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Andreina & Keith Holliday (with RBC)

Training Time: MWF6am

What we like about Fukumoto Fitness

We joined Fukumoto Fitness because we believe in maintaining a good health, family and work balance.  Fukumoto Fitness stood out from any other gyms or programs that we had joined in the past due to their unique approach starting with the FMS screening and orientation, followed by highly efficient-yet-fun workouts in a room filled with positive individuals trying to achieve similar goals.  Fukumoto Fitness gave us that “extra push” or motivation we needed to find time to dedicate to our own health.  Eventually, what started as a 1 hour/day, 3 times/week commitment, turned into a lifestyle change providing so many other benefits, not only physically, but also mentally.

About Us

Working as professionals in the financial wellness industry, with over 30 years of combined experience, Fukumoto Fitness was a natural fit to help us close the gap between Health and Wealth.   We recognize that the only constant in life is change, and that some key Life Events (such as retirement, job change, divorce, receiving an inheritance, selling a home or a business) can have a significant impact in anyone’s personal and financial picture.  Our role is to look at our clients’ unique personal and financial circumstances, and to provide solutions and strategiescustomized to their needs.  We take a holistic approach to uncover their goals and needs, and to provide advice in areas such as cash flow/net worth, income planning, tax and retirement planning, estate planning and debt management.

Charity Promotion

For every Fukumoto Fitness member referral that meets with us for a free, no obligation confidential 1 hour financial review by March 31/2016, we will donate $50 to Fukumoto Fitness Burpees for Romania Fundraising Campaign (yearly event sending Romanian orphans to summer camp) or a charity of your choice

If you have a family member of a friend that you think could benefit from our expertise, feel free to contact us at or

The Hollidays have been training with us for almost a year and are seriously committed to their health (and having fun too!). They both have completed our level 1 KB course, did Dirty Donkey 2015, and are registered for Fukumoto Fitness first ever Winter Games at the end of February!


Andreina and Keith doing some Burpees For Romania charity event last year…yes, he’s in his suit!



2015 has come and gone but we feel its important to reflect on the amazing things you were apart of at Fukumoto Fitness and remind you (again) that we’re better together!

We hope you enjoy a trip down memory lane and are inspired for a fantastic 2016!

PS. These are just SOME of the highlights…but it paints a good picture!

Special Events

Family Meeting – in January we had about 60 people show up on a Sunday to discuss our plans to move from our Golspie location. It was an exciting time to share with you!

10959499_10153610534879535_8319248374008850325_nIce Donkey – we had a brave group do the Ice Donkey 5km in February and have a blast.

Winter Potluck – the same day, around 50 of us had a winter potluck at the Unruh’s and shared great food and conversation (with a few games too!).11105_10153610594349535_6076340787370113300_n

Family Meeting – in April we had a second meeting with about 60 people to give a better update on the building we took over and next steps!

Camp Discovery

Burpees for Romania – we did a ton of burpees (32,000+), you got your friends to sponsor you, and we raised over $23,000 to send Romanian orphans to a safe summer camp experience. These funds covered their entire summer programming budget. Way to go!

Spartan Race – a more intense race came to town in July and 15 of you tried it out! We had 11 different age categories represented and were very proud of you all

Dirty Donkey – we had record numbers (40+) show up in a ‘sea of red’ t-shirts as many new people conquered challenges and fears and got inspired for their next season of life.



Member Appreciation Night – our largest one yet occurred at our new spot in NK, including a ‘walk and talk’, smoothies, yoga, warrior fit.  75 of you came out!



Pre-Order Veggie Day – we had veggies available for you to freeze from Wild Earth Farms for winter

Pumpkin Charity Workout for Mental Health – our largest charity event to date! 100 showed up, we raised $2000+ for ADAM (Anxiety Disorders of Manitoba) and it was the loudest energy we’ve ever had.  You all looked great!

Community of Hope Food Bank Drive – you came through again, helping us get 200+ items for the food bank in Elmwood.  Thanks everyone!


Get Fit for Christmas 3-Day Program – we had a lot of you join us for some fun conditioning workouts leading up to the holidays to help you feel a bit better than usual!


Partner Workouts – we consistently added different partner workouts and finishers that brought energy up, motivation, and cementing “Better Together”

EMOMs – Every Minute On the Minute style program introduced for certain finishers (burpees) as well as other parts of the main workout.


SGT Board/Area – shows correctives, has binder to remind you, plus buckets to pickup/dropoff bracelets (so no more losing them at home!)

Free Technique Sessions – introduced to build ‘hinge’ technique in deadlift, USB clean, and KB swings.

9am MWF – SGT session was added to our regular schedule!

Personal Training – we helped 15 people through our PT program towards their goals

Exercise Intro – bottoms-up split squat, 1/2 kneeling pallof press, single & double KB deadlifts, USB staggered squats…to name a few.

Exercise Mastery – many focused on turkish get-up, pushups, deadlifts etc with great results.

New Floor – switched over to rubber and turf for longevity and the options it will provide us in the future!

We did Adrenaline Abs, Supersets, Density, Unilateral, Undulating, Bodybuilding, and Hybrid Training phases. We continued to dial in quality over quantity, form and function, and had some tasty finishes to each session before some calming of the nervous system via crocodile (face down) or supine (on the back) belly breathing.

We had 9 sessions for each client this year devoted completely to better form and technique!



Workshop – 75-100 people went to “make 1 change” workshop at grocery store


Chickens – hundreds more free-run chickens ordered and consumed!

CSA Veggies – from June-October, a delicious veggie box came for some of you every or every other week to get you more nutrients and health 11202435_10154000869549535_398490869813101906_n

Challenges – our first Meal prep challenge went amazing, 2 sugar reduction challenges, as well as 2 Fruit/Veggie Challenges helped people gain results and momentum through the year

Bars/Smoothies – we continued to provide local GORP clean energy bars as well as Biosteel (gluten free) flavours along with Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vegan options for delicious smoothies used by Olympic and pro athletes.



FF KB Course – we put on 6 courses and over 50 people got the skills for Level 1 or Level 2, enabling them to effectively add 1-armed swings, cleans, double swings, presses and more to their workouts.11178338_10153832365464535_7592927980818283856_n

OCR Training – we had over 10 weeks of OCR training getting people ready for Spartan Race, Dirty Donkey, Mud Hero and more.  Many sessions doing hill specific training and a few fun ones learning to climb rope and throw a spear!


Yoga – Saturday mornings at 9am became mobility-time…near the end of the year the name FLEXIBLE STEEL replaced ‘yoga’ as it was more accurate to our mission of being “strong and flexible” not strong and tight or flexible and weak.

Warrior Fit – finished up an awesome 3rd season in which more people got to try it out during Member Night/Member Week! Both Yoga (Flexible Steel) & Warrior Fit are now just $5 for first time of season!

Success Sessions – 100+ of you met 1-on-1 for a free 20-25 minute goal session to work on for 3 months.  There were many successes and challenges but overall…much was learned and many had success in new ways they had never achieved before!

Referrals – gave 2 new options for a successful referral: free box of GORP bars or donation of similar value to Impact Romania (our Burpees for Romania partner).

Staff Team

FF Team 2015-10

Role Updates

Scott Feick finished his internship and moved back to Saskatoon.

Meghan Bargen joined us as our Client Care Coordinator

Megan Kamei joined us as our Jump Start Coordinator

Haley Seggewiss and Erica Feather joined our cleaning team.

Jen Fukumoto and Jethro Bartelings began coaching more regularly.

Steph Hamm began the Coaching Development Program (CDP)

Craig and Barbara took some new groups and continued training PT clients.

Johnny started the transition into a more CEO role with a heavier focus on Staff Development, Building Operations, Culture Development, and Visioning.

*the Fukumoto’s announced they’re expecting baby #2 in early May!









We had a spring potluck at Barbara’s and played in the park, had a staff lunch with games in summer, Thanksgiving dinner at Meghan’s, Christmas brunch at Megan’s!


Courses taken: StrongFirst KB, FMS, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), CanFitPro PTS, CPR/First Aid, Pre-Post Natal Specialist, Older Adults Specialist, Activ8 Conference.

Getting my CFSC Certification in May

Johnny accepted offer into small group of 8 members (all other fitness business owners in US) for accountability in continually improving Fukumoto Fitness through our core values.

Weekly meetings, check-ins, and the start of more technical in-services!


Building (New HOME for Fukumoto Fitness)

Officially took over 50 Burnett Ave on April 1 in very rough shape!

Capstone Construction oversaw the gutting and re-development of new spot.

Blown away by the 50+ people who volunteered time to paint, help move, install, and gave great advice as we began this huge project. (a HIGHLIGHT of the year).  Thank-you!


Officially started sessions in late July!

There are a lot of growing pains with the new building (maybe you’ve noticed) but we are so thankful for this new leg of the journey with you all! Over the next few years, we will continue to work away at improving things.


The following awards and recognitions are to be shared among our entire community:

Revolution for a Cause (Winners): for the FF community’s work with Impact Romania through “Burpees4RO” and Camp Discovery

CBCMB40 (CBC Manitoba 40 under 4o Winner): thanks to a thoughtful nomination by an FF family member!

Fitness Revolution Entrepreneur of the Year (nomination)

Special Presentation at the MFC (Manitoba Fitness Conference) on the “Smart Group Training” model

Letter from MP congratulating FF community on our consistent charity work in the community

Featured on CJOB, Virgin 103, the Herald, Free Press, Lululemon, Global TV and various other publications.

Let us be clear that the most important recognition we get is when our clients let us know how they are succeeding in having small and big victories in their every day lives.  That is why we do this (although its nice that others notice too!).

Progress Not Perfection

We’ve really tried to re-enforce this mantra in 2015.  Maybe you had your best year ever with us! We’re so happy for you. Maybe you had a very rough year health-wise or personally. We are proud of you for doing your best a not quitting on yourself and on the FF family.

Some of you had major breakthroughs in your mindset, meaning you look at yourself more positively, less judgementally, with more love.

Some of you had huge results in strength, performance, fat loss, decreases in pain, better movement, sleeping patterns and more.


Some of you have said this was the best year of your life and you are a changed person.

Others would say they had a horrible year and are quite down and discouraged. You experienced physical or mental health problems, loss of jobs, loss of loved ones, hard break-ups, challenges with kids or parents…it is reality and we thank you for being real with us.

No matter what the case, we are here. We’re here to celebrate with you and to provide a place that helps you go through the challenges you face in life that aren’t so glamourous.

No matter where you’re at now, we loved being a part of your life in 2015! Better Together!



This month at FF (January) we’d like to feature some great people and a great business! These are hard-working, good people who train as clients at Fukumoto Fitness who also run great businesses in the community!

Business: Two Rivers Chiropractic Centre 

People: Kimberly & Myron Dalke


088Why We Chose Fukumoto Fitness

We were looking for a place we could build on our health together that had safety as a top priority. Knowing Fukumoto Fitness used the Functional Movement Screen and re-assessed regularly was a key factor in attending an orientation. Once we met Jen & Johnny and saw how Fukumoto Fitness was a family of like minded people where individuals of all ages and abilities are encouraged to be their best we were eager to sign up. That was nearly 3 years ago and we continue to love how being a member has pushed us to try new challenges like obstacle and adventure racing, nutrition challenges and meal prep days all while having innovative, constantly changing, challenging and safe workouts.

Chiropractic Care Shaped Who We Are and How We Have Chosen to Create Our Lives

We are a husband and wife chiropractic team who own Two Rivers Chiropractic Centre in St. Vital. We attended Life West Chiropractic College in the San Francisco Bay area and then practiced in New Jersey for several years before returning to our hometown of Winnipeg in 2006 to open our practice & raise our two young boys.

Myron grew up very active, playing soccer & running track but always had nagging back and knee pain that interfered with training. “Then my high school sweetheart introduced me to her chiropractor and it was like a switch turned on! My pain went away; I could train and compete much stronger. I later married that woman (Dr. Kimberly) who gave me the great advice to get adjusted”.

Kimberly was guided towards a career in chiropractic from an early age. “I remember visiting my chiropractor at the age of 5 and being awestruck by the huge fish tank he had in his reception room. I loved getting adjusted knowing I would leave feeling great” As time went on, and the desire to help others live their healthiest life grew chiropractic became the natural choice for a career.

We firmly believe that we are in partnership with each and every patient on their journey towards health. As chiropractors, we offer a different way of thinking about life, health and healing.

Dr. Kimberly has a special passion, background & training in prenatal chiropractic care, often working in conjunction with midwives and LDRP nurses as well the care of infants and children. Dr. Myron has a keen interest in helping those like him to overcome injury, whether from a workplace, sporting or life event injury or accident to recover so as to be able to live life fully.


We both enjoy adventure & obstacle racing, trying a meal at one of the many amazing restaurants Winnipeg has to offer & spending quality time with our boys at local treasures like FortWhyte & the Assiniboine Zoo.

Special Promotion “$50 to CRF”: Jan 7-July 31, 2016

We are very blessed to be able to have our good health, the ability to move and exercise not only at Fukumoto Fitness, but through our daily lives. We would like to support the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation in honour of our Godson who lives with cerebral palsy and has overcome so many challenges with a joyful heart. For every new patient from the Fukumoto Fitness Family or referred by a member (from now until July 31st 2016) we will donate $50 towards the Foundation. The Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation is a Manitoba charity, dedicated to helping children with disabilities and special needs be as independent as possible. They are the fund raising arm for the Rehabilitation Centre for Children (RCC). The Centre is an outpatient facility providing rehabilitation services and specialized health clinics for children and youth who live with life-long conditions. Their vision is for all children to have the support required to realize their abilities. To learn more about this organization visit: . To learn more about our practice or contact us visit:

The Dalke’s have been committed to the FF community for about 3 years now! They participated in Swamp and Dirty Donkey teams and Myron did some rehab after a soccer injury with us in our PT program. We’re happy to feature them today!



We are a caring community of genuine people who want to meet you where you are so that we can live better together!

At Fukumoto Fitness, we strive to create a place where you experience dynamic coaching, efficient training, effective accountability, and feel safe yet challenged.

We are DIVERSE yet we are one FAMILY.

We are about RESULTS but are MORE than ‘just fitness’.

We CELEBRATE your story. We are about long-term PROGRESS, not perfection.

We are excited about your STRENGTH. We EMBRACE flaws.

It’s about what you CAN do today.

We are committed to being a HIGHLIGHT of your day.

We are committed to being a part of CHANGING YOUR LIFE.

We are better together!

Participate in our next Group Orientation and Get Your Free Jump Start Experience