About Us

We are a community of fun, hard-working people who want to meet you where you are at.asdasd

Just like you, we all have a personal story of being in perhaps an unhealthy place (physically, mentally, emotionally etc.) and an ongoing desire to be better.  We hope you’ll check us out for a chance to be “better together”.

We assess.  We coach.  We will keep you accountable.  We are about “team”.  We are about safety and fun.  We are about relationships.  About progress, not perfection.

We are not about “no pain, no gain”, “switching it up because we’re bored”, “6-pack abs at all costs”, “no carbs”, “yelling at you” etc.

We also will let you know if our program is honestly not the right fit for you because we want what is best for you.

Thanks for checking out our page.  If you take a chance and come to our FREE Jump Start program and orientation, we are confident you’ll know if you’d like to continue with us or not.