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From late April to the end of May, the Fukumoto Fitness community partnered with Impact Romania for the 5th straight year to set forth with a lofty goal! To raise $25,000 to:


a) send Romanian orphans to a healthy summer camp experience

b) provide funding for a farm land purchase to serve as a workplace and refuge for orphans no longer under the care of the state (a new project we’ve joined this year).

Together we were able to raise:

$28, 700.30

The total contribution over the last 5 years is now at: $67, 746.80

Here are some highlights of our journey!

  1. Over 2 weeks, members at FF paid $2 before a maximum of 6 sessions to do as many burpees as possible in 90 seconds. Fukumoto Fitness pledged to donate 5cents per burpee done in this time. The result? 676 different attempts made and 26,794 burpees were done (raising: $1352) + FF’s pledge ($1339.70) = $2,692.70 
  2. DSC_0489We started a baby pool guessing the correct gender and weight of the Fukumoto’s new addition which raised over $150 (all of which went to the cause).
  3. Over 70 FF members signed up to raise $ through their networks with the promise of doing 1 burpee for every dollar raised until May 31st! This plus other donations from FF members brought in
  4. Burpee Night May 9th from 4pm-8pm, we had over 40 people come and knock out hundreds and thousands of burpees to continue the awareness for the cause! Our goal was to do as many as our community had done pre-workout the previous 2 weeks and we passed that goal doing 30, 248 together. It was so awesome to see some family and kids come out to support! IMG_2096
  1. Coach Barbara’s son Yannick put together a bake sale in Wolseley that raised almost $400 for the cause!

6. Our Business Family members (Unruh Real Estate, Two Rivers Chiropractic, RBC Royal Bank, Freshii) put together promotions that would benefit the cause. Thank you!

7. $1000+ was donated through the FF Referral program from October until now!




Thank You!

every single person who donated or raised money (from a few dollars all the way to $1500) you made a difference!

-the FF staff for organizing and leading the charge (special shout out to Coach Barbara who did a lot of the organizing and setup)

Sport Manitoba via Brent Lohmer who got his groups of clients to do burpees for the cause raising $1000!

our prize donors: Biosteel, GORP Clean Energy Bars, Heritage Lane Farms, Dirty Donkey Mud Run, Trail Run Manitoba, The North Face, Mud Hero


When we come together, we can do amazing things! The less fortunate benefit from receiving resources, care, and hope that they may not have otherwise received. We benefit by having a sense of purpose, become encouraged, and get more healthy physically in the process.

FAMILY and GENEROSITY are two of our core values at Fukumoto Fitness and we are so happy and proud of how everyone worked hard to work towards this goal.  See you next year! (and we hope to have an update for you all on how the camps and the “family farm” projects are going later on this year!

FF Members, please send this to your donors in an email and make sure they know how thankful we are for their support. There is still time to donate online as well if you’re a bit late. And share this post online!

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