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We love to reflect and celebrate at FF and so much has happened in 2016 that its really hard to remember. We hope you enjoy a little trip down memory lane!

Special Events

FF Winter Games (1st Ever) – 40 people, 8 teams, 6 events + other challenges…amazing! 12799140_10154614755939535_5580346912699602948_n12819208_10154622688999535_1593428510236197448_o 13094344_10154848849009535_7158935992955149522_n

FF Winter Potluck at Jackie’s – 100 of us had a great evening of food and conversation!

Burpees For Romania raises $30,000!our most successful campaign to date with 2 weeks of pre-workout burpees, a special burpee night, fundraising and more! Also contributed to a ‘family farm’ project to provide a long-term safe place for at-risk youth/adults in Romania.

Dirty Donkey 5km (FF brings almost 100 people)took our own heat!

Spartan Race MB (FF brings 30 people) – 2 different races!13707569_10155064121269535_3034022822727633716_n 13475172_10154989055294535_9180917108658752071_o






Member Appreciation Night/Week! – free workouts, flexible steel, warrior fit, and great evening of workouts, announcements, treats, and prizes! 14202766_10155215310384535_1415957679861472349_n14199220_10155215309804535_4905482476503723198_n





7th Annual Pumpkin Charity Workout for Mental Health!over $2000 raised for A.D.A.M. and 80+ participants!14732124_10155411288244535_6450275860244279_n







FF Fall Games (1st ever) – building off our Winter Games, this one was even better!

15259772_10155520017789535_5781686280349321549_o 15168728_10155520029199535_8812889032307895836_o

Food Bank Drive gets over 200 items! – PB, Jam, Cereal to local food bank!

Get Fit for Christmas 3-Workout Program – 3 fun, different workouts to add to fitter December!

Extra Free Christmas Workout – usually have 1 free workout, but had 2 this year!IMG_1226








SGT Training 12772088_10154619823429535_5569959491250945892_o

Flexible Steel Integration – members were introduced and began to develop skill in tactical frog, active hip flexor stretch, rib pull, KB pullovers, USB around the world, active toe touch combinations to increase mobility, recovery time, ‘feel better’. IMG_0392

Pullup-Training Plans – bars were finished installed in both training rooms and around 30-40 members began ‘hanging’ and working on progressions to get to a pull-up! 12795298_10154614755914535_3643805850451462760_n

Turkish Getup Mastery – part of almost every pre-workout, some training session integration, we saw dozens more people learn the TGU and many get proficient and hit new PRs!

Other Exercises – the hollow body, single arm band row, single leg deadlift progressions, feet elevated TRX pushups, SFG glute bridge, racked KB carry were a few exercises that were introduced or got a little more love this year. IMG_0907

A/B Format Integration – we ended up running 2 phases of the “A/B” format to follow-up on the results we saw in the first phase.  Up to 6 attempts per session for 3x/week members and up to 4 per session for 2x/week members saw more progression, movement memory, etc. Sometimes less is better!

FMS Re-Screens & Technique Days – we saw hundreds of re-screens this year and had 8 or 9 technique days that were better attended than in previous years. It is no surprise that people who come to these things have a higher chance of reaching their goals! IMG_1195

Equipment – pull-up bars, red boxes, knobby foam rollers, blue airex pads, complete new set of USBs, new battle ropes, new bands, and of course more KBs (including more main sizes of 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg, 32kg, 36kg and some big ones….40kg, 44kg, and the BEAST 48kg).

Phase List – we did training themes Adrenaline Abs, Supersets (x2), Bodybuilding (x2), Unilateral, Density Training (x2), Undulation (x2)

Other Training

FF Nutrition Coaching (12-Month Habit Program) – We tested and officially launched 20 participants on this game-changing program based on habits over time, progress not perfection, and changing mental and emotional factors. First in province and in first group in world on this particular program and a huge success so far!


FF KB Courses 1 & 2 – had 5 courses (3h each) getting people dialed in to higher level KB work. 40-50 people perfected swing variations, cleans, as well as double-KB work and pressing!


KB Club – once a month KB skill practice for course grads was launched!

OCR Training – from April to July we had 1x/week fun on our newly started outback OCR course including 8 different walls, rope climb station, and other fun carrying/dragging type challenges. This helped people prepare for Mud Hero, Dirty Donkey, Spartan Race, Battlefrog, Tough Mudder and life! 13000130_10154799303399535_4174266472917714786_n

Rocktape Workshop – Barbara ran about 3 courses teaching people the why and how of athletic taping for pain, posture, performance, and pregnancy!


Grocery Store Tour Workshop – had 8 free workshops with almost 50 people working on 1 habit and getting solid introduction to the freeing nutrition philosophy at FF

Next Level Fitness & Nutrition Workshop – about 50 people attended this in fall where we focused on 2 nutrition habits that make the most difference (eat slower, eat until 80% full) as well as fitness progressions (both in class and at home) to get elite results FullSizeRender 4

Flexible Steel – ran on Saturday morning for a full hour of ‘feeling better’ type activities to create an owner’s manual for your body using your own strength to create flexibility. DSC_0581

Warrior Fit – ran Saturdays again for 4th season by Jethro using the excitement of martial arts to get a killer total body workout! 10645323_10154192072029535_5371904175732717252_n

FF Pregnancy Manual – groundbreaking work done by Jen who put together our in-depth first edition to help our mom’s and mom’s to be navigate different trimesters, situations, exercise progressions to make sure you have the best shot at great health during/post-pregnancy (awesome to see about a dozen of our FF members have new babies!)

FF Staff Team

15676064_10155626068089535_7729451208921499754_oJenn and Emily joined our Cleaning Team while Tyler and Mara, Erica moved out of those roles.

Jethro went back to teaching full time and kept training Saturdays at FF.

Craig moved out of SGT coaching to focus on full-time job, university courses and more.

Keith joined the Coaching Team!


Our coaches were involved in the Strong First KB certification (February), Flexible Steel certification (April), Precision Nutrition certification, CPR/First Aid as well as various ongoing education through reading, weekly meetings, and in-services.

Johnny attended accountability/business meetings in South Carolina, Ohio, and Kentucky to continue to invest learn how to do FF better for both the staff and member family! IMG_1146

We welcomed Bruce Fukumoto (May), Kailea Bartelings (June), and Anora Kamei (June) to the staff family and enjoyed some great staff family meals/activities in August, Thanksgiving hosted by Barbara, and Christmas brunch hosted by Steph to name a few.







Other Awesome Stuff!

Brand new roof put up in February (to combat massive leaking…) 20160730_134248_HDR

Progress Not Perfection Wall (featured 2 in-depth profiles per month of real people celebrating wins and being honest about struggles)


New Website Launched! Looks cleaner and updated.

CSA Veggies & Farm Chickens – another successful year of having access to amazing local farms and delivered right to our door!

We finished our first year of our FF Business Family program (and started our 2nd) where we’ve had great partnership from 4 families/businesses who have had a great presence at our special events and beyond! (Two Rivers Chiropractic (Dalkes), Unruh Real Estate (Unruhs), Freshii on Corydon (Turners), and RBC Royal Bank (Hollidays)


6 Challenges Done! We did Meal Prep Challenge in February/November, Sugar Reduction in March/October, Summer Stay-on-Track Challenge in July-August (which included Fruit & Veggie Challenges within) that helped create accountability and a variety of learning styles.  Great habits were formed that can be tapped into for a lifetime!

FF wins 4th consecutive “Revolution for a Cause” philanthropy award for the work the community did with Impact Romania

Johnny shared his international nomination of OCR Humanitarian Award with many in his life, including the FF community. 14322602_883083385154895_6416828065062587307_n







The biggest highlights for our team are when we hear and read about not only your ongoing progress but the evolving way in which you define your success (hint: its not being perfect or always about losing weight). You guys are resilient and are continuing to shine by taking positive action even when you don’t feel like it! Every good decision you make when the ‘feeling isn’t there’ is a huge step forward and you aren’t alone.


We’re thankful to meet the many new people who started off in 2016 with us! Your fresh energy brings a renewed sense of life to the group. We’re blessed for the great number of you who have been with us for 2-7+ years (a very long marriage in the ‘gym world’!)…as this is evidence of ‘fitness maturity’ in that you are more interested in building a sustainable mind and body amidst all the distractions in the industry. Some of you had breakthroughs that gave you new life and others of you had what you would describe as ‘worse’ years than before BUT you didn’t quit even though you may have felt like it.


Thank you for believing in us, each other, and yourself…2017 here we come!

We are a caring community of genuine people who want to meet you where you are so that we can live better together!

At Fukumoto Fitness, we strive to create a place where you experience dynamic coaching, efficient training, effective accountability, and feel safe yet challenged.

We are DIVERSE yet we are one FAMILY.

We are about RESULTS but are MORE than ‘just fitness’.

We CELEBRATE your story. We are about long-term PROGRESS, not perfection.

We are excited about your STRENGTH. We EMBRACE flaws.

It’s about what you CAN do today.

We are committed to being a HIGHLIGHT of your day.

We are committed to being a part of CHANGING YOUR LIFE.

We are better together!

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