara who did a lot of the organizing and setup)

Sport Manitoba via Brent Lohmer who got his groups of clients to do burpees for the cause raising $1000!

our prize donors: Biosteel, GORP Clean Energy Bars, Heritage Lane Farms, Dirty Donkey Mud Run, Trail Run Manitoba, The North Face, Mud Hero


When we come together, we can do amazing things! The less fortunate benefit from receiving resources, care, and hope that they may not have otherwise received. We benefit by having a sense of purpose, become encouraged, and get more healthy physically in the process.

FAMILY and GENEROSITY are two of our core values at Fukumoto Fitness and we are so happy and proud of how everyone worked hard to work towards this goal.  See you next year! (and we hope to have an update for you all on how the camps and the “family farm” projects are going later on this year!

FF Members, please send this to your donors in an email and make sure they know how thankful we are for their support. There is still time to donate online as well if you’re a bit late. And share this post online!

Between April 20 and May 9, many members at Fukumoto Fitness through $2 into the Burpee jar to participate in 90 seconds of burpees pre-training in support of Burpees 4 Romania, where for a month and a half we try to creatively raise as much money as possible to send Romanian orphans to summer camp (Camp Discovery).

Not only did members get in better shape as a result but the awareness was kept strong at the gym to raise funds through networks outside of our fitness community.

FF had pledged to donate 5 cents/burpee done in this 2 week timeframe and also to host a 3 hour event, Monday May 11 (4pm-7pm) where thousands of burpees would be done by staff and members in conclusion of the 2 weeks!


Some Fun Numbers:

120+ different members participated at least once 

10+ members participated every time

$900 was raised in burpee jar

$1715 total after FF pledge added

16, 282 Burpees Done Pre-Session (FF Record)

Top 5 # Burpees

1. 10am MWF (2990)  2. 6am TThS (1705)  3. 730pm MW (1540)  4. 430pm MWF (1430)  5.  530pm MWF (1245)

Top 5 Individual Attempts at Burpees

1.  10am MWF (64)  2.  430pm MWF and 6am TThS (43)  3.  730pm MW (40)  4.  730pm TTh (30)  5.  530pm MWF (29)

Anita Gladu MWF10am (orange shirt above) won the prize draw of a $200 shopping experience thanks to Lululemon!

Monday May 11 Burpees at the Warehouse (4pm-7pm) 

16, 106 Burpees

29 Participants

Dozens Did 100+

16 Did 500 or More

Jeff Gough, Deb Schwartz, Chris Unruh performed 1000+

Staff Combined: 7, 770 (Meghan, Jill, Barbara, Craig, Scott, Jethro, Jen, Johnny)


Next year, we have a new format to make this even better and we’re excited that we’re going to surpass our goal of $15,000 raised this year! We’ll know all the details next week.

Thanks for your support!

If you’re reading this, its likely a member at Fukumoto Fitness has asked you to participate in an amazing cause. Thank you for taking the time to read.

What is “Burpees 4 Romania”?

A fundraising campaign at Fukumoto Fitness where we raise money through exercise and health promotion to help give a 4-day, 4-night summer camp experience to Romanian orphans at Camp Discovery (set up in Romania).

Why is this important?

This is THE big highlight for the children who can attend as it is likely their most significant experience outside of the institution all year long.  They will play, sing, do crafts, and get fruit and other things they have limited access to. The funds also cover volunteers food, lodging, transport to be caring for them in a great ratio of volunteers-to-kids.

What is the cost of sending 1 child? The cost is roughly $200 (which also covers a volunteers expenses as well).

What is the goal?    $15,000!

This will get 40-50 kids to the camp and anything over $10,000 will help go to other summer programs like day-trips and special events for kids who can’t attend the overnight camp this year.

How do people help out?

Members at FF will be taking donations (preferably to our online donation page) in exchange for doing burpees (an exercise that combines a squat and pushup variation…not easy).  If they raise $400 for example, they will need to do 400 burpees at some point by May 31, 20015 at their own pace and time.  You may want them to show you some…make them work!

How do I donate? (Do I get a tax receipt?)

The link HERE (also there is a fundraising button on our homepage) that will direct you to the online page.  Here you will also find much more information on the summer program and the children. You will get an automatic, instant electronic tax receipt for any donation over $20.

A video from 2014 showing the FF members doing some of their burpees near the end of the fundraising campaign!

Have you guys done this before? Why Romania?

This is our 4th year doing this and it keep getting better and better! (Meaning more kids are being given the opportunity to be cared for in this way).

Check out the link HERE for our summary of 2014.

On this link above are also some interesting facts about the cause and why there are so many orphans growing up in Romania.

We have a connection to Romania as Bob Fukumoto (Johnny’s Dad) has been involved there for 15 years and Johnny himself has been 3 times to help with the kids overseas.  We trust the organization and that the money will go exactly where we say its going.  Please contact Johnny for any further info or questions, he loves these kids, this cause, and getting our fit family to make a huge difference.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and for being apart of our “fit fam” in this special way.


On Saturday November 1st, Fukumoto Fitness hosted their 5th Annual Pumpkin Charity Workout for Mood Disorders of MB.

We had a great partner workout featuring 6 sweet pumpkin moves for all fitness levels!

40 people filled the gym with AMAZING costumes and pumpkins brought to workout with and later eat! Combined with 5 staff, Baby Jack and 2 other kids, 2 reporters, and a guest speaker….we had 50 great people all together!

We were able to raise $1,434.20 today!

Congratulations everyone! With 100% going to the cause.

Thanks to Tina Holland for speaking to us on behalf of Mood Disorders MB.

We were also privileged to have reporters from Red River College and Global News here to take in the festivities!

Here is a summary video from the experience!

Thanks to first-timers to Fukumoto Fitness: Markus Bielert, Alexis Bielert, Shari Bielert, Till Ullmer, Tamara Kroeker, Michelle Fraser, Irene Waplak, Jolyn Kwong, Melissa Bazuniuk

For coming and trying this out, we’ll be donating $5 on behalf of each of you.  Thanks for your participation!

We’d like to invite you and friends, family, colleagues alike to our 5th Annual Pumpkin Charity Workout!

Cause: Supporting Mental Health through the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba


What: Total body “Pumpkin Workout” for all fitness levels

Where: Fukumoto Fitness (4-521 Golspie St. in East Kildonan)

When: Saturday November 1, 930am-1030am

Bring: Pumpkin (10+ pounds), Costume, Indoor Shoes and Smiles!

Cost: $15 cash (100% proceeds go to the cause) 

tax receipts given for extra donations that are $20 or more (beyond the $15 fee for the workout)

Health Form: this Par-Q must be filled out (answering “No” to the 7 questions gives clearance to participate).  If this is not the case, please contact us.

Register: Call 204-282-9507 or email

BONUS: Any new person to FF who comes, we will donate an extra $5 per person to the cause (For example, 5 new people = $25 more, 20 new people = $100 more!)

We can’t wait to see you!

Here is the link to last year’s event that raised over $1500! 4th Annual Pumpkin Charity Workout

It is with great excitement and pride of our fit family and their friends and networks that we announce we have surpassed our goals of sending 20 Romanian orphans to an experience at Camp Discovery through Impact Romania this summer!

Early on, we realized something special was happening and readjusted our goal to 40 kids and by the end of May, we are happy to say that 67 Kids will be attending camp as results of your hard work, generosity, and burpees!

We thank every single person who spread the word, donated money, raised money through sponsorship, and did burpees to make this a fun and meaningful tradition at Fukumoto Fitness.

Here are the fantastic highlights!


$11, 870 + Raised Through All Projects!

$650+ raised via burpees done pre-training by 75+ different members (many of whom did burpees 2x-6x!)

*culminating in coaches doing 2, 648 burpees in a row each! (blog post to follow)

$650+ matching donation by FF

$360 raised through our Spare Change Jar

Bob Fukumoto with some of the kids and volunteers doing after doing burpees in Romania at the same time we were!

$250 raised through Charity Joga sessions

$200+ raised through a bake sale on the street by Yannick (Coach Barbara’s son)

$6800+ Raised through about 50 Members who raised funds in exchange for burpees

$3100+ Raised through 12 Members who donated to support 1+ children on their own


$25+ Raised Will receive HPSD (pink sport drink) sample and Romania Burpee T-Shirt

Top 2 Fundraisers:

Juanita Neufeld MWF530pm $765 and Christele Childerhouse MWF530pm $570 will receive FREE Entry to Mud Hero Saturday July 26

The 7 Members who raised $500+ each will receive FREE Month at FF!

Draw Winners:

$50+ Raised –> Biosteel Vanilla Whey Isolate Protein –> Janet Vandenakker

$100+ Raised–> Resistance Bands (Red/Black/Bag) –> Kendra Bergen

$100+ Raised–> Resistance Bands 2 (Red/Black/Bag) –> Meghan Bargen

$100+ Raised–> Box of GORP Clean Energy Bars –> Emily Dool

$200+ Raised–> Resistance Bands 3 (Black/Red/Bag) –> Contessa Dela Cruz

$200+ Raised–> 20Kg Bells of Steel Kettlebell–> Laurel/Oleg Tolchinsky

$200+ Raised–> Free Trail Run Manitoba Race Registration–> Kim Driedger

Thank you so much for joining us in something meaningful and we hope to be back again next year with more exciting ways to help get kids the love and care they deserve!

A special thank you to friends of FF Members who supported the cause even without knowing who we are and what we stand for.  You made a very big difference!

If you’re reading this its likely because you have a friend who trains at Fukumoto Fitness.

This friend has approached you to help us help some kids (orphans) in Romania get to an amazing 4-day summer camp experience this summer where they will receive almost 1 to 1 care, better nutrition, and a great program with games and lots of fun.

For many, this is what they look forward to most in the year and are able to leave the institution to go to a very scenic area.

This is our 3rd year supporting the cause Impact Romania through their Camp Discovery.

There are 80 kids hoping to go this summer and it costs $175/each.  

We are hoping to send at least 20 of those kids.

A Thank You from 2013!

This organization has been going to Romania since the early 2000s and some of the young kids have grown up, gone to university, have jobs and are now volunteering with the young kids of today.  An amazing process.

To donate, please go to this link HERE for credit card payment where you’ll get an instant email tax receipt for donations $20 or more. (this is the preferred method of donation.)

If you’re doing check, please write to: “International Teams of Canada” with “Impact Romania/Camp Discovery” in the memo line.

Please let your friend know the amount so we can keep track (as we don’t know all of your names yet!).

We will get your friends to update you sometime in early June when the totals are tallied up!


1.  It is called “Camp Discovery” because the original t-shirts donated for the program said “Camp Discovery” on them! And the name has worked ever since.

2.  Many of the kids have parents that are still living.  These parents had to choose which children they kept due and which they gave to orphanages due to poverty under a communist dictatorship.

2.  Your friend will have to do 1 burpee for every dollar they raise over $100! They’ll have until June 15 to complete this task.  More money=more burpees (make sure they send you a photo or do some in your presence!). 

Thank you so much for being a part of meaningful movement and experiences! You have just made a difference.

If you’d like to follow along with us on our journey please “like” us on Facebook

The last 2 years we have helped send less fortunate kids (Romanian orphans) to camp (Camp Discovery) for 4 days of fun, better food, and 1-to-1 care for their highlight of the year.  It is a beautiful retreat into the mountains in Romania, a place where kids can be kids and be cared for in ways that may not be possible year round.

What difference can you make? Some of the original kids we’ve worked with are now graduating university, getting life skills, jobs AND volunteering to help the younger kids at this camp and others.  They are also learning what its like to work as a team.  It is unbelievable!

The first year we were able to send 15, the second year 16.  Last year summary HERE
This year the goal is 20 from April 1-June 1.
At $175 per child, this means $3500.  How will we do this?
1.  Charity Joga – For 3 Recovery Weeks on Wednesdays, we will host $7 Joga at 6am, 10am, 630pm with ALL proceeds going to this cause.  Our first one in April we raised enough for 1 kid! 
2.  Spare Change Jar – On the desk.  Bring loose change and drop it in.  Thank you for some of you who dropped some bills in there too! We hope to send 1-2 kids through this.
3.  Burpees For a Cause (Warehouse).  Before training Week 3 and 4 (next week), you will be given an opportunity for $2, to do 90seconds of burpees (someone will count).  Try it once, or 6 times! 
All burpee numbers will be tallied and Fukumoto Fitness will donate 5cents per burpee onto the cause as well and you’ll get super fit! Last year you did over 5000! 
We will add up the total among FF and divide that number by 5.  Each coach will attempt to do that number consecutively in one shot.  Who doesn’t want to witness a bit of payback on their coach? 


We hope to send 2-3 kids through this venture.

4.  NEW!!! Burpees for a Cause Sponsorhip (On Your Own).
Print off the attached sheet from email (Fri Apr 25). (we may have a few at warehouse too).  Ask friends, family, colleagues to sponsor you for any amount.  Total amounts of $ correspond to certain # of burpees you will commit to do on your own time by June 15.
Get sponsors to donate online or collect funds yourself and you donate online.

Checks are accepted but online is preferred.  Tax receipt for $20 donation or more.

AMAZING PRIZES: Burpees T-shirt, draws for protein, GORP bars, resistance bands, kettlebells, free race entries…..


*please sign name to the whiteboard if you will participate in the Burpee Sponsorship!

There is HUGE potential for this to be the main $ raiser out of all our efforts.  Please join us! If even 30 of you raised $100, we will be at our goal! And the prizes are AMAZING!

 We can only do this if we as a group rise to the occasion.  #bettertogether

Will you help?

Direct the donations (if you want tax receipt) to, “Donate” Tab, Select “Camp Discovery”.

*please keep track if you are doing the Burpee Sponsorship experience.Thank you in advance for being people who care about important things beyond calories, weight loss, and bikinis!

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At Fukumoto Fitness, we strive to create a place where you experience dynamic coaching, efficient training, effective accountability, and feel safe yet challenged.

We are DIVERSE yet we are one FAMILY.

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We are excited about your STRENGTH. We EMBRACE flaws.

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We are committed to being a HIGHLIGHT of your day.

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