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Camp Discovery

From mid-April to May 31st, the Fukumoto Fitness community embarked on its annual mission to raise money through fitness for Romanian orphans and their volunteers. Since 2012, the FF community has become a stable positive driving force to help these kids experience a positive summer camp experience as well as provide support for the volunteers who help these kids.


Since last year we hit the $30,000 mark (amazing) we thought we’d try for $35,000! (what’s the fun in setting our sights lower?).

We started off with 2 weeks of ‘pre-session burpees’. FF members for $2 donation, get 90s before class to do as many burpees as they can. A bit of money is raised (a few thousand!), people get in better shape, and FF donated 5cents per burpee done in this timeframe.

30, 743 burpees were done in this time period!

This year we also had a much improved web fundraising platform to post the story, videos, photos to drive awareness to the cause and several FF members set up their own pages!

Monday May 9, from 4-8pm we had a “burpee night” where 85 people showed up to do burpees, including 56 members, 9 guests, and 20 kids!).

41, 310 burpees were done that evening!

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pledge to fundraise and most of them agreed to do 1 burpee for every $1 that they raised to get friends more into the cause!


We had about 100 members pledge to fundraise and most of them agreed to do 1 burpee for every $1 that they raised to get friends more into the cause!

Some other highlights included:

-430pm MWF raise an extra chunk of cash as Gerry agreed to be dressed up in a tutu for the cause while working out

-awesome bake sale by Coach Barbara and son Yannick in Wolseley

-France in MWF6am baked some delicious treats and sold them for the cause

-the energy that the kids brought on the burpee night!

-our ongoing involvement/presence of the FF Business Fam in donating prizes

-some of the kids we are supporting sending us footage of them doing burpees!

So what was the final tally:


With over 250 different contributions made online!

Every effort, every energy, every person you guys asked to help the cause contributed to just making our lofty goal. We’re so thankful and proud of this community and please make sure to send your donors this link!

Also, another great milestone was hit in that since 2012, the Fukumoto Fitness Family has now surpassed the $100,000 mark towards this cause and these people. Way to go everyone!


We look forward to hearing how these kids and volunteers were positively impacted this summer so we can give you all a report and update. Thank you for being about so much more than fitness!

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