Our Charities

Fukumoto Fitness puts on several events and campaigns each year to support local, provincial, and international organizations. Below are the ones we work with annually to help make a consistent difference!

Impact Romania

imgres-1Each spring, we hold our “Burpees for Romania” campaign which raises money to send Romanian orphans to summer camp. Our fitness community does thousands of burpees in exchange for donations that affect hundreds of kids each year! Starting in 2016, we also donate funds to a “Family Farm” project which serves to teach 18+ orphans how to work and contribute to society since they lose government aid and are at high risk for many negative outcomes.

Camp Discovery

2015 “Burpees for Romania” Report

ADAM (Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba)


Currently, we have been partnering with ADAM to bring awareness to mental health issues in Manitoba. Many struggle with this (including many of our clients and staff) and we are proud to use our “Pumpkin Charity Workout” to raise funds and awareness for the cause. We had 100 people out in costume in 2015!


2015 ADAM Report

Community of Hope Food Bank


This food bank in Elmwood is doing some amazing things through Winnipeg Harvest and Riverwood Community Church. Each December, we have a drive for items that are lacking (usually peanut butter, jam, honey). Being within 10 minutes of our current facility and less than 5 from our former, it is very close to home. Several of our clients volunteer there as well.

Supporting these people is a major passion of ours! Our small but powerful fitness family has helped raise over $50,000 in the last 5 years and we hope to reach $100,000 raised by the end of 2017!