Just Say No!!!

…to Situps (and Crunches)!

As you may have noticed, we don’t perform any situps or crunches in bootcamp and I would highly advise that you stay away from these exercises at home as well.

Why Johnny? I love them so much and I know a lot of people who do them.

Situps and crunches put your body in repeated spinal flexion that can be detrimental to your back.  Basically, you end up hurting your back and potentially your neck more than the benefit you get from doing the exercise itself.

Dr. Stuart McGill (world renowned back expert out of the University of Waterloo) has gone on record to say we shouldn’t be doing situps because it places devastating loads on the disks.

So what do we replace these with?

Plank, sideplank, mountain climbers, crossbody mountain climbers for example.  These exercises are safer and also engage many more muscles than a simple situp does. There are also much harder versions of these and then even harder ones you can do on an exercise ball.  For example, the stability ball plank is 30% more challenging on your abs than a regular one.  We have to build ourselves up regularly with the basics first!

Dr. McGill states we should probably be able to do 2 minutes of a front plank (in an ideal world).  “Dr. Fukumoto” is more concerned about regular full body exercise starting wherever you can and you will see improvement with discipline.

Just say no to situps!


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