Last weekend, we took a good chunk of our fitness family over to Assiniboia Downs to undertake a 5km mud and obstacle event for the 4th year in a row.

This was the first year at the Downs and no one really knew what to expect as obstacles and course details are never revealed.  Part of the experience is facing the unknown which can be quite challenging for many people.

The FF Family would have made you proud giving their best effort and inspiring each other and bystanders to continue to get more out of their lives. Several strangers commented on the energy and support of our group and some even have called to see about our program.  We definitely stood out with our group which resembled a fun family reunion!

Here are a few fun facts about the day:

5km Course.  Mud pits, 3-6-9ft walls, climbing stairs, sitting in each seat in a row of stadium, carrying water jugs, navigating tires, squat holds, pushups, jump rope, balance beams, monkey bars, wall repelling and more.

The Kickass heat featured the same course but with added burpees, pushups, and a rubber band around ankles going up the stairs of the stadium.

700 participants. 46 FF Members/Friends.  11 in Kickass. 35 in Regular. 10 Men. 36 Women.

Ages 18-58.  ALL Training Times represented and Personal Training clients.

2,3 place finishers in both men and women Kickass heat as well as 1,3 place finishers in 5km and 10 in top 100.  And finishers of every age and every time in the whole spectrum of things.

 We asked participants to share something they were proud of that day.  Here are some of the responses:

Lynne – I did every obstacle and managed to run/jog a long way without stopping

Andreina – I had never in my life been able to swing from one bar to the next without falling, as I had no grip strength whatsoever prior to training at FF.  Today I did all of them without falling!  I was so proud of myself I almost had tears in my eyes

Melanie – I’m proud of getting up earlier than I’m used to and try an extra challenge with kick ass. Also added some extra skips and pushups to make up for missing some burpees earlier.

Kim – Proud I didn’t let my limitations prevent me from not showing up.  Proud of my friend for keeping me accountable to come and to FF for including me on the team.

Kimberly -I am proud that I sucked up enough nerve to stay in the Kick Ass Heat while recovering from an injury, even more proud that I ran a smart race so I could be proud of how I ran, how I pushed myself and came out on the other side without re-exacerbating it.

Keith – The monkey bars were probably the one thing I was most proud of.  I was able to go through without stopping. Something I haven’t been able to do since I was a kid. Proud to be a part of this fitness family.

Janet – I am proud that I keep stepping outside my comfort zone and dragging my bestie with me.

Melanie – Before I Joined Fukumoto I did Dirty Donkey, most of the time I was hurting and frustrated. This time I completed every obstacle with a smile on my face and sprinted to the finish line. I am proud of myself. As we were leaving the race I told Jethro that someday I wanted to make the top 100 at an obstacle course race. I now have to change that goal as the results came in and I was #92!

Jethro – I was pleasantly surprised by how well the race went for me. I hadn’t trained as regularly a I would have liked to and so I knew I’d have to push myself a bit harder. I regularly had to give myself a little reminder that I could keep a pace or go a bit harder. To my surprise, I still cracked top 10 this year.

Mike – 1. Didn’t let the new venue intimidate me at all 2. Tackled every challenge, new and not so new, knowing I could do it ( except the “monkey bars” ) 3. Not nearly as sore as I expected to be afterwards

Dorothy – The best part for me and the PROUDEST was doing the entire race along side Carla (daughter)! We did every step of the way encouraging each other verbally and with high fives (while high fiving others) and running over the finish line arm and arm! I am also very proud that I was able to do some of the monkey bars and the final wall hurdle!

Zoryana – I was able to pull and hold myself (for the first time ever!!!) and make it to the middle on the ‘monkey bars’ obstacle..which made me realize that I am getting stronger (it was the first time that I really appreciated and seen the results)

Susan – I am a planner and researcher – I want and like to be well prepared for all possibilities and scenarios – I’m into details – the words spontaneous and Susan Unruh don’t typically appear in the same sentence.  So what happened at Dirty Donkey was way way far away from how I prefer to do things. I am proud of the fact that I said yes to doing it when I felt very underprepared in terms of what was facing me. And I felt success on many levels – met a new person from FF who was there by herself, at least 2 people may try it next year because I finished it, I did all the obstacles except 1 despite my wrist issues and that wasn’t because of my wrists, I was for sure one of the oldest women there at 58, it raised my 3 kids eyebrows,…lots of good things.

Alex – I am proud to be a strong woman.

Val – I’m proud that I chose to remain active and can do something like this when many of my peers would never dream of it.

Susan – The thing that I was very proud about today was that I had never ever scaled anything in my life, and how I didn’t let fear win out and walk around any obstacles….I forced myself to try them all, and you know what?  I learned that I love scaling walls and especially repelling down them!

Sarah – I did the monkey bars …. and not the side with resting points.
Actually surprised myself. I had to take a second after to believe what just happened.

Kris – It was the first time doing this or any event like this! It was my first time doing an event with FF!  I would never have done something like this a year ago so thank you FF for getting me out of my complacent place in life and getting out there and challenging myself!  I was proud to complete it with FF members/coaches at the end spurring me on but also very proud that my children were at the finish line to see me complete the run even though they wouldn’t hug me because I was too muddy but immediately asked if they could participate with me next year! 

Steph – Very proud that I (finally) pushed through the mental barrier of racing and was able to push myself harder than I otherwise would have. I may have even come in below my goal time (TBD)!! And even if I didn’t, I’m very happy with my race today. It gives me confidence going forward that I will continue to see improvement and do things outside my comfort zone.

Wayne – I still can’t believe that I can feel the way I do after only 10 months of training.  To be the “old” guy in the group at 42 and to come 3rd  in the race.  Thank you for continuing to push me to get better.  This is exactly what I need.

Lorraine – I’m proud of just getting out there and trying something new! Everyone on the team and those who were watching us had asked how I was able to do some of the obstacles with “ease” (and I use that loosely!) and I told them it’s what we do at the warehouse…. just not as dirty!

Anita – I was incredibly proud today wearing my red Fukumoto shirt.  A stranger said “oh you’re one of those Fukumoto people”.  I swelled with pride and said yes….yes I am, they are my fitness family.

Cindy – I’m proud of myself for all the climbing, squatting, crawling, rappelling, & yes, running or my version of it, all with my knee braces on. No osteoarthritis is gonna slow me down!

Larissa – The thing I’m most proud of is finishing 5th in my heat, first female behind four guys. The Fukumoto fit fam is in a league of our own when it comes to positivity, comraderie, and rising to meet a challenge! Such a cool thing to experience.

Alissa -I am so proud to be a part of such an AMAZING group of people !!! GO FUKUMOTO FIT FAM GO!

Christine – The one thing that I am most proud of about myself from yesterday’s race is: Not giving up, finding the confidence & determination to push through some negative thoughts I had at a certain obstacle. I was ready to give up and just do the burpees at the monkey bars obstacle, simply because I had failed at Spartan and I assumed I would fail again…however I changed my mindset to a positive one and I ended up completing the obstacle. What a great feeling of accomplishment! 

Imelda – The one thing that I’m proud that I actually did something out of my comfort zone. If you asked me a couple of years ago if I was working out regularly and doing a 5k mud run. I would say you were crazy!

Chris – I’m happy with my performance but what I’m really proud of is my wife.  She has been through a lot recently and does this all and still manages to make most of her training sessions. She is truly an inspiration for us. She speaks very highly of the Fukumoto Family as do I.  We are very grateful for what we have learned from being part of the Fukumoto Family.

Bev – One thing I am proud of is that I did it. I participated instead of just saying I should do it, I did. I am so glad that I have a group of people that I can jump in and so something like this with. It has spurred me on to get better conditioned and try for a real time next year!

Kevin – I would say I’m proud of the training at Fukumoto Fitness! Training there has helped me with the OCR and outside the gym!

Laurie – I’m almost 59 years old, not a runner (yet), and was more than a little nervous about this event.  I showed up, did most of the obstacles, had fun and most importantly…finished! I’ve spent most of my life telling myself what I (think) can’t do…it’s very empowering to get out there and find out I can. 

Carla -For taking a leap of faith and try something that was outside of my comfort zone. I knew it was a long shot when I signed up for the kick ass division but it gave me something to work towards. I felt better than I thought I would, the hill running definitely helped me with the race. I was able to do all obstacles except the monkey bars ( goal for next year) I did the donkey burpees instead. I was able to run 95% of the course which was a huge improvement from last year for me.

Johnny – I was most proud of watching all of our members making progress because they went outside of their comfort zone and seeing them transfer their spirit from the gym to others at the race.

Thank you for sharing and inspiring our community!

The only question that remains as you read this today, who is up for the challenge next year? We are not kidding when we say that something as silly as a mud run can bring out something within you that spurs you on to a better version of yourself.  Just say YES and the rest will follow.

If you’re IN.  Tell your coach next session you are doing it next year. Who knows? Maybe you will take your total health to the next level in preparation for this challenge.

On July 11, about 20 FF members travelled to the metropolis of Grunthal to take part in the first ever Spartan Race (called a Sprint for the shortest distance among the various races).

It was hot, it was uncharted, it was awesome!

What did we do? 

-climbing rope, crawling under barbed wire, going over and under fences, throwing a spear, jumping over a little bit of fire for a photo, going through creeks (up to 15 obstacles over 6.24km in the bush and on a motorcross race track!)

-failure to complete an obstacle on first try resulted in 30 burpees (chest to ground)

Highlights from our Group: 

-representing 11 different age/gender categories in our 1 group (definitely a record)

25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59 (in male and female categories)

-experience ranged from many doing their 1st obstacle course race to 10th!

-favourite obstacles included: monkey bars, climbing rope, creek wading/swimming, balance beam, spear throw, wall climb

-toughest obstacles included: climbing rope (most votes), walls, running, 7ft and 8ft walls, own mind games, cinder block drag

-we had 3 participants complete clean runs (no burpees) which is amazing but also participants who did 90, 120, and 150 (Torrey) burpees and were super resilient in the face of the extra challenges.

A Video Summarizing the Day

Here are some people’s thoughts on what they were most proud of:

Cathy – climbing the rope

Laurel – finishing with a time I was happy with!

Jenn – myself and how capable I realized I am during the process

Wayne – finishing 9th in Elite and being in front of Johnny for 10 seconds!

Mike – finishing in under 90 min and only having to do burpees at 4 stations

Kevin – completing the race and not giving up.

Stan – not having done competition since high school and finishing in under 1 hour

Christine – completing with positive attitude. I was off training for 3 weeks so was happy I did as well as I did.

Steph H– signing up (out of comfort zone) and doing obstacles unassisted

Steph D– completing the monkey bars

Haley – finishing AND finishing well!

Jethro – flying through obstacles

Johnny – being patient with my strategy and then coming from behind to finish well

A Few Performance Stats (and I apologize in advance if I left anything out):

865 listed competitors. 359 Women. 516 Men.

Cathy – came 1st in age (55-59) was 7th out of ANY women 35+

Laurel – came 1st in age (35-39)

Haley – came 2nd in age (30-34) and had burpee-free round

Gerry – came 2nd in age  (55-59)

Josh – came 13 in age (25-29)

Mike – came 15 in age (50-54)

Steph D – came 17 in age (30-34)

Jenn – came 19 in age (40-44)

Steph H – came 19 in age (35-39)

Stan – came 26 in age (35-39)

Johnny (2), Jen (3), Wayne (9), Scott (12), Jethro (13) in Elite Heat!

Each person said they’d do it again!

Each person said their training at FF helped significantly as did those who completed extra OCR hill training leading up to the event.

Everyone had their own challenges to overcome and reasons for being there and we are very proud to say that FF members were very accountable in all their burpees which is NOT the norm at Spartan events. Way to represent!

We’re hoping this inspires more of you to get out of your comfort zone and join us or have your own adventure in the near future!

What stands out is the sense of accomplishment and overcoming doubts and fears, something we all have to face in our every day lives! Thanks for your courage and inspiring the FF community at large.

Thank you also for those who came and cheered us on!

When I came to Winnipeg this fall I was nervous, anxious, and I had no idea what was in store for me this year! I came to the gym for the first time the day after I had made the move to Winnipeg, from Saskatoon, and at first my anxiety was only increased as I got lost on my way to the gym and ended up being late for my first “Joga” session. But as soon as I got in to the session I felt welcomed into the group.



Being Aladdin for the Charity Workout for Mental Health

This experience and the next few weeks, as I got to know some of the “Fit Family”, was a huge help in making me feel comfortable with my decision to come and work at an internship with Fukumoto Fitness. Prior to coming to Fukumoto Fitness I had never experienced a warehouse style of a workout, or seen kettlebells or used sandbags as weight resistance in strength training. And although, for quite a while I had believed in physical exercise as a means for healthy living more than just trying to look good for beach season, I was quite in the dark about how much it could contribute to a healthy lifestyle, or even what it meant to work out in a safe and healthy manner.

Staff Christmas Photo

This year has been a huge learning year for me in understanding the importance of a functional movement screen prior to following an exercise program; what healthy eating looks like, not “counting calories”, but eating what is best for the results that you are looking for.  Throughout the year I have gained a lot of confidence in myself in terms of my knowledge of the body, my ability to be an encourager and director of a group of people, and in who I am as a person!

Demonstrating a station for the World’s Toughest Mudder 24Hour Event at FF!

Though I have had an incredible year and an incredible experience with the internship this year I have found that for the better part of this year my heart has been in Saskatoon, and with my family and friends there. In coming to this realization it seemed only right for me to make the decision, at the end of my internship not to continue as a coach at Fukumoto Fitness. Though I would love to continue here, I don’t think that it would be fair to you (the Fukumoto Fit Family) or myself, to do so if I can’t put all of my heart into my work here. And so in August I plan to move back to Saskatoon to spend the year working and living close to family and friends there. I do not know yet what I will be doing but I know that for the year at least, that is where I will be. And it is my plan to spend some time next spring in reflection of where I am at in my life, and what the next steps look like as I do a month long hike in France/Spain called El Camino de San Diago.

Getting my CFSC Certification in May

1525 Burpees for Romania!

I want to thank everyone in the Fukumoto Fit Family for welcoming me into your community, and for doing your best to make me feel at home this year! I would also like to thank everyone that I have had the privilege of training with or coaching, and allowing me to be a part of your lives as you have shared pieces of your lives and your stories with me! I will never forget the ways in which I got to connect with many of you. Whether that meant working out with you till 12 am, while we supported Johnny from home, chatting with you at a potluck, or having you be that little bit of extra motivation to get me through a round. I will truly miss you all and wish you all the best as you continue on together, both in the gym and in your lives outside!

Celebrating completion of Spartan Sprint Race with the FF Crew!

We are a caring community of genuine people who want to meet you where you are so that we can live better together!

At Fukumoto Fitness, we strive to create a place where you experience dynamic coaching, efficient training, effective accountability, and feel safe yet challenged.

We are DIVERSE yet we are one FAMILY.

We are about RESULTS but are MORE than ‘just fitness’.

We CELEBRATE your story. We are about long-term PROGRESS, not perfection.

We are excited about your STRENGTH. We EMBRACE flaws.

It’s about what you CAN do today.

We are committed to being a HIGHLIGHT of your day.

We are committed to being a part of CHANGING YOUR LIFE.

We are better together!

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