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This past weekend (July 16 and 17), about 35 total FF members completed a Spartan Race (or two) in Grunthal, MB in what was very beautiful weather.







The Spartan Super (13+km) was held on the Saturday and we had about 15 people challenge that race that saw uneven terrain, sand hills, 3 river crossings, and 29 obstacles including walls, carrying heavy things, balancing, and climbing.







The Spartan Sprint (5+km) was held on Sunday and we had about 20 people challenge that race which had many of the same obstacles.


Its hard to explain WHY people sign up to do these things unless you have just done it yourself. You face uncertainties, fears, both physically and mentally…with many people wondering “Am I strong enough to do this?”.



Below are a few of our clients who’ve sent in some reflection on their experiences. Our racers included those from kids (6 years old all the way to almost 60) and of all fitness levels!

As you read their highlights, challenges, and favourite obstacles you will see the theme of overcoming both mental and physical situations and celebrating progress, not perfection in a supportive community!

Torrey B


This was the longest race (either road or OCR) I’ve ever run and by far the best race I have been in to date! I loved every step, every obstacle and sadly…every burpee.
It was an amazing day full of perseverance, celebration and inspiration. One that I think may have ignited a monster inside of me. 😛
The OCR training this year helped take my confidence to a whole other level. Don’t get me wrong, I was still a mess of nerves and went through some self-doubt leading up to the race, but I am aware of my ability to complete the obstacles and was able to attempt the ones I didn’t feel so confident about (ultimately, the ones I ended up having penalty burpees on).
One highlight: Crossing the finish line and celebrating with the rest of the team, the camaraderie between all participants and the new friendships you make while on the course. Or how about when the rain stopped, the clouds parted and the sun shined right before the race started.
Favourite obstacle: It’s hard to pick just one, but I’d have to say the Hercules Hoist
One mental hurdle/fear overcame: Failing the spear throw left me feeling crushed and defeated. I was so close, I knew I had it and then the line wrapped about my leg and pulled the spear back. I had a moment of self-doubt moving along to the Hulk Hoist. I had to take a moment to get my head right before I gave the Hulk Hoist a shot. When I pulled on the rope to hoist the sand bag I immediately thought “wholly crap, I don’t think I can do this”. I didn’t expect nor was prepared for how heavy it actually was. I sat there for a second, with the bag hanging 3 inches off the ground and decided it was now or 30 burpees. I chose now, burned my hands and ripped the heck out of my callouses, but I did it and was able to finish the rest of the race with a positive frame of mind.

Kimberly MD


It was an amazing race.
I was in near tears at the start line from nervousness and fear. I have never run so far in my life, (I usually run 5km races) and the not know what we were going to come across really. But then once we started I just tried to settle in, and go steady paying attention to how I was feeling and take in the beautiful surroundings.
When I got to the traverse wall my calf started seizing up severely and I could see that bell at the end, just wanting to hit it. All our training made me know I could get there if I just kept going and used what we learned to stay close to the wall. Getting to the end and hitting that bell as my calf was burning felt great!

I had to slow my pace a bit, but that was ok, I made it to the finish line in one piece injury free, just a few bruises to wear with pride this week, and feeling a bit like a bad-ass! Aroo!

Shawna P


It was awesome! I felt stronger than at dirty donkey…was able to run the entire way and only missed ‎2 obstacles. Even the 60 burpees weren’t that bad with my FitFam right there with me (and my son counting for us!). Empowering day and seeing my kids participate made me proud as a mom :). I’ll be back!


Coach Steph


Highlight: It’s always awesome to accomplish something like this but what never fails to keep me smiling long after the race is done are the smiles, pictures and achievements of everyone who participated on either/both days (translation: I spent way too much time of Facebook and Instagram checking out everyone’s pictures and memories)!

Favorite Obstacle: Rope climb.

Mental Hurdle/Fear: I never once told myself “I can’t”. The thought never entered my mind. That’s huge for me. I approached everything knowing I had the ability to complete the task. And even on the 2 obstacles I didn’t complete, I didn’t (and don’t) view it as “failing the obstacle” I see it as an opportunity to challenge myself with burpees (and my ability to count to 30)

Andreina H
-1 Highlight: The camaraderie, help and encouragement from FF team mates throughout the race.
-Favorite Obstacle: Rope Climb
-Mental Hurdle/Fear: Having to do burpees during a race terrified me and kept me up a few nights, but thankfully I only failed 3 obstacles…way less burpees than I anticipated.

Kevin Saria

Highlight: seeing the elite racers at the start line
Favourite obstacle: Hercules hoist

Mental hurdle: running the 13.5km run

Andrew W


Highlight- Watching our kids participate in the youth and junior Spartan races. To see them working hard and achieving a goal was the biggest reward of the weekend.
Favourite Obstacle- Hoist. Felt awesome to pull that up to the top.
Mental Hurdle/Fear- Can I compete at some level in this event? What was overcome was that now I have a barometer of where I stand and what I have to do to improve.  The fear has been turned into an understanding of what I need to focus on to obtain a better result.

Leanne B

My highlight was finishing strong. I knew that I would no matter how long it took, but I was glad to finish and feel like I gave it my all.

For me my fav obstacle was the inclined wall (2nd to last), I was tired, I was drenched in mud and I did it on my own and it was tough. Ricky was an awesome partner and helped me over all the walls, but I did that one on my own.

Biggest fear that I overcame was the giant ladder wall. At the top I was pretty shaky and I knew going over the top of it that the obstacle wasn’t there for its physical difficulty but for a mental mind bend. It was high, it was slippery and I was tired and ready for it to be over but I talked myself through it and succeeded.

In the end, I was just so proud to have completed it and done it with my strong partner

Coach Jethro
Highlight: making the spear throw both days
Favourite obstacle: rig and herc hoist
Hurdle/Fear: despite failing the balance beam again on the second day, I didn’t even let it phase me. I jumped right into burpees and focused on what was ahead of me.

Wayne F

My high lite is finishing 7th place overall in elite!
Favorite obstacle was the spear throw….success this year after having a whole year to think about last years miss

I started the race at the back of the group and stayed there for the first half of the race. I was beginning to think that this wasn’t my day or the field was just to strong to compete against. I kept telling myself to just run my own race and not get caught up in the early sprint. As time went on and we got into some long carries things began to change. The field began to slow down and I was able to keep up my pace. I’m still amazed at how 3×45 minute workouts a week can give me these kind of results. Thank you for challenging me to keep getting stronger:-)

Ricky R
Highlight- was the rope climb, we had the option of choosing without knots in it or with  knots, I heard Johnny voice in my head telling me to push my self, so I decided I would rather fail on the knot free rope rather than succeed on the knots. With about 5 feet to go I was drained, I made sure I got a good “j” hook and just chilled for a second and then in pops Jethro voice telling me to find another gear! This combined with my supportive fiancé cheering me on from below and I managed to hit the bell.
Favourite Obstacle- was the “rig” as it was the only one that I couldn’t do and it challenged my upper body strength like nothing else on the course (and Jethro running over to cheer us on)
Fear/hurdle- for me it was the barb wire crawl, last year I overcame a huge fear by taking part in a swift water rescue training course in Indiana. The crawl reminded

me of that, knowing I couldn’t stand up and just had to push through till the end caused a lot of anxiety for me.

Mike B
Highlight: Being able to push through on the bucket carry on Saturday. Tough obstacle for me and my back.
Favorite Obstacle: Hercules Pull/Lift ( sand bag & Pulley ) << Loved it.

Mental Hurdle: Just getting there on Sunday! I was so sore, but once I got there, the atmosphere and people made it worthwhile and gave me the boost I needed.


Aileen A
The highlight of this day was the simple fact that it was my first Spartan Race, and the atmosphere was amazing! There was great camaraderie all around from both racers and spectators. Although some obstacles were challenging people were motivating and willing to help if needed.
My favourite obstacle was the Hercules Hoist. It was very challenging, but I also found it fun. As you already know, what I most feared going into this race was the water portion of it. Having had a traumatic experience as a child has made me fear swimming and getting into water that went past my chest. When I got to that part of the race, the volunteer had given me the board to assist in floating, but even with that I was internally freaking out, especially with the bottom being so uneven, and not knowing if the next step would be deeper. Luckily, another racer and a fellow Fukumoto Fitness member (Andreina) stayed with me and guided me through the rest of the way. They were so kind and so patient, I will honestly never forget it!

All in all, I enjoyed myself and am looking forward to doing it again next year!

Melodie S
Highlight – sounds wimpy but just being able to go!  I wasn’t sure I would be able to with a toe injury.   So going and being a part of it was really awesome!  I love our group!
Favorite Obstacle – I think the cement block carry.  I took the men’s weight because I didn’t see the women’s!  That sucker was heavy!   When I was done, a guy said whoah good job on that weight!
Mental Hurdle – Heights!  The really high climbs were mentally challenging for me.

On the height thing, I felt like the OCR stuff really helped me.  At OCR training over the weeks I realized fear was really dwindling. It started loosing its place in my mind.  For me this was such a good accomplishment!

Nicole D


Highlight: Conquering the Angled Slip Wall (second obstacle before the end) on my third try just because I couldn’t bear to do any more burpees. The encouragement from my FF FamJam before after and during (Jethro cheering me on through my Rings obstacle burpees, Jen letting me know that I was near the end and within shooting distance of making my goal time, Johnny encouraging me through the A-Frame heights… he always seems to appear when I’m freezing up at the top of a wall (12’ wall in the OCR Training yard, high walls in Dirty Donkey).

Favourite obstacle: Aside from the Spear Throw (nailed it!!!)… Inverted Wall because I managed to do it unassisted when I had never done it unassisted in OCR Training (I remembered your advice, Melodie S.)

Mental hurdle/fear that you overcame: Heights (A-Frame, Cargo Net Climb)

Dana W
YES! It was a blast! It was an amazing weekend. We had some top personal and family moments.
Highlight: Seeing our kids motivated and inspired to do the Youth/Junior Spartan races, and how their accomplishments gave them such joy and life.  (And- hitting my spear throw.)
Favourite Obstacle: Dare I say multi rig?

Mental Hurdle/Fear: Signing up- I was uncomfortable with the uncertainties of what I would face and how I would do

Emily T
I was really happy that I was able to complete the monkey bars and do them really well!  And I was running by myself for most of the race but strangers always offered to help me if I needed help or they thought I might which was nice because I’m too shy to ask.  I liked a lot of the obstacles. One that I really liked was the really tall triangular thing we had to climb over.  I’m not a huge fan of heights (climbing the rope at the gym is terrifying) but this obstacle was fine because of all the times I’ve gone over the 12 ft ladder at the gym.  And I wasn’t feeling 100% that morning but I am very glad I did the race, even though I didn’t push myself very hard with the running.

It was a blast!  I’m looking forward to running it again next year!

Stephanie D
– Highlight: completing the transverse wall when I fell off last year
– favourite new obstacle was the hercules hoist, or whatever that one was called
– motivation for next year – conquering the rope climb!

Alissa OB


My favourite obstacle (even though I wasn’t able to complete it) was the Hercules Hoist. Moving forward, I’m feeling challenged and am excited to get advice and work on my technique at next years OCR training  after Johnny and Travis build a similar obstacle in the “outback” – Hint! Hint! Hehe
My highlight from the race (aside from completing the race) was completing the Traverse Wall.
My biggest mental hurdle was actually getting the courage to sign up for the Spartan Super in the first place. I have a lot of work ahead of me to improve for next years race but in the end, I am so happy with the outcome !


Melanie B
I was so happy I came to a training session or I would never have completed the 90degree turn on the transverse wall.

Not that there weren’t very scary parts to the race, but one of my main fears is getting lost!! Was very thankful to have the chance to meet at the gym and caravan


Alex R

Two highlights for me – made the spear throw and the fact that I am alive and doing this – sounds weird I know – but I am weird that way.

Ryan M
1 Highlight: being my first ever OCR, the entire day was a highlight, but I’ll go with  killing all the ladders and walls.
Favourite Obstacle: there was a few, they were all fun and challenging! but I’ll go with the Hercules Hoist.

Mental fear/ Hurdle: I’ve overcome a lot of self doubt and anxiety.  I’m a very self conscious person.  I remember writing my name down to sign up for the race back in March, I needed reassurance from coach Barbara.  Then I emailed Johnny once I signed up for OCR training to once again get reassurance. Fast forward to yesterday.. amazing experience! I even ran the race shirtless… (for me, that’s a huge mental hurdle to be confident in my self, my image and my abilities).  If you were to tell me that I’d of done this 17 months ago, I wouldn’t of believed it for a second. Have the Fukumoto Team to thank for all the support

Travis C


I did not have a fear or hurdle either but more like a story…….i ran to the 8’ wall to scale it jumped, grabbed it with both my hands and got one leg hooked at the top….then the race official said hold on you cant do that. As I am still hanging there he got up walked over to me and asked if I used the 45 degree cross brace to boost myself ( keep in mind im still hanging there) I said no, then he just says ok keep going! So I got myself over the rest of the way and kept going! I don’t know how long I was hanging there , im thinking 10-15 seconds but it felt like an eternity!…….so this could be considered the highlight and hurdle!


Cathy D

my highlight was getting the spear throw – first time ever in my life.  Grateful for Johnny’s advice to take the time to catch my breath and not hurry through it.  I was for sure doing a happy dance – though not for too long because I still had racing to do.

My mental hurdle was at the 8 foot wall. In OCR training I’ve always used the 2×4 assist to get my hands to the top of the wall.  If I can get to that point, I know I can get over.  The 2×4 assist at the race was too high for me to use.  I was convincing myself that there was no way I was going to be able to jump high enough to get my hands on the top of the wall – and was just going to get right to the penalty burpees.  At which point I decided to have a positive mind set – and at least try…. and I GOT IT!!!!!!!!

Gerry D

Loved the 115 lb rope pull. mental hurdle was the spear throw which was sucessfull

Coach Johnny
I was very encouraged that I felt good on back-to-back days as it was affirmation for the training and lifestyle choices I’ve been making on an ongoing basis. I always feel so much pride of those in our community who give these races a try and furthermore, seeing about 6-10 kids do it and look up to their parents in this way.
My favourite obstacle was the rig because I’ve had trouble with these all year and it makes it more satisfying to complete it successfully. (but felt most badass doing the Hercules Hoist).

Mentally, I continue to struggle with comparing to the pro racers and how I fall short as opposed to focusing on the victories I do have. I did everything I could possibly do on both days and I’m excited to make a plan moving forward to get even better!

We look forward to what these challenges bring out of you as it usually is something BETTER and something exciting that can translate into other areas of your life.


Its been a few weeks already but just wanted to highlight how awesome our community did at the Dirty Donkey 5km Mud Run this year at the Assiniboine Downs on June 25th!


10 amazing facts about our group:

-we had about 70% people (out of the 100+) who were doing this for the very first time!

-we had some who have done 2, 3, 4, or even 5 Dirty Donkey events since 2012!

-we had 35 friends/family who joined our team who are not usually a part of the FF community!

-we had 12 people who took up the challenge to do the Kickass Heat (with some tougher challenges)

-we had people ranging from teenagers, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s…and 3 who turn 60 this year or next!

-we had husbands and wives, mother-daughter, mother-son, father-son, father-daughter, sisters, aunt-nephew, co-workers and many more awesome combos!

-we had many different fitness levels which is awesome! (we had 5 of the top 10 finishes in the Kickass Category and the first and “last” place in the regular 5km)

-some people have been registered for 8 months while some registered just that week!

-there was huge dance party and cheer in front of the DJ booth before the race that was awesome to be apart of (and those running the Kickass Heat could hear it…sent chills down the spine!)


EVERYONE had a mixture of excited and nervous and overcame both mental and physical hurdles that day








The race included very wet sand from the storm the night before as well as carrying cinder blocks, crawling under things, a potato sack hop, going over various height walls, crawling under barbed wire, carrying jugs up stairs, crawling over a cargo net on a transport truck, pulling through mud, monkey bar apparatus, doing many squats in the bleachers, carrying a water tube over a balance beam and more!

May FF members commented on how the OCR Training we did Tuesday evening was extremely helpful in preparing physically and mentally to get through the event (and many said that what we do is much more difficult!).








Of very special note, Coach Barbara went through the course with her daughter Lisa. Lisa persevered with amazing resolve and they did the entire 5km together and were a definite inspiration and proud representation of what “better together” means at Fukumoto Fitness.


It was great to see a bunch of you write down a highlight on the poster at the gym to celebrate your experience. Too often we don’t document and reflect on things and when things are a bit rough in life, we have trouble acknowledging the amazing things we’ve been apart of for encouragement and motivation.




We hope you were challenged, inspired, and look forward to next year and perhaps other challenges you can sign up for to pull the best out of you in life!

There is a big album on the Fukumoto Fitness facebook page of more photos!

Thank you very much for all who came and cheered us on and supported us on that day!



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