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Since 2012, Fukumoto Fitness has been helping raise money through exercise to send Romanian orphans to summer camp in a healthy, life-giving environment. Our gym community and their friends, family, co-workers and beyond have been making a real difference! Hundreds of orphans have been helped and about $40K has been raised along the way. Thank you for helping us with this!


This year we hope to add to that with your help and also introduce an excited new project!

How does the campaign work?

For our participating rockstar clients at Fukumoto Fitness, every dollar raised, they will do 1 burpee.  This could be 100 burpees ($100) or even 500 or 1000! They can do them in little spurts along the way and so it is a great challenge yet manageable.

What is the goal this year? $25,000 by May 31, 2016!

What does the money go to?

Part A: $15,000 to Send 100 Romanian Orphans toCamp Discovery and Mini-Camps ($150/Child) 
In the summer we run several weeks of program (including Camp Discovery, mini-camps and special day trips & activities) where kids can play, sing, learn, laugh, and create in ways that strengthen positive relationships and promote personal and spiritual growth.

Part B (NEW!): $10,000 for the ‘Family Farm’ Project 
We are presently in a “preparation stage” for this 10-year project. Our hope is to build a central location (near where most of our 300+ orphans are located in institutions and group homes). The purpose is to provide a  “family home”, where deeper impact, real world preparation, experiential learning, and intentional community can be experienced in a “structured” and loving environment.

If I donate, do I have to do burpees? No. Your friend does! If you’d like to please do…the more the merrier.


Is there a special event you’re hosting? Yes, Monday May 9th from 4pm-8pm at our gym we will have our clients who are participating come in and do burpees in teams.  This will help them pay their burpee debt and also create a great bonding experience as we help the kids! Please feel free to register to come watch or participate!

Do you have any more info from previous years? Yes.

2015 Burpees for Romania Summary

32,000 Burpees Done in 2 Weeks!

How do I donate? Click HERE to donate.

This link is also available on our home page (top right corner) and also at

Thanks again for considering helping the cause and making a difference!

Please call 204-282-9507 or email if there are any further questions we can help with!


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