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Summertime is a great time. The weather is beautiful in Manitoba and there are many things we can look forward to for great adventures and social gatherings. Along with the good times often comes an attitude of relaxation and when it comes to health and fitness … ‘checking out’, people going ‘off the deep end’ in terms of nutrition, and many people wavering in their commitment to strength training and other forms of fitness.

We put out a call through an accountability challenge with very unique guidelines regarding:

  1. Training at Fukumoto FItness: getting to your sessions
  2. Bonus Reps Post-Session: improving fitness while already at the facility
  3. Nutrition: utilizing a “Junk Score” where people determined their own level of indulgences for the week.

Weight and BF% was taken pre and post challenge, guidelines were given, a tracking scorecard required to bring to gym was given, and an accountability group was set up on Facebook.

We are very excited to share some of the results with you through an in-depth survey we took after the challenge!

PS. This was the 2nd time this challenge was offered as we did the same challenge in June!

Some Measured Statistics:
  • Measurements done pre/post 38/45 = 84%
  • Survey done post-challenge 35/45 = 78%
  • 12/38 were new to challenge  and 3 out of the the top 4 achievers were first time challengers
  • Group bodyweight changed by 41.4lbs net lost (38 people) that’s an average of 1.1lbs lost
  • 57% of people got 160-195 points for workouts +extra reps (11-13 workouts+extra reps, 13 was the max countable)
  • Junk Nutrition Score: 57% of people were more than 60% successful (met GJS 3 out of 5 weeks or better)
Top 3 reasons Participants Joined:
  • accountability
  • weight loss
  • fat loss
followed closely by being part of a group and falling off the wagon
Most challenging aspect of the challenge: 
Nutrition (86%)
Top 3 reasons Nutrition part was most challenging:
  • people around me
  • not being well planned out
  • reducing consumption of treats (junk, alcohol, etc)

Hard time of the challenge:

  • 36% recovery week
  • 25% week 4 (week after recovery week)
  • 19% whole time
80.6% of people in survey (35) said positive physical changes
Reason for results:
  • lost weight and BF
  • better mindset, kinder to self, moving in better direction
Top reason for not getting results:
  • did not execute well
% of People Who Reported They Would Try Again: 100%
Participants were most proud of:
  • progress not perfection mindset shift
  • added home workouts
What would people do differently next round?
  • holidays, vacations were more challenging than expected
  • better tracking
  • plan better (for meals and workouts)

IMPORTANT POINT: While the overall results are quite different than in June people were less emotional about the weigh in at end. Most had a different focus of maintaining rather than going for max results and feel they can maintain this better. July seemed to be more challenging than June as a time of year for indulging situations as well.

Highlighting Some Top Results:
*these prizes based on % of physical change made relative to starting points
Men’s Winner: Eric S
Women’s Winner: Nicole L
*Free entry into next challenge, Biosteel Jar of Choice, TNF Bag (North Face)
1st Place Overall: Eric S (also gets box of GORP)  
2nd Place: Melanie S Shaker Bottle, 3 Pink Drink, 3 Gorp Bars, TNF Bag.
3rd Place: Yvonne V 2 Pink Packets, 2 Gorp Bars, TNF Bag.

2 Random Draws (included everyone who did pre and post measures & survey on time): Christal S & Jenn M (1pink drink packet, 1 TNF bag, 1 TNF buff)

Thank you for your effort and for your honesty in your surveys everyone.

This challenge gave YOU the power to decide for yourselves what was reasonable and to be honest to the process. Although uncomfortable, many of you embraced this. The point is not the 30 days, the points, the Junk Score, the weight loss … it is becoming aware of your behaviour, being honest, being kinder to yourself, and deciding what you’re willing to do (if anything) to take steps forward to be better. This is a long-term play folks … if you realized this congratulation! 
Look BIG PICTURE.  Look 1 year out. Perhaps now that you have had a little bit of progress you continue on with that. Maybe you have 6 months where you execute similar behaviours (assuming you made some progress) and you have 2 months that are really dialed in and 2 months not so great. Maybe you have 1 amazing month and 1 horrible one. In a year, you still come out a different person for the better … and that’s just 1 year of decent consistency. Then take that picture 5 years out….and beyond….see what we’re doing here?
Of note, if you are not kind to yourself, have expectations not based in truth or sustainable behaviour … you may still have some physical progress but be unhappy and unsatisfied so that is perhaps the complicated root of the whole shebang. Don’t fret as we can even overcome these things..we are seeing this every day here! 1% better is all you need for now!
Thank you also for those who actively contributed to the Facebook group which was reported to be a very good source of encouragement and motivation.
We’re proud of you no matter what happened, you hung in there! And its not over …

On August 28th (Monday eve), we had our 4th or 5th (can’t remember at the moment) …. Member Appreciation Night to celebrate our awesome members, get together to connect, and get excited about the future and also remember the great stuff from the recent past.

We had over 100 people come out and everyone had a coloured bracelet on so we could recognize people who have been here for a few days (Jump Starters) all the way up to members who’ve been around for 4-6+ years! (WOW).

The evening was broken up into several sections:

Flexible Steel Training (with strength exercises paired up with flexibility)


Smart Group Training (a higher tempo partner training session)

Walk & Talk (where the goal was to connect with fellow members as we went for a walk down Gateway while doing random bodyweight exercises every few minutes….and trying to get some cars honking at us)

Refreshments (where we had samples from Gorp, Freshii, smoothies and just continued to chit chat). We also hung out back at the OCR course and cheered on a few members who demonstrated some of their sweet moves!

21078830_10156614577164535_7725732528724312186_n 21105908_10156614577734535_2507862779693462578_n 21105608_10156614574544535_2507510285838871879_nWe came inside for a big FF family group shot and then went through some highlights from the year indicating progress in each of the Fukumoto Fitness Core Values. Below are just some of the talking points from the evening:


  • last year we said we would focus on improving quality vs expanding our clientele which we did (we currently have the same number of clients as the beginning of the year)
  • we stayed firm with our intake process, never trying to convince anyone to join if we felt/they felt it wasn’t a good fit
  • we stayed true to our hiring process, even increasing the already standards of our interviewing process! (we included video submission this year!)


  • we let you in on a secret…our “No Client Left Behind” system where our team follows up systematically with members if people miss and make sure you guys have more accountability
  • we finished both of pre/post natal and coaching development manuals
  • we introduced a new challenge in summer with increased accountability21078780_10156614573444535_287328932380383920_n


  • highlighting many ways to document striving/progress NOT JUST WEIGHT LOSS…like attendance, increasing resistance, increasing variations, doing a home/vacation workout, improving nutrition in some way, asking for modifications, diligently working on injury recovery, getting others to be active, training when you ‘didn’t feel like it’…and many more
  • heard from Brent (long-time member), Amanda (short-time member), Diana (member who recently overcoming injury), and Dorothy (long-time member who overcome a lot of challenges this year and is completing her 12-month nutrition program with FF)


  • Keith conquered coaching program and became new coach!
  • Andreina and Shawna entered into program and doing great!
  • Jenn moved from cleaning team to Jump Start Coordinator
  • Bobby joined the cleaning team
  • Jen & Johnny working on role changes to create a working environment that is sustainable long-term for the staff team and their own family
  • Barbara officially moving into Director of Operation role (don’t worry she is still coaching too!)
  • said goodbye to Craig as SGT coach, Megan K as Jump Start Coordinator (not to be confused with Meghan B, our Client Care Coordinator), and a reduced coaching role for Jethro
  • as a community, we got together for a bunch of special events like the winter potluck, 3 charity campaigns, Mud Hero locally, Red Deer Spartan race road trip, had a fall and winter games, and a bunch of you got together on your own time too!
  • the level of daily encouragement, high 5’s, smiles, connecting and welcoming from you guys towards each others was top notch once again!21150137_10156614573669535_8737971085107046850_n


  • you guys raised $35,000 for Romanian orphans, raised $2000+ for A.D.A.M. (Anxiety Disorders Association of MB), as well as a very successful Christmas food drive for the Community of Hope (PB, jam, cereal)

we passed the $100,000 raised for Burpees 4 Romania (you guys are amazing!)

Future Focus

We highlighted 3 areas of focus in the coming time (not exhaustive of course!)…

  • continuing to strengthen and build our staff family so we can take care of each other and you guys better (the stronger we are, the more you will benefit)
  • finding better and more ways of ‘sharing stories’ and celebration so that you can be more inspired, understand and live a fuller description of progress, and inspire others
  • figuring out ways to connect/engage with long-term members who are truly pioneers in that…there is no model out there for what is ‘normal’ in terms of your goals, thoughts/feelings, as you have been committed for so long!


Recognized in the Community & Beyond

Sometimes its hard to know how awesome you guys are really doing and what you’re helping create here as really…its all we know when we’re here day in and day out but here are a few fun ‘bonuses’ that you guys can be proud of (that are not just about fitness):

  • FF was asked to received a community award to be given by the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba in September 2017 for our contribution to mental health awareness!
  • FF received the top charity fundraising award for the year among participating gyms
  • In regards to a lot of FF work with charity and community, Johnny received nomination for OCR Humanitarian International Award (Oct 2016)
  • FF was nominated for Fitness Business of the Year 2017 (winner revealed next week!)
  • Johnny is humbled to be speaking in Chicago on September 16 in front of a few hundred gym owners on “Building a Game-Changing Staff Family Culture”. We don’t have it perfect by any means but really are passionate to continue to be better at this and pass the down to our awesome clients (you guys!)

These awards/nominations are to be shared with you all as you all contribute to the community and spirit in which we’re able to operate. Even if we win nothing…and no one knows…we commit to still being about more than fitness, more than calorie-burning and we thank you for your efforts and heart! We hope you continue to take pride in our community, your community!

Thank you to all who attended and we were sad to miss those who could not! Thank you also to the FF staff who put all the work into a great night!


A special thank-you to the FF Business Family: Two Rivers Chiropractic Centre (Kimberly & Myron), Unruh Real Estate (David, Chris, Susan), and Stephen Schmidt (Restall & Restall) for providing awesome prizes for the event!



We are a caring community of genuine people who want to meet you where you are so that we can live better together!

At Fukumoto Fitness, we strive to create a place where you experience dynamic coaching, efficient training, effective accountability, and feel safe yet challenged.

We are DIVERSE yet we are one FAMILY.

We are about RESULTS but are MORE than ‘just fitness’.

We CELEBRATE your story. We are about long-term PROGRESS, not perfection.

We are excited about your STRENGTH. We EMBRACE flaws.

It’s about what you CAN do today.

We are committed to being a HIGHLIGHT of your day.

We are committed to being a part of CHANGING YOUR LIFE.

We are better together!

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